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The first Cashtokens marketplace TapSwap was recently launched, enabling trading for CashTokens FTs (fungible tokens) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The platform demonstrates the efficiency of Bitcoin Cash, which is the competitive advantage that characterizes this blockchain.

While TapSwap.cash is still at inception, we expect it to evolve into a modern marketplace as trading volumes increase.

Dev mainnet_pat supports developments and regularly adds new features to serve the users' needs.

Furthermore, the TapSwap.cash developer recently launched an 125BCH flipstarter to develop WalletConnect V2, a Web3 service that allows wallets to interact with BCH dApps.

TapSwap - Cashtokens Marketplace

TapSwap delivers a Web3 platform that connects to Paytaca's Chrome extension.

Instructions on how to set up Paytaca on Chrome and mint CashTokens NFTs are here: How To Mint Cashtokens NFTs.

The platform takes a 3% fee for each trade completed, with a minimum of 0.01 BCH. Fees and the total amount are visible when buying tokens listed at Tapswap:

Listing tokens demands no additional fee besides the low blockchain fee (lower than $0.01).

Users can get accustomed to the sorting features immediately.

We can sort by rarity (only available for BitCats Heroes right now), by price, by name, and by sequence number, offering convenience when searching for desired NFTs.

Refreshing the page will reset the sort options we previously selected.

The marketplace also offers statistics regarding the trading volumes and prices of the last 24 hours.

TapSwap provides the data of previous trades in the marketplace with links to the txID and taker address.

It also offers a UTXO consolidation tool, which sums up UTXOs into one address, a feature we will need when our wallet runs low in BCH.

So far, it has been a great experience trading NFTs on TapSwap. The platform is user-friendly and slick, and Pat fixes bugs instantly.

Flipstarter: WalletConnect V2 (2 Days Remaining)

Developer mainnet_pat has all the right intentions and he has also launched a Flipstarter that will "bring the Web3 experience to BCH and allow other wallets (mobile included) to interact with BCH dApps":

The flipstarter is currently filled at 13,49/125 BCH, receiving 15 commitments so far, with BCH Guru allocating 10 BCH!

2 days remain before the flipstarter expires.

Bitcoin Cash NFTs

On the landing page, we discover the top Bitcoin Cash NFT collections:

  • Emerald DAO (265/2000, Also holds the record sale of # 1 for 27BCH)

  • BCH Guru (First round sold out, 2000/10000, record sale: 21BCH)

  • BitCats Heroes (751/10000)

CashTokens are still in an early phase, with developers exploring the full capabilities of the Bitcoin Cash smart-contract features. Still, interest in NFTs is already considerable, with the BCH community supporting developments that showcase the new abilities of the blockchain.

Moreover, there is an incentive to invest early in anything with enough potential.

Besides CashTokens NFTs, TapSwap also allows the trading of fungible tokens offering tokens we knew already from smartBCH (CashCats and Bismuth) and a few more collections and tokens.

In Conclusion

Today Bitcoin Cash is the whole package, payments, and smart contracts on Layer-1, with no cutbacks to decentralization or security.

Fast, secure, and reliable, with low fees and instant transactions.

BCH-builders create new platforms and showcase the new capabilities of Bitcoin Cash with the Cashtokens upgrade.

Bitcoin Cash is building when 99% of the blockchains are on vacation, having paused developments and abandoned the adoption race. 

Everyone besides PoW chains are just interested if the SEC will label their tokens securities in hopes that VCs will not abandon them in case that happens.

Bitcoin Cash is upgrading and delivering innovation during a time when interest in cryptocurrencies is overshadowed by the negative influence of custodians and centralized exchanges that collapse one after another.

It's important to acknowledge the impressive developments of Bitcoin Cash over the years.

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