Rules: Obey And Disobey

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Every process has a set of guidelines. Every Institution implements their own policy. In the same manner communities have their own set of rules and every country or nation has to have a law to abide by.

In my previous post, We Learn To Live, I mentioned that my driver license was confiscated by a local traffic enforcer for disregarding traffic rules. I was aware of the traffic rules and the violation was unintentional.

Have you ever had trouble with the law and community rules because you were unaware of it? How did you handle the situation?

The Latin phrase, Ignorantia juris non excusat,  (Ignorance of the law excuse no one) is the legal principle that a person who is unaware of the law may not flee from the responsibility for violating the law.  

I am a person who doesn’t want to have problems with authority. I mean who among us here would want to mess with the law makers? Sometimes people tend to disobey the law because maybe it is against their will to obey such rules. Often they have a very strong belief about their own set of principles and they fight for it. Mostly are their rights.

Rules are rules, just like the rules on this platform and other social media or blogging sites. If we follow the rules then we have nothing to worry about. However there are people, who, for the sake of their own interest, tend to disobey the rules. This platform for example prohibits a user from posting a copied article but there are still users practicing this act of plagiarism. In the same cases, there are also people who make offending posts.

In my post yesterday, We Learn To Live, I also tackled things like knowing a certain guide or manual first to operate a device. When you signed up on, did you first read the rules and guidelines? On some websites, there are always these Terms and Conditions. Normally it consists of a very long page and thus making it uninteresting to read. We just scrolled down to the bottom and tick accept (I’m guilty of this).

If you are a traveler and suppose you want to visit a specific country, what is the first thing that you consider reading about that place? Of course you will need to know first about their rules, their laws. So that when you get there you know what to do and what not.  There are countries that do not just tolerate people spitting on the street and this might put you in trouble if you are not aware of it.

There is a saying that rules are meant to be broken, just like promises. Is there any truth to this? I guess it depends on the rules that were implemented. If the rules are kind of hard to follow then it is more likely that people will not obey. Unless there should be amendments with the rules, otherwise people who should be under that set of rules will have trouble with the one who implements the rules.

In the company I am currently connected with, one of my tasks is final approver of filed leaves. Filing of leaves should follow the rules in accordance with the companies leave benefit policy.

These policies are explained during the new employee’s orientation. It can also be seen in the company’s portal website as a guide and reminder as well.

It is expected that new employees might violate the rules for reasons that the employee has not yet familiarized with the policy. One thing that was kind of ridiculous was that when a tenured employee got his leaves disapproved he would immediately complain without knowing first the reason for disapproval.  I was instructed to always strictly adhere to the company’s policy when it comes to approving leaves and they can do nothing about it when they violate the rules.

Sometimes it makes me think that this kind of task assigned to me will get me into trouble. I know some employees don’t seem to like me with this but what can I do? It’s my job, nothing personal.

There are people who are fed up with rules, even I myself sometimes are sick of these rules. These days the rules implemented by the government are getting harder to follow. The reason was this pandemic that seemed to stay with us permanently. If you don’t want to get pissed off by these rules, better stay at home. However you need to go out for your necessities or else you might be dead starving at your own home.

Rules are rules, whether we like it or not we should obey. People who don’t like to be under these rules prefer to live a life in the forest. However, living in the wilderness doesn’t mean you are an excuse for following rules. You still need to obey the laws of nature.

Rules are important, even decentralized technology has its own set of rules. Imagine an organization without rules, or a government without a law. Will you choose to live with a lawless society?

Thanks for reading. Ciao!

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Ngayon na lang ako nakadalaw Kuya Lars 😅 isa sa listed topic ko iyang Rules tsaka meron ka pang ibang nabanggit na nasa liat ko. Hindi ko pa lang nauumpisahan idraft.

Going back with the rules. Yes, I was once caught by the authorities for jaywalking in Alabang. I was in college back then and before I can just cross the street. Then I crossed the street and I did not notice the very big billboard sign, "NO JAYWALKING". Hahahaha. They asked me if I would do community service or just pay the fine. I did the latter becauase I was only in South for a night. I think it was during those times that I needed to print my 18th birthday invitation at my uncle's house. Cannot remember if the fine was Php500 or Php1000. Ouch! Hahaha. Then they gave me a receipt fpr paying the fine. That time I was scared that I will have a record because of that. Hehe. Bata pa eh.

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2 years ago

Sometimes we violate the rules because doing so results in a benefit that far exceeds the consequences that we risk if we are caught and punished.

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2 years ago

We ho against rules sometimes to curb some risks but the best thing is to obey laid down rules. Though the rules must be flexible enough

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2 years ago

Obeying the rule is a very good trait to have for peacefulness. But if the rule being imposted is not justifiable at all and not fair for all, then probably someone will disobeys it.

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2 years ago