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9 months ago


I admit I was wrong about Cashrain.

I failed to predict the impact of this app and how it can reshape social media as we know it!

With his latest internet innovation, internet tycoon Kim Dotcom not only delivered tremendous innovation and proof of the quality of the Bitcoin Cash network but created what appears to be a killer app.

CashRain will soon be the talk of the town!

CashRain is not a simple app or a way to earn money online, but a multi-tool that anyone can use to promote online work and build or boost communities.

Every Twitter or Instagram user, every Twitch streamer, and Youtuber will find the advantages of using CashRain to increase their communities of followers and boost visibility on social media or streaming platforms.

At this point, you probably wonder if I can back these claims.

Well, in this article, you will find all the proof you need!

CashRain Test Results:

(Screenshots from my Twitter)

Just take a look at these results!

The full results of a 24-hour CashRain task!

I also got hundreds of new followers within just the first few hours!

New with CashRain? Sign up using my invite linkand read the rest of this article as instructions for beginners with cryptocurrency follow.

Communities, large or smaller ones, can build resiliency and become vibrant.

All that with CashRain and Bitcoin Cash!

If you wonder why Bitcoin Cash, here is the explanation:

Bitcoin Cash is one of the few efficient blockchain networks offering permissionless decentralized transactions with top speed and low fees.

Moreover, Bitcoin Cash is consistently adopted by top institutions and businesses together with BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These four brand names survived the test of time.

My CashRain Community

Follow Pantera on CashrainLINK

Here is my CashRain community, where I distribute all the BCH I receive from other rains:

Kim delivered an app with tremendous potential!

No more worries about reduced visibility for our social media posts.

Instructions For Beginners (Community Members, Content Creators and Community Creators)

Step A: Download a Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Start by downloading the Bitcoin.com mobile wallet, the most modern cryptocurrency wallet (that also supports BTC, Ethereum, MATIC, AVAX, and more cryptocurrencies).

Bitcoin.com is a non-custodial wallet, so remember to write/save the seed phrase the app provides.

Some of the top options for a Bitcoin Cash wallet are:

Step B: Follow my invite link or join CashRain.com with a Twitch account or by scanning a QR code with your Bitcoin Cash wallet

You will need a Twitch account or a Bitcoin Cash wallet to proceed. However, both options are easy to set up and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

To sign up, the platform will ask for:

  • email

  • Bitcoin Cash address where the CashRains will get deposited

  • Social Media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, Twitch) which you can connect with Cashrain. CashRain communities will ask to follow these media.

At this point, anyone can start following communities and their social media handles.

Step C: Create A Community

If you only want to use the platform as a community member, you can ignore this step, but if you are a content creator or streamer and you want to boost your Twitter / Instagram accounts or even build a community from scratch, this is what you will need: Buy Bitcoin Cash

CashRain Is Powered By Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized, permissionless and borderless cryptocurrency offering instant transactions with extremely low fees (less than $0.01).

Every major or even a smaller cryptocurrency exchange has Bitcoin cash listed since it is one of the top cryptocurrencies with high demand offering instant transactions with low fees.

I suggest buying Bitcoin Cash from any exchange you prefer and withdrawing to a non-custodial wallet.

My Active Task (Cashrain) For Today:

As soon as the timer expires, I will rain $10 in BCH to all the community that liked and retweeted! The platform will only ask to scan the QR code.

Moreover, a jackpot of 0.02BCH will apply to one lucky entry!

So far, 109 entries applied, followed me on Twitter, and liked / retweeted my post.

And tomorrow, there will be a new one!

I plan to give back to my community more, so expect a new CashRain after this one ends!

As my community grows, I will select fewer members to receive the CashRain. I will keep raining all the BCH I receive from other CashRains!

My community reached 800 members just on its first day!

During the CashRain, the platform will pay first those members that follow me in all the links I provided. After it covers this part of the community members it proceeds with the rest. So, it is advisable to follow all the links a community provides.

What have you got to do to increase your odds of receiving a community CashRain?

Make sure to follow all these links (as soon as they are available).

In my previous review, the option to build a community was not yet a feature, but right after it went live.

Dozens of new communities spawned on CashRain and BCH airdrops are raining all day.

Finally, CashRain comes with a wipe feature that deletes all data (user and transactional) upon request!

