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Charlotte's First Contest

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7 months ago

September 12, 2020

Another day to celebrate, everyday is a blessing but this one is quite different than the usual. Well, I'm really not into celebrating my birthday, there are times that I forget it but because of special people who keep on telling me my birthday is so close I was reminded of the day.

I want to host a contest to thank all of you for supporting me and to encourage everyone to write and express your thoughts. This is my first time hosting a contest so please understand if I'll make an unclear remarks haha you can ask question on the comment section.

What's your favorite thing about Earth?

Have you watch the movie "The Space Between Us"? It's a movie about a boy who was born in Mars because his mom is an astronaut. He live all his life there and when he came back to earth he then searched for his dad. This is a romance movie and I'm not here to give a review so watch the movie if you want to know what happened haha. Why am I telling you this? In the movie, he asked his lover "what's your favorite thing about earth?" And that question keeps lingering on my mind. So, I'm basing my contest to this question.


  1. Answer the question "what's your favorite thing about earth?" through publishing an article, it may be through photography, essay, digital arts, and poems. Since we have a lot of users with diverse forte I decided to include four categories.

  2. Categories:

    (a) Photography - publish an article with 3 photos, this may include different photos with same message that will convey your answer. Include a short description.

    (b) Essay - this should be a descriptive essay, include your reason why it's your favorite thing on earth. Write at least 200-400 words , I want to promote a short but interesting writings.

    (c) Digital Arts - you can submit 1-2 digital art in one article connecting the two arts giving us your answer. Include a short description.

    (d) Poems - for those poet who wants to join this contest, publish your poem about the topic with at least 2-4 stanzas with 4 lines each stanza.

  3. You can submit a maximum of 2 entries but with different category.

  4. Be creative and create your own title. At the end of your article include the question "How about you, what's your favorite thing about earth?". Also, include the link of this contest, and mention me so I'll be notified. No need to have a short post about this but it's okay if you'll do.

  5. The submission starts today and will end on September 18, 2020 11:59 (PhT)

  6. The announcement of winners may be on weekends or on the following day because I have a lot of school works so please understand if the announcement will be delayed🤧.

  7. To avoid commotion about the fact that some have less subscribers I will not include voting in this contest. I'll be the judge as well as my sisters who are poets and journalist. If someone would love to be a critique, I would gladly accept😊

  8. There will be two winner each categories.


    a) 1st - 1$

    b) 2nd - 0.5$

    Only first and second per category because I don't have a sponsor and my inactivity here resulted in my low income lol.

  9. Consolation prizes may vary depending on number of participants.

  10. Enjoy this contest.

Other notes:

Your answer can be anything as long as it's about earth, because this is a question with personal answers I will not limit your imagination as well as your creativity. You can submit your articles to any community as long as the moderators allow it.

Criteria for judging

Message 40%

Style 20%

Creativity 40%

I hope someone will join hahah I'm afraid this will flop hahah. Have a good day everyone❤

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Written by   201
7 months ago
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