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Mandatory curfew, more COVID-19 cases and Bitcoin Cash

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2 months ago

Last Thursday, July 15, 2021, once again the lifting of the curfew was canceled and deep restrictions measures because of COVID-19 were increased. What already seemed to ease restrictions was not confirmed and once again Mozambique is plunged into the crisis of this great pandemic.

P.s: all info is in Portuguese, I am sorry for that!


This situation led me to analyze what the people will suffer once again in this period with the extension of restrictions caused by the pandemic. Let's see what the immediate damages the curfew will bring:

  • Face-to-face classes in primary and secondary education will be paused

  • The opening hours of grocery stores, convenience stores, and all trade that entails any danger of contagion will be closed earlier

  • sport will stop

  • Transport picks up earlier

  • Churches and temples will be closed

  • Restrictions on entry into the country of foreigners, those entering (diplomats and consulate mandates, etc.) will have to be in a mandatory 40-day quarantine.

These new measures come into effect because of the increase in the number of cases of the pandemic, which went from the beta variant to a more resistant one, which is already affecting a layer that did not have much preponderance, young people and children. In the first three months alone, this new variant has already caused more hospitalizations and deaths than the previous one.

But what does this new government recommendation will bring

This situation is not easy to digest, while the people were already waiting for the state to improve some restrictive measures to be able to alleviate tensions and further increase the income of the common citizen, who depends on the street to survive, is once again forced to staying at home without social interaction.

This new measure will force even more painful maneuver on the part of Mozambicans who are already at their limit!

Staying at home is beneficial for mass infection control, but it also increases hunger, businesses will close again, investments in restoration will reduce their staff and others will close, foreign labor will be limited and many other notable losses will register.

In the economic field at the level of the pocket of the common citizen

This will be the most affected with the new measures, let's see:

The young citizen of Mozambique receives a minimum wage of about 4960 MZN, the equivalent of about 78 US dollars. This amount is paid to those who work and receive monthly, but as not everyone works and receives this salary.

The salary is used to pay all the bills inherent to household expenses such as buying food, paying for water and electricity, transport, personal care products such as alcohol and gel, masks for COVID-19 and, as we have already repaired, this money is not enough. With the alleviation of the restriction measures, the young citizen wanted to earn more because he could work more hours on the street to get money to pay his bills.

This problem not only affects Mozambique, but also other southern African countries, which will make the standard of living in those countries that were not receiving much and with an above-average level of unemployment more difficult. COVID-19's relief program with state aid takes a long time to reach families and by the time it does, many are already in debt up to their necks.

This restriction issue is serious, and can kill more than COVID-19 itself.

If we look at it, since the outbreak of the disease in Mozambique, more people have been dying and suffering from the consequences it caused. Leaving PEOPLE at home to reduce the contagion is good when these same people have a way to sustain themselves, meaning, that they have the proper means to live.

The government has stipulated an amount of relief for the disease that is based on 4,500 Meticais, corresponding to approximately 76 dollars, which is not enough. And to make matters worse, the amount should be paid monthly, but this does not happen and it is paid every three months, which means that monthly the citizen receives 1500 Meticais (+-25 dollars) to be able to support themselves .

The value is not enough and here we are running the risk of not only dying due to the pandemic but also due to hunger, lack of hygiene, diseases caused by the use of re-used masks (this phenomenon has been increasing since people don't have money they take used masks, the disposable ones, wash them and resell them, constituting a serious attack on public health) and this is just the beginning.

More problems will arise with the spread of compulsory collection and heavy restriction measures.

Using Bitcoin Cash to Fulfill Needs in This Time of Calamity

Unfortunately for the vast majority of my people he will continue to suffer and I don't like it one bit. I can't do much to alleviate this condition, but for those in my community I can help however I can and when I can using my savings saved in Bitcoin Cash. Those same savings are the same ones that help my family and close friends so much to alleviate the problems caused by the pandemic.

If it weren't for Bitcoin Cash, my family and I would also be on a tightrope waiting for our government to come to our rescue and give us the $25 so we can live. Imagine the scenario where the majority in Mozambique have more than 6 members in their family and can feed them using $25 a month!

The 25 kg sack of rice alone is close to that amount, water and electricity have not been paid, not even the basic necessities purchased yet. Here, I'm talking about families living in the metropolitan area of ​​Maputo, but Mozambique is large, has ten more provinces and most young's, who are the main people in the country, are unemployed and in this pandemic period they live in the hope of that same relief fund provided by the state.

