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No Freedom No Humanity even No Freedom No Crypto

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3 months ago

Although it is not my traditional style that I followed regularly here.Actually It was a challenge to Write about "Freedom Prompt" by Ma'am @JonicaBradleylady to whom my great Appluse.She is caring lady and always busy to serve the God creation.Either it is an animal like goat or a plant.Ma'am is doing her best for God's best creatiom.Sorry ma'am I am a little bit late actually I was busy on my clinic.Now I am fresh to explore my vision about freedom and I hope many reader would like this.And I would request them after reading,"Don't forget to ask to me your query and give me your precious advices in comment box.It would be honor on one aspect and learning on the other.I can't wait more for my challenge to be completed as soon as possible.Let us come to the blessed tittle about Freedom,I am one of the luckiest person who will give their views about this greatest blessings.So Let us take a humble start,"No freedom No humanity even No freedom No Crypto"

 What is freedom?

Freedom is blessing from God that is free from the dust of injustice,cruelty,color,gender and caste.Actually it provides you the air where you have equal right to express and articulate your feelings,emotions and have a good platform where you are free to enjoy the God-gifted blessings.No fear,No terror,No terrorism because you are free.The following type of freedom are needed for the prosperity of every Society.

  • Freedom of money

  • Freedom of Speech but not against any religion

  • Freedom of minds

Freedom back-Bone

You can provide freedom to a land where the following things are provided to everyone even to the animal.

  • Equality

  • Justice

I believe on Hazrat Umer(R.A),Who is the 2nd Caliph of Islam.The history writers write into their books.He was the person who give equal rights and equal freedom to man as well as animals.The author writes,He was such a great person who role the whole world with distinction.In his Era,a Lion and a  goat drunk water from same well.And history is witnessed that when a lion prey the goat was the 1st day of his death that people felt Great Calip Hazrat Umer(R.A) is no more with us.Once earth was damaged by Earthquake.He was the person who slapped his foot on the soil.And asked to Earth,"Does Umer not do justice with you?"At the instant,it was earth that stop to Earthquake.It was great exhibition of equality and freedom.

Why Freedom is essential?

Freedom is as essential for the people and state as water to drink And air to breath.I can provide you two examples where people have no freedom And what is happening there?.

No freedom No Humanity

No doubt,I am Muslim but you not observe me I am biased to Muslim.I give my views that have freedom from religion,caste and from everything you can think about.According to me:

Stop killing of humanity just because he is Muslim,Jews,Christian,Hindu,Catholic and even other thing he believes.My believe is,"the killing of one man is killing of whole humanity.

And why is this happening there?Just think and you will find the answer they have no freedom.I talk about maximum Examples that I know-well and every one here have to accept this.Because I believe @Read.Cash is the platform where you have freedom of speech and freedom of money,And freedom from everything.

There are two big issues that can end up everything Even the whole universe.They are:

  • Problem of India-Occupied Kashmir

  • Problem of Israel-occupied Palestine

Why this non-sense is happening there.People are killed on the mass-acre because they are Muslim.Please stop this kind of behavior.These problems should be solved on the basis of principles of United nation that is the institute that provide equality and justice to everyone that are back-bone of Freedom.In these two regions where freedom is not present.People weep and pray for justice,equality and rights to exhibit their desires.I believe united nation would solve these two issue soon And stop killing of Humanity soon.And save the whole universe from a great destruction.

Freedom is the name of Vaccination?

Why I asked this non-sense question you think?No This question is valid.In many countries where people are indulged to vaccinate yourself otherwise you have no freedom to travel,Even no freedom to.come outside.I last night when asked the article of Sir @Pantera who has desire to visit Asia.But the state where he lives influenced people for vaccination.Why this suck when a lot of people don't want to vaccinate.I am 100% agreed to Dear @CryptoMax and @voluntary who write about this vaccine shit and raise their sound where people have no freedom.There should be individual will either he want to vaccinate or he not want.Applause for these two persons from which I impressed who right about very basic need of freedom of today.

How freedom should be maintained?

It is very simple.You provide two things freedom and equality to the people,Freedom would be God rewarded.Once I was FSC student I read about a lesson I don't remember exactly the name of lesson but it was all about freedom.It was actually the speech of Martin Luther King Jr.And I believe many Americans and Africans accept him their Hero.The way he speak about freedom.The role he played in USA where once people were judged by color.He provide the great way and raise voice for equal rights for a black or white man.You can see how much He was successful when president Barack Obama role in USA for about 10 years.You can observe very good and golden projects were initiated in its govt.This was all due to the fruits of freedom of speech.You can say with more accuracy freedom of Minds.Everyone who want to maintain and get freedom get lesson from Sir Martin life,a great model and a great Hero in History.

No Freedom No Crypto

How can I write a article without comparing the Crypto And without rasing the voice for the freedom of Crypto.Let me appreciate the work and services of Sir @MarcDeMesel and Rusty @TheRandomRewarder both these with many crypto lover appreciate the man who talked about freedom.Whether it was freedom of speech or it was freedom of money.They are front leader.Last time when dear @CryptoMax and dear write about vaccination And will and freedom of money,Sir @MarcDeMesel was the person who appreciated with great reward.I can guess his mentality and love for freedom.I am in crypto interface for about 4 months.I have a good experience about BTC,Ethereum, BCH and Dogcoin through which I entered into crypto world.There should be Peace contract in Crypto where freedom of money would be their 1st and last priority.When I see modifications And policies that are against the freedom of money in any Crypgo.My heart became sad and I feel just like it is broken.Every crypto started from the motto of freedom of money,get fame and after getting its great result.Introduced their policies against the freedom of money and diminished their freedom.How much it suck when one find the BTC as the crypto of millionaire and billionaire and not for a common man who hardly have 10$.Why this thing happening?.I believe when a system that come with inequality,one day its marks would not remain in history.Sorry I am too much aggressive because you not think how much I love to BTC?.But when they suck me their policies.God provide me with the new Crypto you can say Crypto for all:

That is no one,My love BCH

BCH is true crypto that healed my Broken heart and I am happier to earn my favorite Crypto through:

These are the two platforms where I get freedom of money and enjoyed very well.I raised voice for freedom of everything on these two blessing platform where some people supported me and some who literally have no sense were against me.I know it is part of my life.

Closing Thoughts

This was all about my Challenge and everything that I know about freedom and my mind support that I hope at the end ma'am @JonicaBradley would like this and I dedicate it to you.And As I already have mentioned three persons on read cash,I give my humble suggestions and challenge  to you write about this great blessing Freedom.


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Written by   44
3 months ago
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I stooped earning do you know what the reason is

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3 months ago

No freedom no crypto 😁 love it

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3 months ago

Thank you ma'am.You love freedom of Crypto.AND I LOVE freedom of humanity lol😂😉

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3 months ago

Yay! Someone is improving! I love it, especially your quote, "No Freedom, No Humanity."

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3 months ago

Thank you ma'am.I don't forget your words: "Don't lose hope you will be good after struggling here". Always thank you😍

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3 months ago

And you're very much welcome. I'm happy for your achievements! Keep it up!

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3 months ago

Ma'am love you.And again thanks😍

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3 months ago

Wow. This was great! Your thoughts are very wide and diverse. I'm so happy my little challenge inspired you to sick great heights. Thank you for the mentions and the tags.

Keep writing!

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3 months ago

Thank you ma'am and Sir @pantera you both are source of my ultimate happinesses.

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3 months ago

Thank you too for the mention Zeshan, and I enjoy reading your comments on my posts. Keep it up!

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3 months ago

Thank you Sir always welcome😍😍

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3 months ago