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How to undo Move to Spam?

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2 years ago

So everyone here now is aware that there are new added features in comments the "Quick Reply" and "Move to Spam".

Read Cash admin added this feature for sure he saw that spammers are everywhere here, especially those comments " Subscribe me, will subscribe back" and "Nice, open this link and like afdjkdpfoksvaownsjospofbj" so users can easily move those comments to spam. This can help eradicate the spammers here.

But there are instances that we accidentally click the move to spam button because it is near to a quick reply and when we browse our notification it is near on our fingertips if we are using mobile. When you hit that move to spam the commenter will receive a notification like this,

We should be careful in moving to spam comments because this will make the user muted or get banned.

Now, if you accidentally tap the move to spam button you can undo it, you just have to browse back your notification and find that comments, there you can see an undo button.

So please be careful about clicking you might click the wrong button, good thing there is an undo button. Kudos Read Cash!

To all spammers, get lost now and start working fair you won't get anything from that but rather get banned if you are persistent in cheating.

I hope you find this helpful. @Cryptonoob you can check this guide for your concerns an queries about how to reverse your actions when you accidentally tap move to spam button

@emerlyn1214 , check this out, please undo my spammed comments ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†Thank you!

P.S if you receive notifications that I marked your comments as spam, please let me know so I can undo it. I might unintentional tap the move to spam button. I apologize in advance. Thank you!๐Ÿ˜

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Written by ย ย 1264
2 years ago
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