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Santorini And Pizza? I Got Your Back!

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4 months ago

Greece in the Philippines? We have that in La Union. Add a laid-back beach view and a brick oven pizza - all in one spot! A 5-minute ride from our house, and here we are!

On one Saturday afternoon a few years back prior to pandemic, my daughter wished she could eat some pizza since we hadn't eaten it in months. It was on a weekend, so why not? There is a beach resort close to our house where you could make your own pizza, and you likewise pick the toppings you want to put on it. I didn't have a lot to do that day, so we immediately got dressed and headed out to that resort.

One of the Santorinis of Northern Luzon, Philippines

Well, Santorini is very famous and is one of the Greek Islands situated in the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It is seemingly the most well-known of the Greek islands because of its whitewashed, steep precipices and pretty tangerine nightfalls that light up the sky and ocean.

the resort

(La Roca Villa) Santorini in Elyu located in my town San Juan

This resort is ideal if you're looking for a heartfelt escape or a special night retreat with family or friends. With its novel setting - a truly Santorini-inspired architecture and design, the place gives you a wonderful convenience to your visit. The stunning white tones help reflect the sunshine, make the place even happier, and infuse calm and tranquility.

Before ordering pizza, we took a few minutes taking photos around the resort.

the pool

An excellent spot right there. Right after the entrance, there is also a pool in the resort and is only a couple of meters away from the seashore and surfing area. We were there just before the sunset and it has a very astonishing view from the balcony. Everything is just awesome.

The dining or restaurant is inside the resort (Amare Pizza) and they serve brick-oven pizzas (my daughter's favorite pizza) and other Italian cuisines like pastas and salads. You can also have a nice, calm, serene, and solemn, dinner by the pool while overlooking the beach.

This is also a great place for weddings, birthdays, and any occasion. The reception area is very spacious. The pretty patios, gorgeous lights, and exterior layouts surely complete the picture. Include the hanging plants, succulents, palms, and other plants that would add a great deal of an earthy-vibe-mood while sipping coffee or just having great talks with friends. Nature and pizza lovers, jot this down hehe.

the owner's spot just beside Amare
a view from the deck

They also have a kubo (nipa hut) which is ideal for a group of friends or family - preferably those who are surfing, swimming, or using the pool area.

After dining/surfing/swimming, you can go watch the waves just a few meters from the restaurant and the pool area and wait for the sun to set.

Absolutely Instagrammable.

the pool area from the deck
the view deck
outdoor dining beside the pool

And The Real Star - Pizza!!

yummy oven brick pizza

This pizza was made by my daughter herself. She chose Hawaiian Pizza because she loves pineapple. Although I wanted some Pesto Pizza or something with lots of beef/bacon and cheese, I let her choose. It was her request to go out on a Pizza date anyway. Well, the pizza she made was incredibly delicious and I swear, it's still the best pizza in town. This was actually her 4th time making her own pizza here at Amare.

If you want to experience the traditional way of cooking pizza through the old-school wood fire brick oven, Amare got your back. Throw, toss, flip, roll, spin, garnish and make your own. It's gonna be worth it. The price is a little bit more expensive compared to other pizzas, but what stands out is the opportunity to make your own pizza.

The owners down to the kitchen crews are very friendly too. Good place. Good food. Good ambiance. You should definitely not fail to visit them sometime. I highly recommended this place.


My daughter (Little Miss Congeniality/Little ChatterBox) got a free scoop of mint ice cream from the owner for saying, "this is my favorite pizza ever. I will come back and make a lot more pizzas." lol

preparing pizza
free ice scream yay
my daughter, the owner and the kitchen crew

Hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend, my friends! Until next!

One love


July 23, 2021

11:58 pm


(All photos are my own and taken by me)

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Written by   566
4 months ago
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