Be Distracted By Your Dreams

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To get ahead in your way, always stay on your grind. Hustle today is very important in chasing your dreams; it’s always going what you want. You need to spend all your time and energy working harder than anybody else. If you hustle, you are willing to give something more than anybody else and give more extra hours for work. Always remember that hustling needs a lot of sacrifices.

Be distracted by the dreams you chase,

Not for the people that keep you unease. 

They are capable and can easily say about you. But they will never limit the success that awaits you. We are surrounded by so many people, with so many personalities and attitudes. You can never tell what’s truly inside their hearts and even within their minds about you. That person who was full of insecurities will never be happy that you’re doing something to make your life comfortable ad successful. They’re not genuinely glad knowing that you winning to all your challenges in life. They never want you to win, but to lose. Be distracted, but never for the people that keep you in unease.

Not for the hardships.

In chasing our dreams, challenges are always part of the process. Success will never be worthy without the hardships that shape you and make you strong. This hardship that keeps you awake will give you the success that you can never imagine. These hardships may be hard but it is all worth it. Just trust the process and remember all your purposes and goals.

Not for the failures and rejections you face.

Failures and rejections are everywhere. But these things like hardships are always part of your journey through success. Failures and rejections are somehow redirections to see things you need to improve in chasing your dreams. It leads you to the right paths that lead you to way of success. Once you are failed and rejected always remember that there is a lot of room for chances to make things better.

 Not for comparing yourself to others.

Everything about you matters. Even the little progress of you matters. Comparing can only make things worse. Your journey is a way different from others. It doesn’t matter how slow or how fast your step through your dreams, as long as you give all your best all throughout, it is all worth it in the end. Do not be so hard on yourself. 

Turning dreams into reality takes planning, work, and dedication. Make sure to motivate yourself towards your goal.  And the most important thing about chasing your dreams is your own discipline. Make sure to boost your morale and you will be able to see the larger goal achievable. Being passionate about your dreams can also give you encouragement to pursue everything that you’re dreaming of.

As Roosevelt said – The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So never be get distracted by everything that surrounds you and pressures you. Go ahead, and chase your dreams. Distractions are always there, but if you believe in the beauty of your dreams, you can have it if you chase for it wholeheartedly. 

Be distracted not for the things that drag you down, but for the dreams you chase!

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Date Published: December 23, 2021

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The process is always risky , so tale all those risk if you want to achieve all of those dreams ❤️

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1 year ago

Why naman this is a beautiful message, I mean like for example yong pag cocompare na. Minsan diko maiwasan tapos imbes na dapat enjoy ka sa pag abot ng mga goals mo mas lamang ang pressure kasi mas iniisip yong iba na para pumantay ka sa kanila dapat push kung push talaga ganorn. Ee dapat kasi hindi ganon ee. OMG, yong kakatingin ko naabot nong iba nawawala na ako sa focus, aigooo talaga.

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1 year ago