Are You a Fan of Food Fads?

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2 years ago

I’m not against natural and alternative medicine, actually I believe in a lot of herbal and natural food as a means to prevent or might cure illnesses. I just don’t like when food fad companies confuse people about the facts.

The exploitation of nutritional pseudo-science is a highly profitable business nowadays, now that a lot of people are resorting to alternative medicine. Some food faddist masters in misinforming the public. Often, they use the fear technique informing the people that everything now in the grocery are nutritionally bad, in the market fruits and vegetables are contaminated by pesticides, and other food contents are dangerous to our health. Though there can be some truths about it but not everything is really potentially vicious to life. Are they implying that we should just rely on their products because food nowadays are not that good? Are they robbing us of the joy we have in eating and drinking?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with information. Anything, can be a good learning experience. But we have to be careful about how we welcome this information flooded in front of us. Considering that health is something very critical.

One thing that you have to possess while reading food fad information that presents health claims is - be skeptical. I’ve read this in a magazine and always take note of these phrases while browsing;

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“Scientific breakthrough”

“Miraculous cure”

“Exclusive product”

“Secret formula"

“Ancient ingredient”

"Fountain of youth"

You might consider these signs not credible and that they’re just trying to rip-off from the people.

I noticed that some food fad companies operates the business like a Multi-level Marketing strategy or worst a Pyramiding scheme, they want you to register with an amount equal to the products given to you, and you have to invite people to join in too and use the product. As much as they want you to become a part of their team, be healthy and wealthy at the same time, this is still their business and it’s common sense that they’re thinking for their benefit more than you do. Think twice if your health and your pocket will benefit from these marketing ploys.

It’s not bad to listen to those food fads amplifying in volumes nowadays, just learn to do your homework.


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Do Not Rely Nutrition Facts on Commercial Ads!


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2 years ago


excellent notice, everything is only marketing product to take money from desperate people

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2 years ago

yeah, be careful of multi-level marketing...i have been introduced to several of those types of businesses, and none of them were appealing to me. they take advantage of your hard work, and rely on new adopters to continue that cycle.

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2 years ago

Are You a Fan of Food Fads? Yes I am

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2 years ago

We need to be aware of these pyramid schemes

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2 years ago