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Real life problems can be solved using Bitcoin Cash

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3 months ago

In everyday life we ​​often face problems caused by various reasons, both social and financial. The latter, being what worries men the most, because without money a lot can fall apart.

Problems caused by lack of money are one of the main causes of the increase in hunger, crime, begging, prostitution, health, unemployment, education, children, elderly, poverty, or even political instability in many parts of the world. Money moves the world and without it a lot can be spoiled and general chaos can take over.

...and this is where Bitcoin Cash can play a very special role, as its fundamentals include that it is the people's money, the one that everyone can have access to, no matter where they are but if they do something to deserve it then they will have it and with it certain problems related to money can be overcome.

Using Bitcoin Cash as a Solution to Social Problems

Most social causes aim to direct a certain group or social stratum to have its own direction, an awareness of some product or even disease, behavior and even appeal for a better responsibility for a particular issue.

Next, I will analyze how Bitcoin Cash can be used to help address some social causes that greatly disturb modern societies:

  1. Health

Health is often one of the social problems that affect society the most, at present we have the case of COVID-19, which has shaken and continues to shake the planet, causing people to change their model of life to embrace a new way to live because of the disease. And not only does the pandemic shake the world, but also diseases such as cancer, HIV, malaria and many other worry the world and involve costs that need to be met and everyone is invited to participate.

Supporting organizations are invited to join these initiatives and non-governmental (NGOs) are most concerned about helping. These organizations survive on donations to support them and help others and Bitcoin Cash can greatly fund this type of social cause initiative.

  1. Children

Children in many parts of the world are the most vulnerable social cause of concern, as many of them are involved in wars, neglect, are used in human trafficking, abuse and much more. Daily on social networks we see this type of treatment inflicted on children and it is shocking in the eyes of the world.

Humanitarian organizations are called to respond to the situation as well as police authorities and competent bodies (in the case of child exploitation, abuse and ill-treatment) but these do not have enough resources to cover everyone and once again here Bitcoin Cash through decentralized funds can in help fund this type of combat.

  1. Fighting hunger and poverty

This is a worldwide problem with more emphasis on third world countries, but it does not leave even developed countries at ease. There is widespread poverty and hunger, for example in Venezuela and South Sudan, where Organizations funded using Bitcoin Cash are doing a wonderful job.

These non-profit organizations help both Venezuela and South Sudan people to have a decent meal whenever possible, all thanks to the Bitcoin Cash community that without measuring efforts supports the organizations and thus helps to reduce the suffocation that the population has been living. In other parts of the world, hunger and poverty continue, leading many countries, like mine, to invest heavily in family farming to reduce malnutrition.

  1. Elderly

Elderly people are an important part of the story, as they carry knowledge about various subjects, but they are often marginalized by society.

Organizations that try to rescue the elderly, promote new possibilities of social life for them as well as assign activities for them to exercise according to their age. This action leads many older people out of isolation and playing an important role in the community.

  1. Emergency situations (disasters)

In Mozambique we have had a succession of natural, environmental and terrorism disasters in recent times. People from all over the world have spared no effort to try to help with them, collecting large amounts of items such as rice, clothing, cleaning and hygiene products, oil and other consumables all in favor of helping others.

Myself, I conducted a campaign right here at to raise funds during the terrorist attack in Cabo delgado province in northern Mozambique, which generated enough funds to at least help people have hope, this campaign was all of it financed in Bitcoin Cash.

  1. education

In Africa, for example, the lack of education is one of the biggest impacts on the continent, and in my country in particular, a growing issue that does not let anyone sleep peacefully, after all, everyone has the right for education.

Unfortunately millions of teenagers and children are without access to school, creating a big problem as building of a state without knowledge, without qualified personnel to apply for jobs that require a level of education. This reality has long concerned the world, but it cannot always be resolved by the state.

Thus, using Bitcoin Cash as a funding currency for organizations that support this type of social problems, the currency can greatly help these same children and teenagers to have a better future.

Bitcoin Cash works in real life

One of the most exciting things about using Bitcoin Cash is that the currency works in the real world, whether it's making daily payments for consumer goods and services or even using it as a long-term investment.

With Bitcoin Cash it's possible to buy essential things for man's life, such as immediate consumables (rice, beans, sugar, peanuts...) from merchants who are spread all over the world and who accept also bet on a promising future of the currency . This all, without having to change the same in fiat money.

