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"Fish ear"

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2 months ago

Good afternoon my favorite, I like to read something interesting.

But my articles are mostly about cooking. But I think there will be and cosmetic recipes, as well as I have more and notes on my life.I will be glad if my recipes will be useful to you, and if you also like them, do not forget to write about it to me. After all, it's very nice, that's why my recipes are posted here. :)

I want to tell you my story, of course, with the recipe. I think you'll be delighted)))

But this ear, which I want to write about, preceded the story.

You can not send men to the store. This is just some kind of provocation. And I suspect that the action was carefully planned, so that again not to send. I ask my nephew: - Go to the market, baby, buy fresh fish.

He calls me from the market. There are trout, carp, pike-perch, and he dictates further... I say, tell her I need fish for soup, white, not bony. In reply she dictates:

- Pike-perch, catfish.

- What catfish? 


- No, catfish. Yes, a catfish.

- It's a big catfish, don't you think they cut it?

- Yes, they do.

- Is the pikeperch big?

- Well... like a mackerel.

I'm scratching my head... It's a strange pike-perch... like a mackerel... For some reason I always thought pikeperch was a big fish. If it's as big as a mackerel, then it's enough for soup.

- Take half a kilo of catfish and the smallest pike-perch.

He brings it. He gives me a package with bread and fish and a small, light package. I open that package and there is a package with something wrapped in it.

- What is it?

- Sudak, - he says to me.

- Soooooo daaaac?

This pile feels like it weighs 200 grams. I then weighed it - just 212 grams along with the bags.

-Oh, my God, what is that?

- Well you said take the smallest one, so I did.

- At least I thought about it! I told you to take it for soup. What kind of ear from this steer? I don't have such a small pot! My mother, it's a good thing I brought the catfish!

No, well, okay this one... But the saleswoman is good... She was told to have the fish... She could have thought of something, too.

- So you'll eat this axe soup.

I opened the bag, and there was this pikeperch with the head! That is, if you remove the head and backbone, then about 100 grams of meat will come out.

I laughed for half a day. I made fish soup, even with pikeperch. I even cut off its head, and when I cut off its back I almost cried. Well, I had to cook the broth on something. Not on catfish!

Here we go:

Whatever pike-perch you got... or any white fish.

A catfish, about 500 grams. Or any fat white fish.

Bay of bay leaves.


Celery root dried or fresh (it's in the broth).






Dill dried or fresh.

Cod liver - jar.

Black pepper.

Lemon for decoration.


Here's our "pikeperch"... and the head together weighs 200 grams. It's a giant, man. We separate from him what is not sorry. I took away the head and a piece of a tail (well, what is there?), and when I separated the backbone - I cried in a voice, but I managed to separate, even the meat remained.

Put all the parts from the fish into a saucepan, add the celery root, bayroot, allspice, pour cold water and put on the fire. The first foam is poured off, then cook for half an hour.

Meanwhile, in a dry frying pan on both sides fry carrots and onions until lightly browned. Onions with husks, carrots - at will. It is not terrible. The vegetables should also become soft.

Is the broth ready? Put the vegetables in it, let it boil, turn it off and let it steep for another half an hour. After that, strain, discard everything in it, we don't need it anymore. If the broth turned out cloudy, you can make a strain with an egg. I don't like to do this, because then I pucker up straining those eggs. And catch them with a slotted spoon I do not work. But if you are principled, then pour into the broth in a thin stream of beaten egg, stir, and then strain.

Again, put the broth on the fire. Put potatoes in it in small cubes. Soak saffron in 20 ml of alcohol, or 40 ml of vodka. I do not keep vodka, so alcohol, then added 20-30 ml of water. I stir it and shake with a spoon. I left it to stand. It was a risk, I want to say, because I had a bad experience with vodka in my ear. I boiled it, tasted it, it was delicious. I added vodka - it ruined everything. Some kind of nasty taste came out that I ended up not being able to eat. I don't know why vodka is in the ear, but everyone adds it, so I added it too. Recently I tried to find out.

One chef told me that this is to take away the smell of slime from fish, if there is any. Well, that is if you boil some kind of catfish. And if you do not cook catfish, then, they say, there is no need for vodka. Nevertheless, I tried it again. And this time it was good, and there was no aftertaste. However, it did not add any special flavor either. But I was happy that I made it according to the canon (or almost according to it). 

So, let's move on. Onions until transparent, add leeks. Fry a couple more minutes, so that the leeks soften a little. And all this just for 10 minutes boiled potatoes.

In the meantime, we cut the remaining fish fillets into large cubes. See, you can even see the pike-perch there? And 5 minutes after adding the onions, we put the fish into our soup.

Cook for another 5 minutes. And add cod liver. To do this, we drain the oil from the can, and cut the liver in large pieces.Salt, pepper. And we wait 5 more minutes. Then we turn it off and let it stay for 15 minutes under the lid.We add a lemon to the plate.

That's it! Thank you all and enjoy your meal! 🐟

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Written by   117
2 months ago
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Ohh my you included the lemon but i think its so delicious. I really loved soup but when I was working at singapore they have a different procedure not like filipino soup..

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2 months ago

Very much appreciate your attention and responsiveness, thank you for reading my article.

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2 months ago

Its my pleasure my friend and i loved cooking. Waiting for your next recipe😉

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2 months ago

It's look very delicious you fish I'm feeling hungry right now

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2 months ago

If this is the first time you've put any of the seasonings in, keep in mind that there are spices that are especially important not to overdo (like pepper)Thanks for taking the time for me and leaving your review.🐟

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2 months ago

When vakrka double ukha made double stowage of fish, if the fish is all commodity-you can lay out and serve as a separate dish, but the large fish to transfer sorry (and home-wife-report), so we cook the heads, tails, small change, cook long, the fish is boiled, then it is advisable to strain (so as not to spit bones) at home no problem-at nature will save gauze! on the plan. ukha turn transparent and boiled! You can also make a triple one, but you need a lot of fish and a lot of patience.

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2 months ago

I wish we really got to taste the meal cos it looks yummy...

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2 months ago

Here is a simple recipe for cooking fish soup at home. Any fresh fish is suitable for cooking ukha. The fish soup will be tasty, fragrant and rich. Try cooking it at home.

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2 months ago