In Conclusion: The Bear Market Does Not Affect Bitcoin Cash

(Source: Twitter)

When everyone else in the crypto "industry" still discusses FTX, Binance, Celsius, Luna, the LN failures, Ethereum high fees, BlockFi, and other memes, the Bitcoin Cash community INNOVATES and BUILDS P2P Electronic Cash solutions and adoption.

The Bitcoin version that works, sends a clear message. The shenanigans of the anti-crypto mafia will not stop Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash innovates even further with the expected May 2023 upgradeCash Tokens which further enhances the potential of the network.

Moreover, in 2023 we expect progress in the official recognition of Bitcoin Cash as a LEGAL TENDER by the governments of St. Kitts & Nevis and Sint Maarten.

Recently, noise.app (BCH-powered social media) announced the migration progress of accounts from its previous version (noise.cash), and heralds the next age of social media platforms with non-custodial monetization.

All these, with BITCOIN CASH, during a bear market!

When every Pomp and Held out there disappears into the hole they will try to come out from in 2025.

Which other crypto delivers this much utility and innovation in the crypto space? 

Tim Draper knows where and when to put his money at.

Content published in this article is used for research and educational purposes and falls within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. If you are, or represent, the copyright owner of images used in this article, and have an issue with the use of said material, please notify me.

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Also, visit my second Medium profile: Ex Cathedra and delve into the unknown!

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9 months ago


i wil try this.

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2 months ago

i get: This invite link is invalid. When i try to use it. Has it got an expiry date or something like that?

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9 months ago

That’s a great approach to building community. I never opened an Instagram account, but maybe now would be a good time to grow my Insta from scratch 😁

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9 months ago

Hey pantera I don't know if its a bug or what but I kinda saw your response/reply to my comment under notifications and then even after refreshing this page multiple times i cannot see your response/reply some issue may be.

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9 months ago

Had to send an email to support@cashrain.com to get my community approved, its taken them 2+ days to approve my community still pending. I wanted to know how many cashrain accounts can one create from one IP address help, please!

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9 months ago

I've heard Cashrain last couple of days ago and it was really amazing. The engagement in the community is increasing and expanding drastically.

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9 months ago

I've heard Cashrain last couple of days ago and it was really amazing. The engagement in the community is increasing and expanding drastically.

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9 months ago

I will download twitch now so I will have more chancesof winning

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9 months ago

I yesterday joined cash rain as well as your community there hope I could be among winners.

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9 months ago

Hi, my friend.

Oh! Although I'm not very given to Twitter. I think it's great that Cashrain can be used there too.


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9 months ago

Despite the bear market, indeed BCH keeps innovating behind the curtains while others are doomed! I might be inactive in BCH community but I am happy reading your article, I mean I was happy that BCH keeps innovating and improving! Cheers to BCH bright future soon!

Btw I've joined Cashrain and will join your community later.

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9 months ago

RainCash is great innovation, indeed. It will help social media influencer a lot.

Awesome and great guide. It is very useful and informative for the beginners..

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9 months ago

Yeah mate i already followed as well of your community, it is a big help for the new users that you provide instruction. With the way i look into it tge cashrain was going so well.despite it was a beta and they are now talk of fhe town. By the way i can see your post as well in noise app i try to reply you but there are no option to reply maybe u did not follow me i guess hehe i hope u allowed me to be your friend as well in noise app, my user is the same that i used in read cash, noise app and cashrain (linoasis)

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9 months ago

i hope u allowed me to be your friend

Why? Are you selling anything?

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9 months ago

Because i want to reply you in noise app when i can see your post i only do right now heart to like

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9 months ago

I've joined cashrain. I see you Pantera. I immediately followed you because I'm your big fan. :)

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9 months ago

Thanks, halu! I always appreciate your support.

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9 months ago

Congratulations on the success of your new community. I am thinking of setting one up myself to get some attention for my copywriting services. Anyway, I participated in your promo, thanks for the opportunity. Do you have any idea how the participants are chosen from the community if you set a smaller number of recipients?

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9 months ago

Do you have any idea how the participants are chosen from the community if you set a smaller number of recipients?

It has an option called subscribers luck. This increases the odds for those members that follow all links of the community, and if that's not enough, it will select from the rest too. At least, this is how I understand it.

Also it has a second feature "Jackpot CashRain" which randomly selects members to receive higher rewards from the pot.

We can turn these options on/off during the cashrain.

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9 months ago