Not only is it useful for purchasing these consumables, but it can also be used to book 220,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide, in over 150 locations through's booking service, which is leading the world in tourism destinations on the planet and with Bitcoin Cash these reservations can be made. The service is spread across exotic and modern cities across the planet and here Bitcoin Cash is useful for payments such as In:


London | Paris | Rome | Barcelona | Amsterdam | Madrid | Istanbul | Berlin | Lisbon | Dublin | Vienna | St. Petersburg |

North America

New York | Las vegas | Los Angeles | San Francisco | Miami | Vancouver | Oahu Hawaii | Orlando | Montreal | Chicago | Boston | Quebec |


Bangkok | Singapore | Hong Kong | Kuala Lumpur | Phuket | Bali | Pattaya | Tokyo | Seoul | Hanoi | Taipei | Kathmandu |

Central American & Caribbean

Panama City | San José | San Juan | Punta Cana | Puerto Plata | Nassau | Fortuna | Alajuela | Kingston City | Havana City | San Blas Islands | ometepe

Pacific Ocean & Australia

Sydney | Melbourne | Gold coast | Auckland | Perth | Brisbane | Cairns | Adelaide | Christchurch | Aitutaki | Apia | Bora Bora |

South America

Rio de Janeiro | Buenos Aires | Sao Paulo | Lima | Santiago | Cusco | Bogota | Foz do Iguacu | Machu Picchu | Punta Del Este | Medellin | Quito |


Johannesburg | Cape Town | Durban | Seychelles | Mauritius | Marrakech | Cairo | Zanzibar | Algiers | Tripoli | Lakes | Victoria Falls |

Middle East

Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Mecca | Manama | Doha | Sharjah | Medina | Muscat | Damascus | Beirut | Shibam | Tehran |

Therefore, we can make instant payments and have a reservation at one of these hotels and locations around the world and have the stay assured thanks to Bitcoin Cash. Using Bitcoin Cash makes it easy as it has utility and the currency holder can only go to these tourist havens just carrying a phone which he will use to make payments, also to mention that Travala provides flights for this destinations all paid in Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Also, with Bitcoin Cash people can top-up their mobile devices instantly using the services of Alfatop without needing to leave home. This service can be accessed directly from the wallet without leaving the app which warranty more security to the user to purchase mobile recharges with more than 120 mobile operators from all over the world.


As mentioned in the article, Bitcoin Cash is very useful and helps to solve problems that really affect men or even gives space for this same individual to spend their Bitcoin Cash safely in well-referenced establishments such as the Travala agency. But not only Travala can help man to have a place to apply the currency, but in many other places it can be used to solve social causes or even for leisure.

One of the quick ways to find out where to use Bitcoin Cash is to consult, which works as a GPRS where merchants that accept cryptocurrency are located.

Not forgetting that the article also highlighted the great use of Bitcoin Cash as a means of funding non-governmental organizations, which aims to help others, one of the platforms that can be very useful is or even checking to present the organization & project that need funding to help causes that really matter in life.

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Written by   822
3 months ago
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De verdad que seria buenisimo que con BCH se pudieran financiar tantas obras benéficas, que ayudarían a tantas personas necesitadas.

Yo apenas tengo 3 semanas que comencé con esta criptomoneda, gracias a que una amiga me recomendo y, he estado mas activa en la primera y ya llevo 12$, que me emocionan mucho, por que me habían recomendado muchas otras y tenia que tener muchos referidos para generar algo.

La verdad es que si pudiera ganar muchos BCH, si que me gustaría ayudar en estas obras, con el favor de dios.

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3 months ago

You're indeed right! Though I am just new one in this community but regardless of it, seeing and reading a lot of articles like; goals, inspiration n' motivation, especially achievement through the help of this platform, truly, this was a life changing experience. In my almost 2 months here in, I already witnessed a lot of successes and problems being solved with the help of BCH..

I know, there's a lot more to explore in this platform, and hoping for one day, my problems would be solved also through this platform... If and only if, I did my best to get the fruit of labor.. The sooner, the better!.☺️

Thank you so much for sharing this to us. God bless you more BCH and problems to be solved!😇☺️

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3 months ago

I had a good read brother, and I've learnt quite a few things from your article, BCH sure has a big potential and its way ready to solve the real life problems. I'm falling in love already!

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3 months ago

That's it BCH is the really deal😎

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3 months ago

You talk about social problems in search of economy and you give the BTH as one more help to minimize or help that person who needs it so much

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3 months ago

Bch is already solving my problems l don't know about anything else.

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3 months ago

Mine too it's just amazing how this is solving many peoples lives😎

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3 months ago

Yeah, so amazing. Am starting a forum to teach people about BCH in Nigeria. You can read about it in my article here

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3 months ago

You are absolutely right. Bitcoin cash really helps in so many aspects and its importance can't be over looked. BCH has been of tremendous help to so many users from testimonies. Nice one.

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3 months ago

Thanks for your compliment and comment it's really a good support 🙏

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3 months ago

Absolutely! BCH can really help us a lot. Especially now that it's too risky to go outside. With the help of bitcoin cash, we can do such transaction without risking our health.

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3 months ago

BCH is the currency of the future and this is the best time to join tye the movemment

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3 months ago

Yes you're right, sir. That's why I'm enjoying my stay here on and making everyday productive.

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3 months ago