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Can I meet my virtual friends?

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1 month ago
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Do you know the feeling within you when you just see someone you have been chatting with online for months, days, years and you meet them physically? It would be like a butterfly is in your stomach 😁 You feel like you have seen a super star, you just feel like you are lucky to have seen someone in reality after the long days of chatting. Of course this can't happen without you guys arranging on how to meet, where to meet and when to meet. Do you know how it would be like for me to see my people from Nigeria? People like @George_Dee @Olasquare @HappyBoy @Maryjacy and other Nigerians here. Sorry, if I tagged you 😬

I am looking forward to seeing these people even when Mary's location isn't far to mine. I can easily spend $2 just to meet her (you can see how close it is)

What if I decide to see people from other countries?

What if @Jane decides to come spend her vacation in Nigeria and she wants to stay in my house for those period of time she's gonna stay? Don't you think I would feel so popular and famous? Lol Jane, can you just come to Nigeria let me see how it feels 😉

I know how cute @gwapojohn is and I wish to see him someday too 😁 I know he would take me on a ride on his super bike and then show me around everywhere. Isn't it?

Perhaps asking @renren16 if she could just find a time we can meet. I might want to meet her but wait! Let me visit her so she can introduce me to her family and let me see MGD too😄😄

Okay, enough of my imaginary talks and let's face reality now even though it is possible I see some of my Nigerian Virtual friends. Let's hook up someday 🥳🥳


I met them on Uptrennd (a non existing platform now) I was indeed happy when I saw them because they feel like stars to me. Do you know how you react when you see a famous artist in reality? That was how I felt that day. Lol


The first is @McYusuf brother. I was in Ibadan then and he needed to visit a bank in my City. We communicated and he told me he would come so we both can see each other. I was nervously waiting for that day. Yes, I was nervous because it was my first time seeing someone I have never met and would be meeting. I started rehearsing my actions when I meet him. He came over to our house, met my Aunt which I introduced him to my Aunt. He was shy and I was too 😁 he couldn't talk much but he spent a while at my house. I did entertained him too. We gisted about the platform we both were in and talked at length before he called it a day. I was really glad. I took some pictures with him which I used as a post thereafter.

The second is a lady called Roseberry. Our Uptrennd University Chancellor named Tiger Lily (she is on Hive as Dreemsteem) She is the owner of Dreem project, decided to send a gift to us from the overseas down to Nigeria. She sent them to Roseberry so she can send them to us.

You can see the headband I used with Uptrennd logo. This picture was taken last year December in my village. That was the headband she sent to us and thank God I was still in Ibadan City that day when Roseberry called me that she would be coming. I saw it as an opportunity to get my own gift and we both communicated on how to meet.

Finally, we met on the roadside as I went to meet her but we couldn't snap any picture because she was already tired of the journey and everywhere looked clumsy. I collected my parcel from her and bid ourselves goodbye.

The third is @Hillary_Powers I didn't know we are studying in the same University but he is a graduate now. He graduated in April. We both decided to meet one day and we did. We even went out to eat at a restaurant. Sorry, I can't even find the picture again 🙈

The fourth and fifth are both friends together. I met them when I took my friends out to have fun. They also came to the joint to eat ASUN (a roasted goat meat) with drinks. I took picture with one while the other wasn't available to take pictures.

I still need to see many people from and I am hoping for that day to arrive.

Can I meet my Virtual friends?

I woke up feeling great but wasn't in the mood to go to church. Last week was the best I ever had and I am wishing us a wonderful new week again. Let's be productive so we can be happy at the end of the week.

Thanks for reading

|October 17, 2021|

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Written by   381
1 month ago
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