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First Dose: Unlocked

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9 months ago

On the month of October, I unlocked another unplanned goal. What is it? To be fully vaccinated with CoViD-19 vaccine. 💉

It wasn't on my plans to be vaccinated by that month until my Tita said that we should just walk-in and do not wait for the schedule that will be given by the Barangay Health Workers, as it was really taking too long.

And, successfully! I can now say that my worries are lessened. My worries to be infected, my worries that my immunity may not be that tougher, and my worries for this so-called "Bakuna Bubble."

This worries may not be gone, but it can be lessened. And, I felt that the moment the vaccine got into my system.

I shared my journey all the way on this one and you, guys can read it in this articles:

Got My First Dose of Pfizer

October 29, 2021: I Got Fully Pfizer'd

As before November comes in, I already did my part. This month? It's my parents' and my younger brother's turn to fulfill their parts. And it started on this day, November 03, year 2021. 💚

Last week, my parents along with me and my Tita was planning for the day that they'll get their first dose. Actually, it should be done by October as I already registered ourselves by September. But sadly, Mama got sick for almost more than two weeks. Making them to not be able to get the vaccine with us, me and Tita. In short, 'di sila nakasabay sa amin. After she was checked by a doctor, it took days (less than a week) for her to fully recover. We waited for another two weeks before we come up with them, having their shots by the first week of November.

Since that walk-ins will be entertained starting by this Monday to Friday, they'll decided to go by Wednesday. Actually, there will be a Barangay Bakuna Caravan here in our city starting by this day to Friday. Even though our barangay was scheduled tomorrow, Mama and Papa was determined to get it today. Kasi ayun na daw 'yung plano eh.

And, that day has finally come!

By 4:11AM, Mama wake me up because I will accompany them, specifically Papa. He's a PWD (Person With Disability) and he needs some assistance in filling up the vaccination form. He can write but it's slow, so he really needs assistance.

Before Mama wakes me up, they are already done taking a bath. And, because I am thinking that they can be late in lining up if I will take a bath too? It ends up with me going to the vaccination venue without taking a bath. In short, walang ligo-ligo. HAHAHA! Sornaaa. 🙈 Mabango pa din naman ako ih. Hihi! :D

Back to the topic. Before the clock ticks at 5:00AM? We're already at the venue. Upon seeing the empty venue? I was shocked.

Actually, I thought that maybe there will be no vaccination to happen today because there's no one on the place. Wala pang naka-pila kahit five o'clock na. I even checked the city's official Facebook page to check for the schedule and glad that there will be a vaccination today. Sadyang wala pa lang talagang tao.

And, tadaaa! Because we arrived so early, Mama and Papa was on the first and second spot.

I was sitting in one of the empty chairs while waiting for them to step up on the Step 1. As time passes by, people started to come. One by one or by group.

Like what I shared on my previous articles, there are five steps on getting the vaccine. Here they are:

Step 1: Registration

-Prepare our Identification Cards (ID) with our birthdates indicated.

Step 2: Screening

-The facilitators will get our body temperature and blood level. So, just relax and calm down our nerves and tissues. :D

Step 3: Health Education Counseling

-Be honest with them. If we have some colds and coughs or any other bad feelings, tell them. As it will affect the efficacy of the vaccine once that it was introduced to our bodies.

Step 4: Vaccine Administration

Step 5: Monitoring Observation

Disclaimer: This part was from my article "Got My First Dose of Pfizer"

Before 6:30AM, the traffic enforcer arrived and started to arranged the chairs. Then, the people (including my parents) who are sitting on the bench (that serves as the waiting area) was then instructed to go down and sit on the chairs allotted for Step 1. Since that Papa was a PWD, he sat on the priority lane.

When the facilitators arrived and the things that they need are already arranged, the processing had finally started. Papa was the second one to be entertained by the facilitators, with me on his side while assisting him. I am also the one who filled up the vaccination form for him. After minutes of processing, he's finally done with the Step 4 which is the administering of the vaccine. So, he proceeded on the Step 5 (Monitoring Observation). Then after just two to three minutes, Mama was vaccinated next.

The process was so smooth and no problems or chaos was encountered.

By November 03, 2021 at exactly 9:04AM, they are finally vaccinated with their first dose of Pfizer. 💙

And, we wouldn't let this day pass without having some remembrance. So, in 3, 2, 1 .... say cheese, parents! 📸

Hello kay Papa na nagpa-picture kahit na napaka-camera shy.

Next? It's brother's turn. Tomorrow, he will get his first dose on the Barangay Bakuna Caravan. Actually, he don't like to get the vaccine at first and I told my parents to do not force him. Glad that he changed his mind this morning, so good luck, bro! You can do it. 💪🏻 Karayom lang 'yan uy. Hihi!

Are they feeling any side effects?

By now, they are feeling the heaviness of their left arm. So, I was the one who's doing most of the tasks by this afternoon as they can't work due to the side effect that they are feeling. It's actually okay for me as I also want them to get more rest after having the vaccine.

