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I Dated A Boring Guy: The Only Exception

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2 months ago

This is the continuation of the “I Had A Ghost Admirer”, due to readers demand part two, I am going to give it a shot because why not. I was happy that the readers like it and rusty as well as that he tipped it right away after publishing lol.

I am always bold and nobody holds me back then, that's why I can trip someone whenever I like. As I have said in this article “A Woman's Sex Appeal Is Sometimes A Curse”, that I can lure a guy if I want to. I also live this mantra “I always get what I want”.

If you recall the scene in the first part, the boring guy is strict and different. He doesn't have any vices, he does not drink alcohol nor smoke. Although I don't have a standard when it comes to the man I am interested in, this guy has challenged me. I could not accept that he just snob me after I offered him to be his girlfriend, even for a night.

I don't set standards before because I don't trust any man, I thought they are all the same and only after one nightstand. I meet several guys who only show that they just want that thing from me, I even played with them and in the end, I only give them “pain”, pain on there, you know HAHAHA! good thing those guys didn't force me after all. After that thing will happen, I'll just leave and snob them. I played with fire but I make sure I don't get burned.

Back to the boring guy...

I. I Save the boring guy's number

After the meet-up, the group will send numbers to those who joined the eyeball and, this time I save the boring guy's number. After saving his number, I hurriedly text him.

Me: “Hey there! How are you this is Dyosa!” dyosa is my codename.

Him: “Hello, I am fine how about you?” he said, damn he is boring even more on text messages.

Me: “I am fine, I had fun during the meet and greet, just that you dump me :( ”I said, including sad emoji as if the world shut me down lol.

Him: “Oh, sorry about that I just don't drink alcohol if it's not an important occasion. And I cannot have a girlfriend without knowing her”, gosh he is very old school lol.

Me: “Lol, you can get to know me while we're on, you know. Don't be an old school, it's not like we're going to get married afterward hahaha!” I said boldly.

Him: “Nah, old school is better than the liberated ones.” oh boy, maybe he thought I am liberated 😂

Me: “Ah, so you think I am liberated? I never thought you are that judgemental :(” I said playing dumb lol.

Him: “Hmm, not so.” he said with a short reply.

Me: “Okay fine, believe what you want to believe but you will only know the real me if you try to get to know me.” I just let him believe what he wants while I was thinking about how can I get him.

At first glance, he was my crush for real. When I have a crush on someone, I'll make sure he'll crush me back lol. I cannot accept defeat 😂

Since I already get in touch with him, I made my plans to get him slowly but surely, slowly that he'll be attached to me and eat his words that he cannot be my boyfriend.

II: We are getting to know each other

Our communication is only via text messages and calls, he lives in the city while I live in rural areas. We are both still college students.

Me: “What is your job?” asked him.

Him: “I am still studying, I don't have a job yet”.

Me: “ Oh, I see. I work as a part-time sales lady this summer but I still study when the next semester opens” I let him know how hardworking I am lol

Him: “Oh really? That's great!” he said and I can feel he was amazed a little bit.

Me: “Yeah, I have to work hard so I can support my studies”, I told him how life was very hard on me lol, getting his sympathy.

Him: “Well, as long as you work hard, you'll achieve what you want sooner,” he said.

Me: “Btw, what's your course?”

Him: “I studied nautical, BSMT,” he said without explaining what is BSMT, I am so ignorant that I don't know it lol, but I didn't ask him for the sake of not looking stupid.

I asked my roommates what is BSMT and they said it's BS Marine Transportation, if he graduated he'll become a “seaman”. And I was like, ah okay 😂

Our communication went better, we shared our daily routines while sending good morning and good nights, but we are still not in a relationship. He is not an easy catch, he can go with the flow but he doesn't flirt easy 😂

III: He is mine, but he became my karma

After a month of communication, he got bored. I mean in his friend's circle he is the only one that doesn't have a girlfriend, and I also learned that he was NGSB- No Girlfriend Since Birth as he was addicted to DOTA. He has a high school girlfriend but didn't last long because he neglected the girl and chose Dota, and he didn't even consider it as his girlfriend because he was never a boyfriend at that time.

Then one day, he said yes to me... If you remember Bernard I used him, I played so sweet with him lol and this boring guy got alarmed HAHAHA!

Him: “Is your offer still valid?” he asked seriously.

Me: “What offer?” me playing dumb 🤣

Him: “Do you have a boyfriend or Bernard is your boyfriend?” he asked differently.

Me: “Why you're asking all of a sudden?”I said playing hard to get this time but deep inside I am rejoicing because I'll finally get him lol.

Him: “I am asking because I am interested in you this time”. He said calmly.

Me: “Oh really? Maybe you're just playing around, Bernard has a girlfriend and just flirting around. I can tell him to break up with his girl, but I don't like breaking a girls heart” I said pathetically.

Him: “No, this time after knowing a little bit about you I have this feeling to get to know you more. Before I didn't say yes because I thought you are somehow liberated because you drunk too much. You are like a wild bull!” neah, why compare me to a bull? 😂

Me: “Yes, I drink alcohol, I even tried to smoke and smoke weeds but I have limitations, it was only to feed my curiosity but I don't get myself addicted to it because I know it's not good,” I said to him.

Him: “I know, that is why I decided to have a try. Will you be my girlfriend?” oh my gosh, I am in the cloud9 lol.

Me: “Sure, but please don't play with my heart it's fragile. Handle it with care” I said to him.

YEESSSSSS! FINALLY, HE IS MINE! that's what I told myself deep inside. HAHAHA! That's how reverse psychology works 😂

Months passed, I think after five months he visited me in my province. He visited me at my school, because summer already ends. I didn't think he'll do it seriously, because despite that I already get him I still don't trust him or any men. I am still at the phase of fooling around.

My friends told me that he is serious because not all guys who live far away from you will do an effort to visit you.

And what I like about him is that he respect me, he is not the kind of guy who is very touchy. He is formal and not a maniac. After getting to know him, that he is different from other guys, I started to open up to him more about myself. He always listens to me and comforts me, he understands me and always willing to be my shock absorber. He's not actually boring at all, as I get to know him better we have the same personality, we have built in humor. It's just that he is not into vices, which is good and he helped me to walk on the right path. It's good that he has seen my worst but still chose to stick with me.

Then, I am slowly getting attached to him.. for how many times I played this time I got burned with the fire I am playing with, as he became my karma. I called him my karma, because I never fall in love with my toys but he is the only exception.

The end... Or?

So that's it, like I said I don't accept defeat. I am persistent to get what I want lol, and I got him even if he was picky and old school.

I hope you had fun reading this crap again lol. Thank you for reading!

Date Published: July 16, 2021

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Written by   935
2 months ago
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