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My “Get to Know Me” Questions

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2 months ago

And here we are almost at the end of the month and fully at another prompt, more questions to answer about me, so that other readers know me better...

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Again I have been inspired by other readers who have come up with these personal and habit questions of our lives. I was inspired by reading the responses from @LeonaReed who answered those questions in her article here. And she was inspired by @Coolmidwestguy, I also read his in his Get to Know Me Questions article. And you already know how this works, the chain of inspiration, because he was inspired in turn by another user @alicecalope and if you want to read his answers they are here.

Well now we go with my answers to these Get to Know Me questions. As there are quite a few, I think there are 20! we cannot take delight in explaining each one of them in depth, but we will give a simple brushstroke to all of them to meet me a bit..

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What is/are your favorite hobby or hobbies? Why so?

I think my main hobby is going to the beach, especially going for a run at sunrise (like I did today), I love that moment that fills me with energy. But with good weather, many days here are good, I also like to swim and sunbathe. It is my corner of peace and health. Other more common ones can be writing (of course), watching series, reading, and before I had greater availability and possibility: traveling.

Do you like cold drinks or hot beverages?

Since there are more hot days than cold days, I would say that I prefer cold drinks, but I don't usually drink many drinks either, and very cold water only on the hottest days of summer. Although I do drink daily it is tea, some tea like green tea, red tea, etc. And yes, I must take it very hot!

What is your favorite tv show or web series?

I like different series, the one I liked and will always like is The X Files, I think I learned a lot of interesting things... haha ​​and well Lost too, and some more. I like suspense, historical ones like Downton Abbey and some Turkish ones! (Çukur).

Do you prefer soft drinks or alcoholic drinks?

I don't usually drink a lot of alcoholic beverages now, but I don't drink soft drinks either because they are not very healthy. In summer, water flavored with ginger, lemon, mint and cardamom, and the rest of the year I sometimes drink wine, which is what I like the most and in my country we have very good quality wines at a very good price. What I don't like at all, at all, is beer!

What is the food you can eat anytime?

Every day I think I eat some cheese, as I usually say, it calms my nerves hahaha

Which season do you enjoy most? why?

I like all seasons, they all have their charm. Well, maybe I would like winter better if it existed here in my city, because it has never snowed. I like the beach, also the flowers, but I choose autumn, why? Because it's a bit more breezy but since it's hot you can still go to the beach a bit, there are still flowers and they are also being combined with those beautiful autumn colors of the leaves of the trees. A time full of illusion also because the first Christmas decorations and sweets are beginning to be seen in stores... In the end, autumn is a period of calm transition that here encompasses a little of everything special from all seasons.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Absolutely a morning person. As I said, I go running at sunrise so you have to get up early. And I am also aware that we need to sleep well, so I go to sleep calculating more or less 7-8 hours, sometimes I hardly have time and I fall asleep on the sofa a little and half sleepy and fast then I go to the bedroom.

What was your favorite subject in high school?

A difficult question. To this day I still don't know... I would have chosen many of them because I liked them, I am interested in almost everything. I loved history and art history, but I was very good at trigonometry, chemistry and the little bit of Latin we learned for example. My dilemma was always as here it is said "science or letters"? I chose letters because I liked to read and write.

Are you more an extrovert or an introvert? Or do you fit in the definition of an ambivert?

Ambivert would say, although I sometimes called this concept bipolar haha, that is, depending on who I'm with, when and how I feel, I act in one way or another. I'm shy that's true, but when I start talking enthusiastically about something I don't stop. So I couldn't say...

What is your favorite music or song? Do you have any memory related to it?

It happens to me the same, I like different music. Some pop, the typical, although less and less, I don't like this regueatton at all that now is everywhere, nor rap and stuff. But other more rare, like new age music, from other distant places, although I confess that Italian music is my favorite. Italian music of any style and period. Bellissima! In fact I decided to enroll in an academy to learn Italian language at 17 years old because I finally wanted to understand perfectly the songs that I sometimes had heard at home (in Spain, when I was little, I used to listen to a lot of Italian music), especially those by Franco Battiato.

How do you like to spend your weekends and holidays?

I have already mentioned it, my best plan is to dive into the Mediterranean Sea. And for vacations, relaxation and good food, and whatever is possible, whatever comes up, whatever surprises us, we hope to be able to travel again...

