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I Had A Ghost Admirer

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2 months ago

I was a party girl before, I drunk myself as if there is no tomorrow. I was trying to throw myself away because of the shit loads I've been dealing with. I even tried taking ganja before just to temporarily escape the world of uncertainties, to feel temporary laughter, and to sleep a lot.

It was a perfect day for a party later at night, I am with my best friend. We went to the city and stayed on the beach at night. The ambiance is so cool to get drunk, the cool breeze from the beach made good vibes enough to have numerous shots of vodka to warm up my body.

I: We went to an eyeball

This eyeball was made to have a meet and greet with the circles of friends. I met someone attractive enough to capture my interest but sadly, that night he wasn't interested in me at all. He was different from other guys, he doesn't even drink when I give him a glass of vodka.

“Come on, just one shot for me pretty please?” I said while pouting my lips, acting as if I am a cute puppy. But he has strong grounds and did not even respect me to accept the glass.

“Sorry Miss, I don't drink alcohol.” he reprimanded.

“Okay, fine sorry for bothering you. I'll just take this shot then. Have a nice evening ahead!”. I told him after we had a long discussion, to end the conversation and flee from him. I was annoyed, it was the first time that a guy didn't accept what I offered.

The funny thing is I even offered myself to him, to be his girlfriend just for that night. Gosh! He was so boring, he also declined lol. To my annoyance, I leave him and go back to my best friend circle. She was laughing at me,

“What happened? You had a long face after leaving that guy eh?” she asked.

“Gosh! That guy is so boring, he doesn't drink and he doesn't even want me to be his girlfriend! Like come on, this is my first time a guy doesn't show interest in me!” I said with annoyance.

“HAHAHA! Alas, you found someone who is not an easy catch! Just don't mind him, Bernard is waiting for you” she said. This Bernard guy sucks, he has a girlfriend but still wants to flirt with me but well I don't have someone to play with that night so I go with the flow. But still, that guy who declined me turns me on “One day, I will get you, bastard! Nobody dumps me!” I said in my mind.

We drunk ourselves the whole night, while Bernard keeps acting cute in front of me, I was even planning to steal him from his girlfriend. He looks cool anyway, then dumps him after I get him.

When we cannot handle drinking anymore, and everyone seems to leave to go home. My best friend and I went home, I mean we went to her cousin's home, to sleep before we go back to our province.

We bid goodbye with everyone and to Bernard, as for the guy who declined me he went home earlier, good for him he is boring anyway.

Bernard told me to get in touch, after our first encounter. You might be thinking something naughty happens, of course not, just pure flirting but not ending in bed yet lol too early for that.

II: Going Home To The Ghost House

As we get home to my best friend's cousin's house, I don't remember the details anymore as I was drunk already. After arriving at the house we went to sleep straight, and we woke up late like it's already lunchtime.

“Hey, wake up sleepyhead. Let's eat, it's already lunchtime!” my best friend shaking me to wake me up.

When I woke up, I don't see other people in the house only my best friend.

“Where's your cousin? Or the family of this house?” I asked her.

“My cousin left early for his training, and his family went out. Let's just take brunch then we'll head out,” she replied.

“By the way, my cousin saw you sleeping, you are drooling HAHAHA! And he kinda likes you, I was about to wake you up so I can introduce you to each other but he said not to disturb you because he said he'll just make time to get to know you yay!”. She said giggling.

My head hurts from the hangover and I didn't mind my best friend lol.

“Nah, cut your crap bestie I am not interested. My head still hurts you know.”

“Hahaha, na you should be interested my cousin is good looking and he is cool, he just went back to his training, he even said Sayang because he only saw you after his leave expired.”

“Training? What he is training for?”

“He is training for an army, I dunno an exact detail because he is already an army but I think it's for his ranking,” she replied.

Oh boy! Poor soldier. Didn't have the chance to mingle with me lol.

III: The Ghost Texted Me

After eating brunch we head back to our province, I am still a college girl so I went straight to our dormitory. I am still exhausted with our trip, so I continued my sleep.

During the evening unknown number texted me.

+63*******9: “Hello there sleepyhead good evening!”

Me: “Who u plz?” lol.

Stranger: (I saved his number into stranger) “I am on your admirers :)”

Me: “Oh? Do you know I have a lot of admirers? Even ghosts admire me, so you should specify yourself!” I replied I was wild and full of myself at that time.

Stranger: “Well then, I can be your ghost admirer since you didn't see me yet :)”. He is playing pranks on me, I think.

Me: “Wow, okay. Hello, there ghost admirer!” I am good at playing tricks bro, don't play with me I mumbled to myself.

Stranger: “I admire you for being you, you seem to be cool, even if you're drunk. You live your life to the fullest, it's like you live young, wild,d and free!” hmm the guy is honey mouthed lol.

Me: “Oh, well that's how it should be. YOLO man. You only live once, I live on that mantra.” I replied.

Stranger: “And that's where you captured me, even if you sleep like a pig. You droll and your messy hair still looks hot!” Oh boy, he's getting cheeky lol

Me: “Uh, wait? You see me sleeping while I am drunk? Are you Leslie's cousin?” I asked.

Stranger: “Hahaha! Yes, I get your number in my cousin, it's a pity I've got to see exactly when my leave already expired.” Ahh, he is the army guy.

Then our communication went smoothly, he was eager to text me whenever he has free time after his training, he even promised to visit me at my school.

Our communication lasted for I think 3 months, he cares for me as if he is my boyfriend.

While I, on the other hand, am starting to play with the guy who declined me. I flirted with him until he said yes HAHAHA!

I wasn't attached to the army guy even tho he also seems formal and serious, I don't fall easily as I don't trust men that time, much more he is like a ghost to me because I didn't see him yet. He doesn't have social media accounts too, my bestie told me his cousin does not like social media. So I was thinking maybe he is hiding something, I didn't open up myself to him.

Until he finally became a real ghost. He was just out of my reach and no contacts at all, her cousin told me he was assigned far away after his training.

I didn't mind the loss of his presence, as I was busy playing with the boring guy.

The End.

You might be thinking he was a real ghost right or not? HAHAHA! You can think it's me or you can also think it's fiction, whatever your call.

I hope you have a fun time reading this crap lol. Have a nice day!

Date Published: July 15, 2021

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Written by   933
2 months ago
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