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Noise.Cash Update, What's Your Thought About It?

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1 month ago
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Recently, admin made a statement about a group of high-profiled users from certain countries who have conspired to defraud them. As you can see in the screenshot below, the admin even mentioned the Philippines as one of the many countries that have done such offense. Seriously, Philippines? Why are we always on top when it comes to violating their rules?

Photo credit: Club1BCH Telegram

Anyway, at first, I was kind of worried that I might have done something wrong (again!). I know I'm not a perfect noiser, and no matter how careful I am with my actions, there are still possibilities that I might have done something wrong to offend them.

First off, noise did mention the word "high-profile," and not to brag, but I am one of the most followed users on noise. So when I read that word, I was like, "OMG!" Good thing is, I'm safe! My account is totally fine and no harm has been done after that update.

Then he deleted that post. Honestly, I didn't get a chance to read this post coz I might have been asleep at that time when he posted this. Thankfully, one of the club fam was fast enough to screenshot it for us.

The next update from noise was more intense. Here, he explained why he had to remove the previous post and elaborate his first statement further. See the image below:

Screenshot I made

In this post, it is clear to us that his rant is about the abuse of renoise feature. When I read this post, I knew I had nothing to worry about because I personally don't use it a lot.

I have my standards when it comes to renoise. I don't renoise just because the picture is appealing to my eyes, or that the post was done by a close friend of mine. When I renoise, it should be something important or renoiseable enough to be renoised.

Here are some of a few things why I renoise a post:

  • If it is an important update made by admin itself.

  • If a new affiliate joins the platform. This is my way of introducing that affiliate to my subscribers, hoping that they would welcome/subscribe to him/her.

  • If there's fun stuff going on and my audience can benefit from it.

  • If it's about the Club1BCH update, which I still rarely do.

Unlike the other users, I prefer writing my own than renoising someone else's posts. I've seen a lot doing this: more renoising, less own posts. I have no against them doing such style because I believe in the saying, "my account, my rules." If they want to do this and that, then I'd usually let them be. Of course, when it comes to my friends, I make sure they know and understand the rules and advice them to refrain from constant renoising. But if we're talking about random people, I just let them be.

Do you want to know why some users prefer to renoise a lot over creating their own posts? Well, here are my thoughts about it. I might be wrong, but this is just based on my observation:

  • They have a group somewhere and one of their rules is to "renoise me and I'll renoise you back" scheme. (Not going to elaborate this further)

  • They think renoising a high-profiled user whose posts could earn a decent amount will give them a better chance of earning more than posting their own. Remember, renoising a post will give you probably 10% (I'm not sure about the rate) from the total tips you get from a renoised post.

  • They don't speak English that well and renoising is the least they can do to earn.

  • They are too lazy to write anything.


  • They simply like the content and just want to share it with the community.

  • It's a post from a dear friend and just wants to support him/her.

  • It's a post from a newly registered affiliate.

Because of the recent issue, noise admin decided to stop showing heart-tips value starting today. The only thing you can see is the BCH icon.

I don't know about you but for me, it's better this way. No more reason for users to compare their earnings from others. And our earnings on each post will be a total surprise from now on.

If you'd like to monitor your daily earnings, my suggestion is to create another wallet. Set up a reset time. For example, since I sleep late, my reset time is every midnight. So at 11:59 PM, all my earnings will be sent to another wallet. This way, you can easily track your daily earnings without hassle. I'm sure you already know this.

Now here are my advice to some, especially to the new ones:

  • REFRAIN yourself from constant renoising, especially if you're renoising the posts from the same users.

  • It should be more quality posts over renoised posts.

  • Don't forget that quality is also a lot better than quantity.

  • Learn to adapt to the new rules instead of ranting.


Closing thoughts

Although I am surely going to miss the amount on my posts, I trust the admins' judgment, and I believe that it is for the betterment of the community. Besides, who are we to complain to? It's their platform, and they can change the rules anytime they want. As they say, if you're not happy with their conditions, feel free to leave and move on.

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Written by   927
1 month ago
Topics: Noise.Cash
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