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Dream Collections:A tragic one

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9 months ago

The tragic Dream came again, like a hurricane. It invades every space of my brain. Lost in space,dive into the ocean to the deepest consciousness of my mind. Then brought me back into the dreamland.

What am I? why do I always dream some strange things that is far beyond the Universe and Imagination. Or should I call myself Jenniffer the Dreamer? lol.

Just having an emotional outburst my dear Friends.

The other night February 05,2021. I dreamed a tragic one, again. When I mean tragic a real tragedy it is. Who wants a dream like this? I guess no one.

But why it is always like this. Hopefully God will let me Dream what I truly wanted.

But it's a real warning if I dream a tragic one. A tragedy which I only witness in television and in my dreams.

I can choose not to watch when It's in Television I will just turned it off as I don't like to watch accidents and bloods.

But for goodness sake when it comes to my Dream I will witness it from the beginning till the end.

And I felt helpless, All I need is to watch! I can't move, I can't help totally helpless. All I can do is to find a way to escape and wake up.

Last year I dreamed of my daughter Nalzen many times hitting by a car. And I don't know why it is always like this.

When the car hits her, a real tragedy as it is! Bloods all over her body, and I? just only watching like it's a movie! I want to cry but no tears came out. I shout but my voice is soundless.

Then later on, I realized that it's a warning as Nalzen has been hospitalized. In the midst of Pandemic. When my wallet don't have even one peso in it.

And this is the worst event of my life last year 2020. Praying and crossing my fingers that it will not happened again.

I even wrote an Article about it. If you'd like to read feel free to visit.


But I'm glad that there is some good people who helped. Good thing I managed myself to be calmed as her father was locked down too and can't send money to us.

God sent helped and I'm so glad that the burden in my heart was lift. It's a very good thing to save and that is what I'm doing now saving my earnings. This happened in the month of July and I'am not yet a member of back then.

So here's what I dreamed about Nalzen.

She is playing in the road when a raging car suddenly hit her without mercy! She rolled in the road, blood all over her face.

And I'm just there at the side shouting but nobody heard me. I'm feeling helpless. Crying without tears. Looking at my lifeless daughter.

When I wake up. I thanks God that it is just only a dream. But as the days went by the dream repeat again. Different location and situation but still she was hit by a car and blood all over her face and body.

Oh why I'm dreaming like this!? I became worried and thankful that I didn't Dream of it again. But was very shocked when Nalzen got sick!

Then it sink in!, in my mind. That dream is a warning. Something might happen with Nalzen in the future and that is, she got sick.

And now I dreamed again. This time is my cousin. It's very tragic that I don't want to remember but still fresh in my mind.

So here's what I dream....

Scene 1:House but not familiar to me.

We are happily eating together with my daughters, my cousin and her friends. When suddenly an angry face of my mother appeared.

She keeps on blabbering something towards my cousin Lovely. She scolded her, and said some words which I didn't heard.

Lovely's face turned hurt for what was my Mother is saying. But for goodness I didn't even knew what was she said. I can't hear it!

Then my cousin Lovely spoke. "Oh if that's how it is, I rather jump in the window".

Wait what???? I ask "what are you talking about? why will you jump?" but to my dismay my cousin didn't heard me at all. But slowly walking towards the window!

I shouted with all my might calling my daughter Margaret to stop Lovely from going into the window. But she didn't heard me at all. She is busy talking with her classmates happily.

Oh what I'm gonna do! She is going to the window! I shout at my Mom to stop her nonsense mouth from talking. But still she keeps on talking as she didn't heard me at all!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps!!! Lovely reached the window. And I don't know what to do! I'm feeling helpless again!!! Just WTF!! I'm inside of my dream again.

I can't moved, watching my cousin Lovely jumped from the window. Her clothes was still fresh in my mind. She is wearing a pink shirt and a fitted blue jeans.

I'm crying so much! witnessing that tragic scene where I can't even moved! nobody heard me. Just a complete scene of tragedy.

The surroundings was keep on spinning and the scene was changed.

scene 2: Under the tree...

People are shouting that someone jumped from the upper floor. I felt nervous, is it my cousin Lovely?

I tried to walked. And so glad that I can. I slowly walked towards the people and there I saw my cousin Lovely, covered with blood!!! Her head was deteriorated and her hands was deformed her body in a curved position. I guess her Bones was all broken! .

I cringed as It looked so painful.

But she is still alive!!! How come? she is talking but I don't know what she is saying. I can't heard it. Her eyes is very alive but her body looks like a helpless bacon.

Oh what is happening!!! Then in a blink of an eye I woke up... The same as usual I felt all of my energy was drained waking up from a Dream. Especially this one is a tragedy.

So now I'am very much worried. What if something will going to happen to my cousin Lovely? If this will happen I can't even prevent it.

So I just keep on praying that hopefully she will be always safe.

I'm being like this as some of my Dreams became true. Like I was bitten by a centipede. I was really bitten for real and it stings and hurt a lot and I'm very worried if there is a poison. Thankfully there is none.

Then I dream of a dirty floods all over our living room. Then it came true just recently that dirty floods came from the septic tank! The main reasons that we moved.

Then here comes the black cat always coming in here. In my mother's house. I'm being watchful and careful as I dreamed before that my ass was bitten by a black cat lol. Funny but it's true haha.

So much better to be careful always. The most scary dream of mine is when I dream of boat, sea, forest and well. There's no scaping of Death!

A close or distant relatives will surely die. And it's not cool at all. I don't really like this creepiness to the highest level.

But I can't avoid Dreaming, unless I'm not gonna sleep. Which I tried the moment I dreamed I will never came back to sleep.

You can also read the full details of all the Ghosts that lurking in my dreams.


February 06, 2021

I dreamed that I'm carrying a cute baby. And I don't know the gender if it's a boy or a girl. But they said dreaming a baby is a big problem.

A big trial will surely come your way. But Please not this time. I want a peaceful year, a healthy family for us and for all the people out there.

It doesn't matter if I don't have any money as long as we are all Healthy.

Some said Dreams was only brought by your deepest imagination. But my Question is... How come is my deepest imagination is all Ghosts? lol.

Dreams for me is still a Mystery.... That is why I decided to create this Blog. "Dream Collections".

Do you have the same Experienced with mine? you are very much welcome to comment about it.

Here is some of my Dream Collections Article:

I'm gonna update soon... but hopefully not so soon as I want to relax and be free from any kind of Dreams.

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Written by   505
9 months ago
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I hope these dreams narratives are not real, if they are you need to be a prayer warrior. That's the Christian way

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9 months ago

It's very real haha. If only I can draw I can show it with visual too luckily I'm not. Yeah a Prayer. I always pray but I guess it will never gone. It's always like this😅 Most especially if you dream a gang of Ghosts different of them, neighbors or not. I'm being like this since young especially when my twin keeps bothering me. I stop writing my Supernatural Stories Blog afraid that little bot won't like it.

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9 months ago


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9 months ago

Thanks for the upvote 😇 Hopefully I can roam around soon too.

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9 months ago

You are welcome❤️

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9 months ago