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The Sick Truth About Buying DPI:

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5 months ago

Are you shocked by the title? You shouldn't be... DPI is sick!

I just sold my AMPL, BAT, and iFARM for DPI because of that, because DPI, as of now, will grant you sick returns and I'm not #shilling.

In fact, I'm going to take this post to let you know how obvious the success for DPI is, going from fundamentals to good ol'charts and passing through some outside-the-box thinking.

If you are still on the fence regarding the DeFi Pulse Token, then this is the post you need to read in order to finally make an informed decision.

I'm not paid in any way by the devs and I'm not "shilling" as my readers know I'm a serious guy, but I felt I needed to share how obvious this opportunity is...

...then again, I'm just a random guy on the Internet so what do I know.


First Things First: What is DPI, the DeFi Pulse Index

So, to sum it up nicely, this isn’t an “index” as you usually think of them but rather a portfolio of the top defi assets on the market, respecting a huge array of conditions to ensure only the best projects are included.

The tokens on the DPI are tracked, weighted, analyzed in terms of performance, value, and so on…

If you got stuck on the part I’m talking about the “huge array of conditions”, then these are some of them:

- Assets must be on the ETH Blockchain;

- Assets must be listed on DeFi Pulse;

- Assets must be considered Securities;

- Bearer Instruments Only: No Wraps, Synths, Claims or Physicals;

- Predictable Supply with a minimum of 7.5% 5 year-supply circulating;

- Tokens can’t have minting or locking mechanisms (to avoid screwing hodlers);

- Projects need to be useful;

- Projects can’t be a Ponzi or have Ponzi gimmicks;

- Projects need to be widely used;

- Projects must be active for at least 180 days before applying to DPI;

- Insolvent projects are barred (duh!)

- Protocol must be considered secure by security professionals;

- Customer Support and Dev Teams Must Have a Stellar Crisis-Response History;

So, when I talked about how this project had a huge array of demands from the DeFi assets it includes, I wasn’t kidding.

Of course, this just gives you a SICKENING advantage as you are guaranteed to have the “creme de la creme” in quality, security and fundamentals.

Finally, the index is weighted and valued as follows:


“But Max, if I wanted to see this crazy math formula I would have just googled it”

Rest assured, I’m no rocket scientist either but this is fairly simple to understand.

You see, this “rocket science formula” says, in layman terms, that the Index Value is the result of the sum of circulating supply of point “n” for “t” tokens * the price of “t” over the divisor.

But… what is the divisor?

Well, it’s a number you always have access to, and that changes depending on the determination, but we’re going too deep if we start approaching that.

Just remember that all tokens and all prices are measured, and any token with a 25%+ weight during determination (the point at which prices and supplies are “snapshotted”) will have its excess redistributed to other tokens in the DPI.

So, you don’t just have a “buy this collective of tokens” project, you have a project that is capitalizing on the best DeFi projects, looks at fundamentals, looks at the overall DeFi Scenario, including circulating supplies, and the weight of tokens related to others and more…

It’s a project with a lot of thought poured into it and it gives a sickening advantage to everyone who:

- Knows DeFi is Important

- Knows Blockchain is Important

- Knows ETH is Important

…but at the same time knows nothing about market analyzis, being it technical or fundamental.

Basically, newbs can just grab DPI and be exposed to DeFi in a wise and pragmatic manner without needing to put the brainwork down in order to do the analysis themselves.

…and that’s basically it!

It's So Simple, It's Sickening: Multi Wallets, Multi Analysis, Fragmented Space-of-Mind?

I don't know about you, but I have more tokens than I can properly manage and so I leave some in that "dormant" state in which I only seriously look at them during bull markets.

Well, DeFi was a niche in which exposure shouldn't be focused on one single protocol, project, or token - you know, the eggs on the same basket are extra dangerous here as the "party" is just starting.

DPI gets you the exposure you usually get by manually controlling and investing in several different tokens, except it only cherry-picks the best opportunities, the ones with the highest potential and track record, and it does all of the sorting for you.

You now can hold one single token to have a responsible, wise, and well-laid out DeFi investment plan.

This is a crazy advantage that will save you time and hassles, and you won't have to multitask different wallets and websites to take a quick look at how every token is performing, or manually do those weight adjustments.

It's So Cheap, It's Sickening: Almost ATL, The Time is Now!

Just look at the graph at whatever time scale you'd like, it always looks great. In fact, we are only a bit short of the All-Time Low.

This may be discouraging if you think of a new token, but remember we're talking about a DeFi Index of the best DeFi projects here, like SUSHI, UNI, FARM, MKR, you name it.

If you are on the fence on DeFi as a whole, you can have your doubts, but if you're bullish on DeFi then you must know this is an insane time to get in - heck this is mainly the reason that leads me to write this post... the price is delicious right now!

It's sickening cheap and, since I don't believe it's the big bear yet, I'm bullish on getting returns sooner rather than later.

Community Adoption: Major Adoption, Still Far From Mainstream (But It Doesn't Matter)

Usually, we like to get in projects that aren't yet Mainstream and rest assured you're one of the early birds in DPI.

However, even if this was mainstream it wouldn't matter.

As long as you have DPI, you are invested in the same portfolio of assets everyone else is - and we already went over the price mechanics and how adoption has little to do with it.

Finally, DPI is fundamentally solid and the downright trend pointing to an excellent buy-in spot as all included tokens are quite low in this micro-bear season.

It is, as @Matthew_Graham_ says, simple, easy, highly liquid & productive.

It's a sickening DeFi cheat code!

Plus, it is being proposed for listings left and right!

Benefits to Small Fish and Whales Alike: The Crowds Are Moving

Everyone knows that old adage... follow the money.

Well, this transaction I found of a guy buying $26,206,205 worth of DPI just goes to show even the whales are seeing this as a huge opportunity.

So, on one hand, you have the simplicity and "done for you" approach newbies and small fish love so much...

...but on the other hand, you have the fundamentals and reliability to attract even the biggest investors.

It's a solid project and if you don't get in it then don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Even Marc got on board and you know he would sell 10% of his ETH for this is if it wasn't solid.

In short, this is a serious opportunity for everyone, and I guarantee you one thing...

...the DPI I got wasn't nearly enough.

My AMPL, iFARM, and BAT stacks weren't enough - so 100% of this post's tip is going right to DPI.

So, if you think this post will earn you some money, get me a DPI or two!


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Written by   736
5 months ago
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So cool if every one can put all that to practise ..... Thanks

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How to Buy DPI Index. In order to buy the DPI index, you can simply need to buy the DPI token from any exchange. However, due to the nature of the index being backed by other tokens, you can also “create” a token of DPI by supplying the underlying assets.

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5 months ago

*** The token must not be considered a security by the corresponding authorities across different jurisdictions.

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When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry, challenge life with a smile and say to yourself, "Hakuna Matata!"

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This is more or less like an economic gamble. Easy, simple and highly productive. Nice write-up

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