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Date: June 02, 2022
Author: JustMaryel

My Thursday went too hot as Mr. Sunny shines so bright that it can cause heat stroke. I was overthinking something  important when I had no topic and ideas when I stared at the blank white paper. To save my Thursday I crossed to my kabit @Probinsyana "Can you marry your friends ex" article that gives me ideas on what to write.

Can you continue your relationship with someone that slept with your best friend?

Absolutely no, why would I? I'm not that martyr to endure all the pain after witnessing the scene. Seeing them in bed cuddling in each other's arms is a horror to me that surely haunts me every night until I totally move on with that scene. I don't need their explanation as the scene gives enough explanation I needed. I'll both cut off relationship - romantic and friendship because if she truly is my friend and he loves them they will not sleep with each other no matter what. So, no need to be a martyr and I'm enough of it in movies.

Can you get married to someone you are not compatible with medically?

Medically? Like can't produce a child? It's okay with me as long as he loves me so much and is faithful towards me though being a mother is one of my dreams to complete my dream family. If we are not compatible medically we can do the adoption and fill our home with love as one.

Can you marry an abusive partner?

No way and never will because if he raises his hand once with no further explanation I'll leave him afterwards. My mother always taught us to fight back when we have a partner who is abusive because when they know that I can fight back he will never think me as an easy piece. I love you but I will not tolerate abuse act co'z every abuse incident it will leave a trauma that I can carry lifetime.

Can you marry someone with no source of income?

It depends but a big part of me is a yes while there is a no because we all need money to survive. To answer yes I can as long as he is not irresponsible because I do believe money can be earned everywhere it just needs hard work. He is hardworking and responsible. I can marry him co'z we can earn money with our hard work.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone at first sight?

No and apparently I don't believe in it. Maybe I could like someone at first sight but not love because I believe love is something that must need to go deep like knowing his  character and a bit of background.

Can you ever imagine yourselves in an homosexual relationship?

I'm 101% straight. I can't imagine myself being in a relationship with the same gender. Don't get me wrong, I hate them but I can't really imagine being in their shoes. I do appreciate  beauty and I even admire some homosexual relationship because of their bravery being together no matter what people say.

Can you marry your friend's ex?

Gosh, a tough question as it depends on the situation. I go for no especially when I know my friend still have feeling towards him. Above all definitely a no when something happen towards them. It's so awkward and I can't help to think that he and my friend do the same thing. She saw what I supposed to see first, so big no no for me.

Are you currently in a relationship?

Read the previous articles of mine and you will find it by yourself😊.

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No jud ye, mag cheat palang ang partner nimo then iyang kabit imong friend 😁

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Overthink malala na jud na

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Crush at first sight lang ata meron eh nuh pero love parang wala

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1 year ago

Hindi din ako naniniwala yan eh.

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