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What you accept and what you deny.

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3 months ago

The most significant changes begin to occur when we accept things as they are; both the acceptance of what is given to us by life, as well as the acceptance of ourselves. In our changing lives there are many situations in which we have no choice but to accept things as they are given to us, when we resist change, what is no longer part of our control, that we can do nothing to avoid it because it is something that has already happened or is happening. Denial only causes us to fall into suffering. The clearest circumstances where acceptance plays a fundamental role are death, love and heartbreak. Yes, we insist on denying these realities that we can do nothing about if they occur.

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In fact, these are not good or bad situations, they are realities that are inherent to human beings, they are part of our lives; whether they produce joy or sadness, the emotion and its intensity tell us how significant that experience is for us. Our tendency towards what escapes our control is to try to give an answer, to get an explanation that relieves us. We need to understand everything that happens in our lives. We forget that everything we try to understand is going to be the result of our interpretations and experience, of explanations to which we want to give a sense to finally convince us and make us believe that this is our reality. We lose ourselves in reason, in words, when all truth, all reality is within us.

 Exactly, it is in what we feel, it is in the emotion we experience. To go towards that feeling that our own body is in charge of showing us is to accept the reality of what happens to us. The tendency to go towards reasoning to explain certain issues such as those related to love; are impediments and barriers that we put to ourselves to not accept reality. When we bury those feelings that we do not want to attend to, so as not to remain submerged in sadness, or to be afraid that they will trap us and hurt us too much; a damage that we believe we are not capable of sustaining and facing; we are denying our experience, our existence. We are burying our essence, we leave stuck many of the emotions that need to be released, need to be lived and experienced.

 When we do this we are forgetting an essential part of our humanity, not accepting our vulnerabilities, believing that we are above them. The body is in charge of giving us the pertinent signals in the form of alerts so that at some point we decide to release everything we have stagnant (anger, sadness, anger, will go, etc.), by not doing so our energy in turn remains stagnant and as a result appears the disease and disconnection with ourselves and our happiness. Personal development and learning occur when we are willing to accept our feelings and emotions as they appear, without passing them through the filter of reason in a way that modifies them, represses them and turns them off.

 In conclusion, we can keep in mind that reason will need to offer an explanation for what is happening, but by staying anchored there we are diverting attention to what we are experiencing. The real learning occurs when we are willing to accept, letting ourselves feel each of the emotions that arise before each of the circumstances we go through. This is how we transform ourselves following the flow of life. Since everything that we deny and are not willing to accept will subject us to disengagement with ourselves, with all that this implies. When we accept inevitable facts in our lives we can feel sadness with great intensity, but feeling it is precisely what frees us from it, to continue moving forward and give rise to new emotions, experiences and experiences. The moment we begin to accept what happens to us, we begin to accept ourselves.

Do you accept or deny the changes?

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Written by   52
3 months ago
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