What is your favorite cuisine? Do you know how to cook this food?

Just like the music. Italian food, unbeatable, although all Mediterranean food, in addition to being delicious, colorful, fresh, is very healthy. Both the Spanish, the Greek, the Turkish or the Lebanese. Especially Italian and Greek, and yes, I can cook something because some dishes or salads are very easy to make. Good, nice, fast and exquisite.

What is the most boring activity according to you?

TO WAIT FOR... When you have to wait for the bus or subway, when you have to wait in a queue at the supermarket, when you have to wait for someone who is late, and when you have to wait in an bureaucratic office or in a waiting room!

Are you more into books or video games?

More books, video games make me nervous, I get stressed, I try to do well, and then I'm dead, I lose one life and another. The others giving me advices and at the end: game over! In a book you immerse yourself in the story with no more pressure than wanting to know what happens on the next page, you choose when you close it.

What is your most comfortable sleeping position?

I think from the side, I don't usually move too much, I know I grip the pillow well, but I've never observed myself jaja

Who is your favorite celebrity? What makes you admire him/her from her?

I do not like the current concept of celebrity, because the current ones do not have glamor or know how to be, most of them could not be a good example of anything or almost nothing. Many hide too many personal miseries… I choose historical figures from the past, anyone who showed courage, audacity, ingenuity, and good values.

Which book or movie is your favorite? How did you feel reading (or watching) it?

My favorite, any Jules Verne book, all of them transported me to other lands to detailed and magnificent descriptions and, as they say, to visionary creations. It is traveling with the mind.

And movies, Braveheart and Gladiator, I've watched them so many times. Although to contrast I have also repeatedly watched Little Women (Winona Ryder version) and Love Actually (oh, we are approaching Christmas time).

Is there something that you can't live without?

Hmm I guess I'd say, water and food. The essential goods, everything else in a situation that required it, in the end we would realize that we do not need so much. It depends on the moment and the situation. Well, since I'm myopic for some things I need glasses!

What is your favorite colour?

Pink! I like many colors, but I choose pink for sure. Other second options now would be green, white and yellow. The intensity already depends on several factors...

What is your favorite outfit? Is it because of comfort or looks?

For comfort there are only two: the sportsuit and the pajamas. Everyone in their right moment, the pajamas to sleep in or to be on the sofa watching TV on a rainy day (I'm waiting for that situation to happen because it hardly rains now), and the sportsuit to do comfortable homework or to go outside to the nature, running through the wind…..

Well, ufff that's it. All answered. That's all folks!

And now you can get to know me a bit better... what are your answers?

Image source: (by Marten Newhall)

Thanks for reading! Have an interesting and curious day.

October 30, 2022

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Written by   85
2 months ago
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I am glad we have some similarities. I really like your responses and the way you answered each question. I like your answer to your favorite celebrity and what makes you admire.

I am sure most users will have same answer (WAIT) to What is the most boring activity according to you?

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Thanks dear, I tried to be spontaneous and honest... and just thinking in boring moments I saw my bored and no patient face in supermarkets queues!! jaja

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Wow I know more about you on this one article than a few articles combined. Glad you took the time to write the answers so well. Gladiator and Braveheart two really good movies, have watched numerous times myself. Take care and dive in the sea for me :)

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Thanks, I didn't want to write much, but it's difficult to me jaja and there were many questions. Unfortunately I don't think I will swim more this year, during nights sea gets cold, too much for me!

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Ya you really can't get carried away with answers on 20 questions. I was short on some as well because of this. When I seen you were doing this my first thought was to be continued....part II 🤣😂🤣 but you did excellent

$ 0.05
2 months ago

jajaja 🤣 yeah part II (that's usually me!) 🤣🤣

$ 0.05
2 months ago

Thank you for sharing this, I've saved it for a rainy day.

For you to know trigonometry and chemistry, you must be very intelligent🤗. I know trigonometry but I have a bad background of I always see it difficult

$ 0.01
2 months ago

Thanks! I will read your answers too, very curious! Well I was not particularly interested in chemistry but I remember explained to other classmates the valencies of elements... now I don't remember much of that jaja I was good at applying logical process, codes and rules I think.

$ 0.00
2 months ago