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Supernatural Stories 4: Engkanto Part 5

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4 months ago

Finally there was light in my room! I thought everything will be better but here comes the worst!

The numbness and hardness did not gone. It will just subside then came back again. I felt like I'am a ghost already.

Floating in the air and can't recognize anymore if I'm still dreaming or are awake in this cruel reality. My friend's brother ask her if I became a Monster.

Funny but I look like a monster I guess. I did not even comb my hair. I just don't care anymore. Because I'm too paranoid observing the movements around me.

I'm just inside of our house in the window watching other kids passing by. I already miss school but I can't able to make it there.

Children are playing outside happily while I'm stuck in this cursed life brought by the Engkantos.

Come to think of it. There is no Cellphone before. It's only television down in the sala but I'd rather stay at my room than go down.

How boring is my life before.

Photo is credit to Unsplash

Then came one night, I'm just lying down when I suddenly noticed a shadow beneath the hanging clothes.

I screamed with all of my might!

My mom came running asking what is happening. I said there is a shadow, pointing my fingers at the hanging clothes.

But sad to say they didn't see it all. And said maybe it's just the shadow of the clothes. No matter how I insist, still no one believes me.

Yeah it's understandable. How can they believe if they did not see it.

My Mom removed all the hanging clothes. And I felt relieved. But there is no time to relax. They won't leave me! They are still showing off! that make me really pissed off.

One time, I saw a shadow in a form of a rat. But there is no rat at all. It is just there at the wall! Not moving, just there!

I pick up the broom and smashed the wall. My mom came in and asking what is happening. I told her there's a shadow of a rat.

But it was gone the moment my Mom has arrived. My mom felt very afraid on what is happening to me that I became very violent.

Someone told her that there is a powerful faith Healer at Labogon Mandaue City which is blessed by the miraculous Sto. niño.

So she brought me in there. The place was not so big and it is located in a secluded area.

They said that it was only a "kabuhi" I don't know the English term for this but I just only need to relax and have some massage or we called it in here a "hilot".

There way of curing is different as I need to drink a coconut oil and eat I don't know how many hustiyas. I cannot remember it all but I know it was more than two.

Hustiyas is something what we see in a Catholic mass. It's a sacred bread I guess? Eaten as the body of Jesus Christ then followed by drinking a wine as the blood of Jesus Christ. Hope you understand as I don't know what is it's English name.

Much better I guess if I drink a wine but to my bad luck it's a coconut oil lol.

Imagine the taste. It felt out of the world that I'd like to vomit but they stopped me from doing so or else I might not be cured.

This is a complete torture. A very awful taste that I need to swallow it all. But I'm just a kid so I followed what they told me.

After drinking and eating I need to kneel down and Pray Our Father and Hail Mary but I forgot how many times.

While praying, suddenly the cane of Sto.ñino statue moved a little.

The Faith Healer was very happy upon seeing this. And told my mother that I was blessed. But I need to stay in their place because I was chosen to become a Faith healer too.

I stopped praying the moment I heard all of this. Just what the F? Seriously? My mom was easily convinced by them but huh! Not me!

I ran at the door with all my remaining energy and leave my mother behind. They are a bunch of fake! The hell they will let me stay in there.

I waited my Mom at the road. I know she agreed to those Faith Healers because she was desperate and lose her hope for me.

But I'm still very positive. I'm still alive why would I lose hope. Or else I already give in the moment my body became numb and freeze to death. I still fight and never give in.

Out of desperation my Mom will always followed every suggestions she might received.

This time she took me to the hospital. Everything is normal on me during the check up but they are wondering why I felt numb and my body will become hard.

So I was admitted in there. All I did is praying the rosary everytime I felt that my body will going to freeze and become hard.

The most annoying part is my ears. As if somebody is playing with it using a cotton buds and it's hurts for real.

Sometimes as if someone blow my ears but there's no one else except me.

The Doctor's findings is I'm at the verge of nervous breakdown. And if this will become worst. She said I might become crazy as it will affect my mind.

Upon hearing this. I asked myself. Am I crazy? But I'm not!. I'm 100 percent sure that I can recognize every person and fully understand what is happening around me.

But they saw me as a Crazy person. The Doctor said that I can be healed by medication. Just only need to follow and drink my medicine in time.

What about you? Yes you! Who are reading right now. Don't you think I'm Crazy? Or Do you believe that there is really a Fairy an Unknown people or let us say creatures who exists but we cannot see?

To be continued...

leejhen 💞

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Written by   505
4 months ago
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Nakaka takot na man po nyan 😊 piro ang ganda

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4 months ago

Ommo... I must read the first part of it. I am new here, and ito kaagad nabasa ko. Pangatlong article na nabasa ko. Napaka creeppyyyyy ...

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4 months ago

Thanks 😊 Welcome to🥳

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4 months ago

Its getting creepier with those shadows, giving me chills😱 where did that rat shadow came from, when there's no rat there😱😱😱

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4 months ago

That I still don't know till now😅

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4 months ago