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Who is Bitcoin ABC

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Bitcoin ABC is the team behind the leading full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Bitcoin ABC led the BCH fork and has maintained Bitcoin Cash for 2.5 years.

Bitcoin ABC has an outstanding track record of doing things that provide value. For 2.5 years, we have been doing things right, on time and under budget.

Bitcoin ABC is focused on scaling Bitcoin Cash to serve the payments needs of billions of daily users. We aim to change civilization as we know it, and materially empower the world with greater liberty and prosperity.

Key Team Members

Here are some key members of the team. There are more, but some wish to maintain a low profile.

If Bitcoin ABC is adequately funded for 2020-2021, we will be looking to sustainably and responsibly staff up on engineers.

  • Amaury Séchet founded and leads Bitcoin ABC. He stood up and took responsibility to make the Bitcoin Cash fork from Bitcoin Core happen. Mr. Séchet discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and got involved in 2011. Seeing Bitcoin failing to scale, he decided to take matters into his own hands and apply his experience in large-scale systems to Bitcoin. Mr. Séchet is formerly a software engineer at Facebook, LLVM committer and the main developer of the D compiler SDC.

  • Antony Zegers is a protocol developer focused on Bitcoin Cash and a member of Bitcoin ABC. He participated in the creation of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Cash starting in May 2017. Mr. Zegers holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, and a Master’s, also in Electrical Engineering, from the University of Toronto. He formerly worked for Defence Research and Development Canada for twelve years doing Operational Research and Analysis. Mr. Zegers publishes articles and analysis on economic and technical aspects of cryptocurrency, under the online handle "Mengerian". He has been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2012. 

  • Jason B. Cox is a software engineer who got inspired by the Bitcoin Cash fork and began contributing to Bitcoin ABC shortly afterwards. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Los Angeles.  Mr. Cox formerly worked as a software engineer at LinkedIn building scalable software systems to serve a half-billion user base, and he strives to bring that same level of engineering focus to Bitcoin Cash.

  • Other Developers. The Bitcoin ABC team also includes a handful of full-time software engineers of various backgrounds, including scaling multi-million dollar systems at well-known companies. These are the people that keep the Bitcoin ABC machine well-oiled and running on time. Many of them prefer to keep a low-profile so they can focus on their critical work.

  • George Donnelly is Bitcoin ABC’s Business Development Manager. He is a digital marketing professional, serial entrepreneur, Unix/Linux systems administrator, science fiction author and blogger focused on the P2P electronic cash vision for the developing world, in particular Latin America. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and first discovered Bitcoin in 2011. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Chicago.

Join Us

Join the Bitcoin ABC team in building censorship-resistant P2P electronic cash for billions of daily users and realizing the vision that is Bitcoin Cash!

Visit to find our business plan, budget, delivery timeline, funding options and feedback mechanisms.

We can only do this together.

Got questions? Ask us below.

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It's great that we can put a face to the people behind our leading full node implementation, rather than it being a group of random anons.

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