I don't consider myself lucky, I was just in the right place and at the right time in the Bitcoin Cash community, after all if I can live today and make others live it's thanks to this wonderful community that tirelessly gives away its tips so that I can keep myself and my family too.

It's in difficult times like this that we realize who our real family really is and who to bet on for real, the Bitcoin Cash community works and so it maintains the status of community number (1) in crypto and nothing can be done for the dethrone.

One last thought

I honestly don't like this pandemic scenario, it has made life much worse for many people in the world and in particular in my country. If it was already difficult to live in the time before the COVID-19 pandemic, now the scenario is ten times monstrous.

For those who live in the metropolis and have no family in distant provinces, they look at the pandemic scenario as something light, do not consider anything harmful, or still think 'this will pass, it's just a phase' but do not stop and analyze. The pandemic has been costing human lives for more than a year and governments are taking advantage of it to increase their wealth with requests for relief from the disease from outside partners.

Countries are already in debt up to their necks due to this disease and when it is time to pay they will regret too much, as their greatest wealth will be devastated and they will never be able to finish paying this debt made to offset the effects of the pandemic, that's all business!

These people will increasingly live in suffering, as they also made debts to banks and individuals to open their businesses and manage to support themselves, but with the spread of disease these same businesses were forcibly closed or work at half gas. They got into debt and nothing can save them right now.

I still resist and hope to stay that way because that's the only way I can keep family and friends close, all thanks to Bitcoin Cash, which provides the means I use to live.

Bitcoin Cash works and with it I can pay bills and buy groceries for my family and thus reduce the effects caused by the pandemic in Mozambique.


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Written by   797
2 months ago
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The Covid reaction of governments will kill far too more with just the GDP decline we have seen, the increase of government debt, extreme inflation and extreme poverty that is coming.

I'm honest man, I was expecting way worse and they think that by printing money they saved us, but this is not going to work. There will be decades of chaos and disorder because of this stupidity to protect the public from a virus with just five times the fatality rate of the common flue. And this with statistics that were cooked, not real numbers but inflated in all countries.

I know it is not just a flue and those with underlying conditions are in danger, but taking a look at the decades of economic distress we will have, I feel this wasn't just a mistake, but a historic mistake for all civilization.

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2 months ago

In my country, taking by example, the government reaction about COVID-19 is already killing. People aren't being killed by the flu disease they have been dying because of the government policy that's leading the people to a complete poverty ( aggravated) and if this continue more people will continue to die. This are just part of the immediate consequences of the pandemics in long term they will be even worse.

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2 months ago

Thanks for your effort of developing BCH Pm Reddit

$ 0.00
2 months ago

This id very true sir. This pandemic has really worsen the situation as much as we think. And just like you, I'm lucky to have BCH just so I can help my family fund our needs. Especially now that looking for a job is very much harder compared to before.

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2 months ago

Each one sees the calamity at his door and forgets that of his neighbor. Although I am sad to read what you tell us, I am also happy to know that Bitcoin Cash is a relief to you and your friends.

I hope that we will get out of this nightmare soon, even though the prospects for the future are not so promising.

Resisting together is the best strategy. I also hope that the Bitcoin Cash community continues to consolidate so that more people in the world have hope.

Take good care of yourself and your family. The world needs us.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thanks for your support and kind words, in this times of pandemics we truly see who are our really supporters😎

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thanks for your support and kind words, in this times of pandemics we truly see who are our really supporters😎

You're welcome, my friend. A big hug from Venezuela.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thanks mate 🙏

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Infect your country government is more good than here because where people do not get even one cents from govt right now but still govt telling us that they keep giving people food or money .. Not only there but here position is worst too .. i am confused how poor people live their selves in this situation .. anyway, if there fully lockdown now then how people will live ? they will die without food i think!

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Of course they will die! No way people can survive without first needs, people must eat, must bath, must buy hygiene products and that all cost money without it how can they even think to survive?! No way... This is just getting worse and worse.

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2 months ago

govt should understand this .. this is better to fight with food rather than corona because hungry feeling is worst than corona .. corona is for high GDP based country not for us

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2 months ago

Covid had put the world 10 years back. To recover all the losses it will take another 5 to 10 years to overcome.

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2 months ago