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Press Release: Bitcoin ABC Launches 2020 Bitcoin Cash Protocol Development Fundraiser

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4 months ago

The full node development team is raising USD$3.3 million to scale Bitcoin Cash over the next year

Bitcoin ABC, the preeminent Bitcoin Cash $BCH protocol development and devops team, is launching its 2020 fundraiser at

The team is focused on scaling Bitcoin Cash to serve billions of daily users as "censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world."

Bitcoin ABC aims to raise USD$3.3 million, or about 14,500 BCH, to fund its operations through the end of April 2021. The team is offering several methods of funding, including: individual, small business and corporate sponsorships; funding buckets for specific development projects; and direct donations.

"Bitcoin ABC has proven to be a team capable of delivering software that‘s fulfilling enterprise-level standards," said Tobias Ruck, CEO of Bitcoin Cash startup UG.

The development team has released a 26-page business plan with a detailed budget and a timeline of deliverables that the public can download from

The team has already made significant progress towards its fundraising goals over the last 5 weeks through an outreach initiative to Bitcoin Cash companies that is led by recent hire and Business Development Manager George Donnelly.

Bitcoin ABC is the Bitcoin Cash full node software development team led by Amaury Séchet, who was responsible for the 2017 Bitcoin Cash fork from Bitcoin Core $BTC. Séchet has led ABC since then, taking primary responsibility for maintaining and securing the Bitcoin Cash network.

"Bitcoin ABC has produced consistent work despite continual obstacles," said Chris Troutner, Founder of the Permissionless Software Foundation.

Bitcoin ABC will also participate in the first full node fundraiser alongside other Bitcoin Cash full node software projects. Flipstarter is a new and innovative assurance-contract-based funding mechanism on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

“With the financial crisis looming, the importance of digital cash will become more critical than ever before. Bitcoin Cash has the best chances to make this a reality, and the window of opportunity is now. However, Bitcoin Cash’s infrastructure has been underfunded, which has led to brain drain and long standing issues left unaddressed. If the situation doesn’t change, then Bitcoin Cash might see a once-in-a-decade opportunity pass by without seizing it,” said Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer Amaury Séchet.

For full information on the Bitcoin ABC 2020 Bitcoin Cash Protocol Development Fundraiser, please visit

Press Contact

George Donnelly

Business Development Manager @ Bitcoin ABC

+573218423668 (cell, Signal, Whatsapp)

A press kit is available at

About Bitcoin ABC

Bitcoin ABC is a leading full node implementation of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Bitcoin ABC aims to provide a solid, stable software and help lead Bitcoin Cash protocol development with an open and collaborative process.

Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer Amaury Séchet led the fork of Bitcoin Cash from Bitcoin Core in 2017 and has grown the team since then to encompass world-class talent in multiple fields.

Please find more information on Bitcoin ABC at

About Amaury Séchet

Amaury Séchet founded and leads Bitcoin ABC. He stood up and took responsibility to make the Bitcoin Cash fork from Bitcoin Core happen in 2017. Mr. Séchet discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and got involved in 2011. Seeing Bitcoin failing to scale, he decided to take matters into his own hands and apply his experience in large-scale systems to Bitcoin. Mr. Séchet is formerly a software engineer at Facebook, LLVM committer and the main developer of the D compiler SDC.

Please find more information on Amaury Séchet at

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash brings sound money to the world, fulfilling the original promise of Bitcoin as "Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash". Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. With unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development, Bitcoin Cash aims to serve billions of daily users.

All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are also owners of Bitcoin Cash. All are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world.

Please find more information on Bitcoin Cash at

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4 months ago
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oh my! 😳 do my eyes deceive me or am I looking at an actual "business plan".. seems as though @georgedonnelly has quickly whipped ur team into shape.. 👍

"Take Code Ownership." is definitely my favorite part of your plan; and I'll be offering my support towards this goal in the very near future..

"Bitcoin ABC Annual Budget 2020-2021" sweet Lord, I thought I'd never see this; but better late than never .. looks very good from my eyes 😉

one (revenue) idea i'd like to throw out, would be to consider licensing (1% fee) a (web/mobile) app for miners & pools; for managing their operations remotely (and on-the-go)..

best of luck in the month ahead in reaching your goals

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4 months ago

Thanks for your support!

Bitcoin ABC is a highly capable team full of quality individuals. It simply so happens that my skills complement the rest of the team's. and vice versa. So the credit is by no means mine alone, nor have I whipped anyone into shape. Bitcoin ABC is a lean, mean software coding machine.

Thanks for that idea, we will take it under consideration. -George

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4 months ago

nor have I whipped anyone into shape

ur far too modest 😉

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4 months ago

This is a great step in the right direction by the famous bitcoin_ABC team. I had always known that Amaury sechet have great plans for the bitcoin cash protocol. This of course won't only create value in the Bitcoin cash community, it will also grow the Bitcoin cash ecosystem either in a bearish or bullish market.

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4 months ago