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Top Old songs since when I was Childhood to High School that I never forget until now

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1 month ago

When I was High school, I love listening to music everyday. Like my Headset and Phone is always on my pocket and my day will never be complete without that.

I also remembered that My Father before loves to listening to music when I was kid. He buy a TV and a DVD player for us so that we can watch a cartoons and my favorite cartoon movie before is Tom and Jerry. Anyways, since my Father always listening to music every morning and afternoon, I also memorize all the songs that he always listening to and I also started to sing and humming with him because it is very nice to my ears and I already get used to it even if it is always the same songs. Who can get tired and bored of that songs when it is very famous even if it is already old and even until now there are some many people who still sing that to Karaoke’s and even I still hear it in some public places right?

So here are the songs that I always listening to until now:

Bon Jovi-Bed Of Roses

How can I forget this Masterpiece song if my Uncles and my Father are always singing this since when I was Kid until now when we are renting a Karaoke but now my one Uncle has a speaker with mic now and that is now what they are using when we are have a celebration and even if we don’t have, we are using that to make a noise in our house and that is one of the songs that we always listening to.

AeroSmith-I Don’t want to miss a thing

Another song that can make us sing a long.

“I don’t want to close my eyes i don’t want to fall asleep cause I miss you baby and I don’t want to miss a thing 🎤”

And while I am writing this, I also listen to this again like my Childhood memories with my Uncles singing this come back again to my head.

Bon Jovi-Always

Another song of Bon Jovi that I always remember it until now every time that I hear this, I also humming in some public places because of it’s chorus. I’m not good at singing rock but I can go with the flow with the lyrics hehe


Another song that can make me remember my childhood and plus the moment when Jovit Baldivino sing this in one of the Contest and makes everyone Lss to this song who can not sing this song right? Everyone knows this because they remembered their High School memories.

Air supply-Here I am

And this song is the most saddest song that I always listen to because this is the song that makes my late Great grandma sing for me. Like when I listen the chorus saying

“Just when i thought i was Over you just when i thought I could stand on my own Oh these memories come crashing through and I just can’t go on without you 🎼🎤😭”

makes me cry because my late grandma become my one of my best friend since when I was kid and until I was High School. I remembered when I was always going to their house so I can hide to my Aunt because he always captured my phone and she is very strict and here she is making me feel safe to her like a bagets she did always become ny Hero and we always have a best conversation every time I go there.

But she is gone now and When the moment that she died, I can’t accept it and I did not attend and go to their house to attend her funeral. I don’t know how I can stand again on my own without her during that time and it is still hurt me like it is just happen like yesterday.

And this is also the first time again after how many years that I did not play this song. While writing this, it’s making me feel sad and emotional. Right now, I know that she is now safe and I know that she always guiding me which is when i am always sad, i just look to the heaven and talk to her just in my mind.

So that is all some of the old songs that I still remembered even if it is old and napaglulumaan na ng panahon but still unforgettable music to our memories until we become old and even if there are a lot of new songs now, I still choose and choose them over the new one. Because they complete my childhood and my past with a good song.

Thank you for reading! How about you? Do you also have some beautiful songs that still remain to your memories? You can share it in the comments and I will hear it ❤️🎼


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Avatar for SenyoritaWriter
Written by   38
1 month ago
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