For this part, let me give you, guys some information that you can used upon getting the vaccine or for deciding on whether to be vaccinated or not.

Disclaimer: Again, this was from my other article that I just copy and pasted.

On this part, let me share some of the observations while being in the venue that you, guys can use before, during, and after the vaccination:

  1. Before

    -Eat first. Have something in our stomachs.

    -Remember bring foods and drinks.

    -Prepare all the needed things before leaving the house. Bring your own pens, ID, birth certificate, etcetera.

  2. During

    -Strictly follow health protocols.

    -Be observant and attentive. Remember to always be polite when talking and asking.

    -Seniors, Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), and pregnant women are priorities. Do not be hot headed upon waiting, be more patient, and broaden our understanding. Don't be to persistent. Kapag sinabing mauuna ang mga priorities, don't make up stories just to be prioritized too.

    -Once the facilitator told us to get Pfizer, AstraZenica, Moderna, or other vaccine, follow what they said. Don't be pasaway.

    -Calm down! It's a must. :)

  3. After

    -Observe ourselves for possible side effects of the vaccine.

    -Follow the instructions said by the facilitators.

    -Drink medicine (here in the Philippines, paracetamol is advised.) immediately as we start to feel side effects.

    -Take a good rest.

In addition, learn to ask for questions that we don't know or are not sure about. Libre po ang pagtatanong, kaya i-push natin 'to (English: Asking for questions is free. So, let's do this.). 🧡

Are you planning to be vaccinated? Or having doubts and second thoughts about it? There's a way to ease our worries.

Do Your Own Research or the DYOR.

Not DIOR, okieee? Lol.

How to?

-We can read posts and articles online, watch news, or ask those people that we known to have the vaccine.

Here's some of the trusted and legit websites that we can visit while doing a research.

💊 World Health Organization


  1. Click the link of WHO Website. (Link:

  2. Go to 'Vaccines, treatments, & tests'.

  3. Tap 'COVID-19 vaccines.' (Link:

  4. Then start exploring.

💊 Department of Health- Philippines


  1. Click the link of DOH-PH Website. (Link:

  2. Start exploring.

And if you're considering to have Pfizer, here's a website that we can read information about Pfizer BioNTech.


  1. Visit the official website of Pfizer through this link:

  2. Also, you can simply click this one. (

  3. Then, start exploring.

That's all for today. Hope you'll like it! ❤

Another article/s to follow about our family's vaccination journey. Stay tuned! :)

For more articles, just visit me here in


And, we can also have a chitchat in



Published by November 03, 2021

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Written by   176
9 months ago
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Yay. Congratulations for getting your vax marecakes. Ako, hinihintay ko pa na magkaroon ng pfizer dito samin, it is my option kasi.

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9 months ago

Done na ako, mareee. Sila Mama, Papa, and bro naman. Yari na sila sa first dose nila, waiting na lang for their schedule of second dose. Saya nga eh. 💚

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Almost lahat kayo malapit na ma-vax. Wow. Anyways, new account ko to mare. Hihi.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Oo nga, mare. Mas makakampante na kami sa bahay, though may worries pa din pero at least. Male-lessen pa lalo, di'baaa?

Ayunnn, na-visit ko na new account mo. Sana mabisita na ulit ni Rusty, hanooo? 🤗

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9 months ago

True. Oo nga eh. Na-visit nya na ako mga $0.30 pa lang hahahaha sana magtuloy tuloy :D

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9 months ago

Halaaaa. Oo nga, tiningnan ko din eh. Grabe, ang bilis. Good thing na gumawa ka na talaga ng new account. Oh di'baaaa? 😉

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9 months ago

Congrats! How are you feeling now? The stingy swollen feeling on the part where the needle was inserted is just normal. I just hope there would still be more Filipinos to consider getting vaccinated it's for everyone's safety.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Ang aga nyo naman pumunta, mataas ba ang pilahan dyan?

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Para po maagang matapos. Kapag din po kasi 7:00 na, eh dagsa na po. Saka para iwas na din sa masyadong crowded na place. Lalo na at may mga cases din dito sa amin.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Yaaaay. Congrats and 2nd dose to go! Well explained din, thank you for that

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Kaunting hintay na lang po, mas mari-relieved na kami sa bahay in terms sa danger ni CoViD-19. Thank you po for appreciating my article. Hope that it'll help you po. Ay nakapagpa-vaccine ka na din po ba? :)

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9 months ago

Eyyy, congrats mareeee. Sanaol talaga nakapag pa vaccine na.

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Tenchu, mareee! :) Ikaw ba? Waiting pa din?

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Early birds ang parents. Good job! Hehe. Congrats on being vaccinated! ❤

$ 0.00
9 months ago

Yes po, Ateee. Mabilis kasing dumami 'yung tao sa venue kaya need talaga na mag-maaga. Hehe, thank you poooo! Si sis na lang natitira pero 'di pa kasi pwede kasi 11 pa lang s'ya.

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9 months ago