Manifest, the tv show is back, fasten your seatbelts

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A different mystery tv show, many have compared it to "Lost" precisely because of its script full of oddities, because of the possibility of developing different and bizarre theories about what is happening and what will happen.


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What is this tv series about?

A series created by NBC that is about a plane, yes, like in "Lost" but it does not crash on any island, but the plane when it enters a storm, disappears from the radars. But it disappears for 5 years, after that time, one day the plane ends up in an airport, and all its passengers feel that nothing but a storm had happened until they realize that 5 years had passed, and the rest of their families and the whole of society considered them missing at that time. From there they begin to experience strange situations, they are marked as different, a strange bond is born between them and also different phenomena and conspiracies begin to emerge from all that inexplicable moment. Their lives will not be like before, nor will those of the people around them who remade their lives or not...

And here the Trailer of Season 1 (by "Rotten Tomatoes TV" on YouTube)

Thus we find a series full of mysteries, paranormal phenomena, science, religion, belief, faith, miracles, symbology, human and social psychology, survival, destiny, links, government conspiracies, and different personal relationships between the characters and collectively as a group in society.

Each chapter seems to take us down a different path, in each chapter we begin to think about one thing, each viewer can make their own theories, but there is always more... It is a strange series, which unfortunately did not become as popular as the one with the one that is compared to it, but also hooks, although at some point we have felt somewhat “lost”.

And what happened?

Without knowing why in the middle of the third season they announced that the producer was canceling the series, they said that due to a drop in audience, and they would only broadcast the next one, or the last two that they had left... they were going to leave the series like that, open, without giving it no meaning, no end. Many of his followers were outraged, how many bad series do they keep doing season after season and instead others cancel them for the slightest reason or for no reason at all? It is true that in some episodes, the plot was slow, or confused, but many of us continued to watch it with great curiosity.

  • Although they won some awards...

The main actors sadly said goodbye on their social networks, and the rest of us were left wondering how that strange and surprising story would have ended. But those of us who were fans of "The X Files" and "Lost" would have liked them to do more chapters, more mysteries to the limit of what we believe to be real or already paranormal, who knows.

  • Here some actors name of the cast:

But suddenly the miracle, perhaps out of the ordinary, was the announcement by Netflix, the company decided to buy the series and issue a fourth season to give it closure at least. We already have a trailer and also the release date: November 4th of this year, there is very little time left.

Here the new trailer of the Season 4 on Netflix (Netflix channel on YouTube)

It's curious, I remember that I started watching this series on a national TV channel, in Spain, but as usually happens, they begin to repeat chapters, mix them without order, and put thousands of ads and too many minutes of advertising in successive cuts and interruptions, so it was difficult to follow any series. But I discovered it on HBOMax where I could see it better, with the advantages of streaming and thus enjoy so much constant enigma, until it was over.

But now with a Halloween vibe, the rare series is resurrected, and we're looking forward to it on November 4th! All of us who liked it have "manifested" our joy at this new appearance, wishing that it continues to maintain its rarity and its essence, and with that joy and expectation I write about it. We will get back on that mysterious plane, we will fasten our seat belts with the memories and flashbacks of its characters, and of course, we will elaborate our theories at each moment of the series.

It's time again for the mystery, we need to fasten our seatbelts in front of our TV.

Ah, the images are from the profile of the TV show on the popular IMBD website.

And the two trailer videos are from (the first by "Rotten Tomatoes TV" channel and the second from "Netflix" channel).

Thanks for reading! Have a rare, curious and surprising day.

October 7, 2022

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11 months ago


I totally forgot about this. I have seen this and I did enjoy it. I couldn't remember much so I might have to rewatch or not but what stuck with me the most was that part where Ben made the choice to leave his family. Talk about sacrifice for the good of the many.

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11 months ago

Good point I also forgot many details, maybe some review will be needed... but it's good that the series will have an end, hope it will be nice and not disappointing. We will watch it and we will see.

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11 months ago

I would probably need to rewatch some episode for reference when watching the new season.

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11 months ago

Watched this already. Waiting for the next season.

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11 months ago

Oh cool! Let's hope this new and final season will be good, we are waiting for it! Soon we will enjoy it again.

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11 months ago

Did not watch this but I got curious after reading this

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11 months ago

Oh nice, it's a weird series, but I think is original and with suspense... so if you want to watch all the previous seasons are already on Netflix, and there will be soon a final one!

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11 months ago