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Good day to you all and good mood my dear readers of

I would like to say that I write about cooking and cuisine, as well as everything related to it.

Today we are not going to talk about cooking, but about my kitchen.

Before we begin, I would like to thank my sponsors for their faith in me and their support. Thanks to you, many people have learned about me and my content and become my friends. Thank you! 💝

I was so happy when I saw the sponsorship notices from you, it means a lot to me and I am grateful for it)

This is not a master class at all, don't even think anything of it. It's just a kind of a laugh, or a smile. And as a motivator for those who like to cook or do not like "but must!", because we are all human and we eat something, and every day! Food is our energy.

I've recently started taking pictures of food. I'm a lousy photographer.

Amateur, and I'm not hiding it.I don't pretend, I don't aspire to the heights in this business.The appearance of food often depends not only on what's on the plate, but also on what surrounds the plate. Preparation of the table and props can noticeably help (or hinder) getting fantastic photos of the food.Another factor:The fresher the better. True for both taste and appearance.Bottom line photo:

And this is the "special" place where I'm filming. Special light is the window. Really, with daylight. I'm rarely lucky,because I mostly cook at night.So if there is no daylight, then as a special light is all the lights that are in the kitchen as a special light.

Sometimes, I carry food around the house to find a good angle or good lighting.Once again, when I brought food to take pictures in the nursery, my baby said to me: "Mom, why is the food here? Is this our new kitchen? But I sleep here!"

My kitchen is very small, and needs major repairs. Since we pay a loan with my husband for 5 years, the soon repairs, not only in our kitchen, but in the whole house will not be soon.

I am not looking for reasons: no light, no gas, no water to cook and take pictures. I am a creative person and find a way out of any situation. No gas? - No problem, I cook on the grill or campfire. No water-I go to the spring (300 meters from the house). No light, well, waiting for an electrician when they fix it, etc. As we say, "it would be a hunt. The only reason I do not cook is when I was sick. Then my husband cooks. Yes, I don't like it when that happens, then everything is upside down and everything is out of place. Even so!!!But he tries for us)))

Actually, the special place for shooting is a working kitchen table, well or the dining room table.

My kitchen is so I have to fit in on any available. The "Inspector General" program would probably have shot me twice by now for violating the commodity proximity-borscht and condensed milk, but what can you do if well, there's no room, but you want to eat? I'll clean it up all of it later, because I have to take a photo quickly, while borsch is hot and to eat it quickly, otherwise borscht, in which the sour cream is already floating,you can't reheat it a second time. In general, I excuses will not and excuses I do not need. This is more of a post-motivator for those who concoct what.

I wrote in the first lines of my of my letter. And nothing I manage somehow.I bought this toy to play with.Myself - asked me), but the right of the first unpacking and to try it out was for me. Unpack did not

I went away for a minute and came back, Oppa... The object was already in the box.

I kicked it out, I could barely get my hair out. Like this here are the bulbs to the light.

The box itself is in a case like this. It also the backgrounds, but I don't know how to take pictures on these crumpled backgrounds, I don't understand. Do I have to iron them every time?

Do you iron it?

The backgrounds themselves

I tried to take a picture without a background (I can't print the background since it's not mine)

This is what it all looks like:

But this is too much! A whole movie studio😂My family will say: "completely crazy!!!"Not without swear words, but I still rolled it.

It's hard to get it back in.I thought maybe I could get one of these for myself to take pictures? But there's a lot of space and to store (there's lamps still in boxes), and you need a whole studio to set it up.

Plus, judging from the test pics, like I must have my hands out of the same place (that's what I mean by photos, not my thing!). So what is it? In general, I don't want it for myself yet.

For some reason I always thought that you can not do anything good with a small kitchen. Turns out I just don't have much imagination.

So I want to ask you a question - how do you cope, where do you recharge, how do you get the cherished kick in the pants, which allows you to pull yourself together again and start moving forward? Write me about it👋.

I start wandering through the blogs of those I love and admire. In normal times, I have enough ideas myself about what to make for breakfast, what to feed my family for lunch, and how to treat my friends for dinner, but in times of crisis, I go on virtual journeys through the kitchens of those I admire.

Thank you for reading me! And do not forget to add to the food you cook the most important ingredient of your love!

I want to know your opinion.

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Amateur or not, seems like you do quite well capturing what you want to.

$ 0.02
2 months ago

If you don't say you're ann amateur nobody will konw, your pictures are high quality as well as your food that always gives me hunger haha. Don't sell yourself short, you are amazing Belo! 💝💝

$ 0.05
2 months ago

Это лайтбокс? Хорошая вещь ! Как раз для фуд-фоторгафов или тех, кто предметку снимает

Кот оценил!)))))

$ 0.10
2 months ago

Nice capture my friend and the cat was so cute.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Nice shots my friend! I cope by praying and meditating. I recharge by being with my kids :) Please get well soon.

$ 0.03
2 months ago

Now I want to see what's your whole kitchen looks like. Just by these, I can see that it's clean. Btw, what breed does your cat have?

$ 0.05
2 months ago

Honestly, I don't even know what kind of breed, the kittens were distributed and we took some...then more...then more...we have three🐱

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I love your click shots my friend. Its really awesome and it's beautiful. You put an efforts with it. I love it my friend.🥰

Oh my friend. I love your cat since I'm really taking care a cats. I have a cat my friend and I miss him already.🥺

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Owwwww this cat just got my attention so cute.. i love the photos so nice and clear

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Hello, Lovelyfaith! Thank you so much for the wonderful review and attention to my work.I really appreciate that I have such responsive readers like you.Well the cat is a special case😁

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Dear Belozoriana, my artist friend, all of the photos you take are professional, it is clear how much effort you put into taking them. I fell in love with your cat, the cats are just waiting for something new and strange to fit inside... Meantime, I hope your illness improves soon and you get well, take care of yourself... 🤍

$ 0.02
2 months ago

Thank you for the review.Yes,cats are like that,they like to hide in different boxes.I am completely healthy at the moment.This is how google translator translated.I wanted to say that I do not cook when I am sick- my husband cooks and makes a mess in the kitchen😂

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Wow that's great that you are good now, thank God... ☺️🙏

$ 0.00
2 months ago

My husband and I were just setting up our new apartment. Money, of course, was not enough. But I still wanted to make a kitchen set to order for myself. I found the phone number on the website, through the Internet. I called and was told that the inspector can come to me to discuss all the details and make a drawing of the kitchen. I decided to take the risk. The estimator came and I ordered.

$ 0.00
2 months ago