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White Spring

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2 months ago

We have a white spring. A week ago, cherry, plum, cherry, and pear trees bloomed at once. Now the apple trees are in bloom. Outside, white lilacs are blooming. Acacia trees are growing in front of my house. It'll probably be the last one to bloom. Although... let's not forget the catalpa and the chestnuts.

... ...when our white garden spreads its branches in spring...

It sometimes snows in spring, but not the usual snow, but a flowery one. First apricot, alycha, then cherry. Although the acacia is in full bloom, there is acacia snow, covering paths and roofs.

With a gust of wind outside the window, the "snow" flies.

Today we have a day that's just fabulous! No wind, the sun.

Is warming with all its spring. The sun is warming in all its springtime power ♪ The flowers are so happy flowers are so happy to the sunshine with all. With all the fibers of their flowery souls!

It's a pity that all this beauty is fleeting! But how I love this time when it's warm and green all around, when I don't have to put on a thousand clothes to keep warm, when you can go out to go for a walk lightweight, when there's green windows and the horizon of green of trees to the horizon. And the humble dandelion is out of the theme, but it's very attracts attention :

We haven't had much warmth yet, and now it's getting colder as the orchards are in bloom.

Always when the apple orchards are in bloom, it gets cold and there are even frosts.

Right now we have a cold wind, and many at the dachas who have planted outdoors sprouts of tomatoes and peppers.

And the gardens are in bloom!

The cherry and plum trees are in bloom. They bloomed strongly, as drenched in milk were. If there will be no frosts, we will have a good harvest.

It smells so good!

Nightingales are singing in apple trees and bird cherry bushes! In a small swamp behind the garden frogs are croaking and seem to be croaking around the clock. They, too, have started their wedding season. The time of year is such that chip on chip crawls.

It's spring! New life is intensely budding!

The color of an apple tree! The color of spring tenderness, the color of spring joy, the color of spring dreams...

I walk along a path that snakes between sparse shrubs. It leads me to a garden. Into a marvellous, blooming apple orchard. There it stands, happy, rich, luxuriant! A cool breeze blows over it. The orchard bursts into foamy flames before me. The white-pink masses of flowers. Blue clear skies... The garden is filled with the hum of bees. After a rendezvous with each flower, they take away with them on their paws delicate pollen and fragrant nectar. To the right, at the bend toward the arbor, an apple tree bows, looking like a woman in a white cloak, waving a white hand at me. On the bark of the trees beads of dew shimmer in the sunshine. And beneath the trees are fresh green grasses studded with a light blizzard of delicate pink, snow-white petals.

This long alley leads me to the very heart of the garden - to the very thicket of young apple trees in bloom. And here I get lost, which of them is more beautiful? But the beauty of blossoming apples is not eternal. And the garden, as if understanding it, in a short time tries to show all its magnificence: the sounds, colors and smells.

From the window of my room I look at the garden. and happiness wakes up with me every morning. All, all white! After the dark, inclement fall and cold winter, you are young again, full of happiness, the angels of heaven have not left you.

If you ask me what season I love most, I answer, of course, spring.

I love to watch nature in the springtime, to see how everything around me is renewed. I love to spend my weekends in the spring forest. When I walk through the woods, I feel light and joyful in my soul. The sun bunnies are dancing on the glade - as if they want to tell everything alive in the forest that it's time to wake up. Snowdrops have appeared from the first rays of the sun between the trees. They are very small, fragile, but how much tenacity these delicate flowers: insistently he breaks through the thick carpet of last year's snow. Blue petals, as if grinning, reach for the sun.

You cannot take your eyes away when you stumble upon a field of snowdrops, as if the sky and the earth were the same color - bright blue. The flowers are so tender that it is pity and even shame to pluck them.

Perhaps there is no one wiser than Mother Nature, because how to explain that one season changes with another, and by all means comes the most long-awaited - spring.

All the pictures were clicked by me.


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Written by   188
2 months ago
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Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It gives the earth a wonderful view and is comfortable for the eye, because green and white are the most relaxing colors for the eye. I like this chapter so much even though it causes me allergies

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2 months ago

The pictures were beautifully taken.

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2 months ago

These are looks very beautiful, i also love white flowers tree, in our region almost people planting mango trees.

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2 months ago