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Get to Know Me With A Rainy Day And Good Questions

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2 months ago


Hello everyone

November is rainy and cold here.

How is the weather in your place??

As in other months, November is also bad for me. Because I am still unemployed. This is making me very sad. I do not know what to do.

My income from here has also stopped. It's been 7 months and I still haven't earned 1 Bitcoincash. My 7-8 month income is now 50 dollars. If I convert this amount to my own country's currency, it is a very small amount. But I am not converting this amount. I will keep this. My goal is to accumulate and store 1 bitcoincash.

The topic of my article today will be to answer some of the questions that my friend @LeonaReed answered in his article.

@LeonaReed thank you...

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Do you like cold drinks or hot beverages?

Do you like cold drinks or hot drinks?

Wow good question.. To be honest, I love to consume both cold and hot drinks.

Coffee and tea are among my essentials.

And what kind of drinks do you like? Please comment..

What is your favorite tv show or web series?

What is your favorite TV series or web series?

Hmm, I don't know how to answer this question. Because the series I will answer is the TV series of our country. If anyone watches or knows about this, they can write in the comment section.

My favourite TV show:

1 Valley of the Wolves

2 Leyla and Majnun

3 Ezel

4 Resurrection Ertugrul

Do you prefer soft drinks or alcoholic drinks?

Do you prefer soft drinks or alcoholic beverages?

Interesting question.

I prefer soft drinks more.

But I am very curious about the taste of the wine drink.

If a beautiful and sexy lady buys me a glass of wine, I won't say no.

Is there someone to buy me some wine?

@Tiredmomma when you come to our country I wish you to buy me a glass of wine..

What is the food you can eat anytime?

What is the food you can eat whenever you want?

Pasta and potatoes are the meals I can eat whenever I want. But if there is pizza, I wouldn't call it carpet.

Which season do you enjoy most? Why?

Which season do you like the most? Why? Why?

I like the spring and autumn seasons the most. Because autumn reminds me of sadness, love and death. Spring, on the other hand, reminds me of resurrection, greening and love.

It is neither too cold nor too hot in both seasons so I like it very much.

Last Sentences

You have come to the end of another article. Thank you to everyone who reads these lines.

To live is a hope. Do not lose hope. And don't forget to pray for me to get a job.

I hope to see you in my next post and comments.

If you haven't read these articles, you can take a look.

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Everything written in this article is for entertainment and learning purposes only. All text in the article belongs to me. The photos were my own. No plagiarism anywhere

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Written by   62
2 months ago
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I'll bring a bottle for you! 😊

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2 months ago

really? This is great Let's drink together

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2 months ago

Now I know more about you. I love both pasta and potatoes too.

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2 months ago

this is great, dear.. we have common points

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2 months ago