Cashrain Is Live And It's Raining Bitcoin Cash!

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5 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)

Hundreds of communities rained hundreds of Bitcoin Cash on tens of thousands of users during beta.

Beta is over, and Kim Dotcom's latest killer app is now live, demonstrating the competitive edge of Bitcoin Cash.

Non-custodial Cashrain is possible with Bitcoin Cash, the top blockchain with instant transactions with low fees (lower than $0.01).

During the beta phase, communities rained more than 415 BCH (worth $46.68k) on participants, generating tens of thousands of transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network and indicating vast interest from the public.

The killer app is now live, so explore it and try to discover how to utilize it to build a community of organic and dedicated followers, or follow communities you want and receive Cashrains as rewards for your interaction and loyalty!

Cashrain New Features

We explored Cashrain with a series of articles during the beta period, so for more information regarding how it works, its efficiency and the results visit these articles:

These articles on Medium found decent reception, with all of them reaching thousands of views, while I also received dozens of requests in dms and comments for new invites after the ones I gave away expired.

The public reception suggests the impact of Cashrain will be huge.

With the most recent upgrade, Cashrain introduces Experience Points (XP) and Leveling, gamifing the experience!

We gain XP by interacting with communities and supporting them by performing the tasks they require, and we gain more XP by creating our own Cashrains, or by raining Bitcoin Cash on other communities.

Daily and weekly tasks that apply will assist users in leveling up fast.

Besides our account, our community also earns XP and levels up, while we also get different XP (and levels) in the communities we follow.

With the new XP features, I've immediately reached level 5 with 11k XP, due to my previous activity and amount of BCH Cashrained, and as a perk, I have no limitations to the communities I can join.

I created a new $10 rain to celebrate the event, while several larger Cashrains are already taking place.

Visit my community on Cashrain, download a non-custodial wallet (e.g., Electron Cash, Paytaca,, Selene), and be part of the Bitcoin Cash revolution.

Beginners can only join up to 20 communities, but as users gain XP and level up, they also get the bonus to follow more communities.

The notification panel is also there to inform users of their progress and active Cashrains.

With CashRain, Bitcoin Cash gets another killer app to fast-forward mass adoption.

Closing Thoughts

We should probably expect millions of users to join and interact daily with their favorite Cashrain communities on Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, telegram and Discord.

Kim's Cashrain points to the route the internet is taking (monetization and microtransactions) and what exactly is the best form of digital money that enables these features (Bitcoin Cash).

Bitcoin Cash needs more apps like Cashrain which drive the network effect into new grounds and can potentially onboard millions.

Cashrain invite link:

Here is an invite (no referral), although I don't know for long it will last.

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5 months ago (Last updated: 3 months ago)


It's better then start

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5 months ago

There are many new communities but sad to say I can't join as I reached the minimum community counts🥺

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5 months ago

Hi, my friend

Thank you for this post update on Cashrain.


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5 months ago

Was a long journey but it looks so much better than when it started!

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5 months ago