You are a Vampire! Be careful with your health! (Part II)

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 If you have not yet read the first part of this article here you can access it directly 👇!

 You are a "Vampire", with an active night life! Watch out for your health! ( 1st part)

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 My dear readers, here we are again to continue investigating the interesting topic about our biological clock and how living a vampire-style life: doing everything we can think of at night, and rushing off to sleep when the sun comes up, can end up seriously affecting our health!

In this sense we have to be very clear that the problem of being a "Vampire", -understanding: "Evening Chronotype, or, "Chronotype "Wolf", - is not in itself in our genetics, but, in the bad habits that we end up adopting during our late hours.  Such as the bad habit of eating at hours when the body should be at rest, and apart from that, eating all kinds of unhealthy foods. In this regard, Marta Garaulet, expert in nutrigenetics and chronobiology points out:

We have studied 2,400 people and we have observed that those who are more nocturnal suffer more obesity, have more cardiovascular risk and more resistance to the action of insulin, and their cholesterol and blood sugar levels tend to be higher, among other health problems, but when we analyzed whether this is due to a genetic propensity we found that this is not the case, while being nocturnal is genetic, because we have done a study on twins and twins that proves it. The conclusion we draw from the results of these studies is that the risk associated with being a nocturnal person is due to the lifestyle habits we lead. Source:

I honestly tell you that it is important to take corrective measures in time because, unfortunately, it has been proven that the lack of control of our biological clock is associated with multiple pathologies such as: diabetes, obesity, depression, neurodegenerative pathologies, cancer, mental disorders, cardiovascular risks, or sleep disorders, among others.

 Since I was diagnosed with prediabetes more than a year ago, I always wondered why I had reached this condition if I never considered myself a person with a sweet tooth and I had never suffered from overweight or anything similar. I imagined that maybe the exaggerated consumption of carbohydrates such as bread was to blame.

Although, in my family there are people who have suffered from diabetes such as my grandmother and an aunt, today I am convinced that the biggest culprits of this pre-diabetes were, without a doubt, all the bad habits developed during my time as a Vampira. And maybe my health did not get worse because I have always considered myself a healthy person! I do Yoga, since a long time ago, and although nowadays I am more rigorous with my diet -because of the prediabetes condition-, I never considered myself a junk food lover, nor could I say that I had a bad diet.

 Welcome to the day!


If you've finally decided to get out of your sarcophagus for good, here are some tips to help you start your transition from darkness to light!

 There has always been talk about the power of good habits and routines, and how they help us focus on achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. The same will happen when you create a routine of healthy habits that help you to synchronize your biological rhythm again.

 For them it is important that you take into account the following tips:

 It is important to try that your diet begins to have fixed schedules with which your body begins to adapt and balance. We can not be jumping from one side to the other in terms of meal times. So here the most important thing is that you decide what are going to make these new "healthy" eating habits that you are going to adopt, and comply with them strictly!

 By the way, nowadays that intermittent fasting has become very fashionable, it is important that if you are doing it, you focus on doing it always at the same times and do not try every day to do something different with your body because this could end up unbalancing your body more, and therefore you will not get the necessary benefit from fasting!

 It is important that in this new schedule of meals you move the food intake further away from your bedtime. It is best that your last meal is at least three hours before you go to bed, and that it is not a heavy meal, but something light to digest. You should also avoid consuming any stimulating food or drink, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, coca cola, alcoholic beverages, etc.

 In this challenge of adapting our nocturnal genesis, beyond changing it -which is something impossible because it is in our genes- our allies will be the "synchronizers" or external stimuli. And in this sense, what we have to do is to activate the necessary synchronizers to start the day, and little by little, to disconnect these synchronizers as the night approaches and our time to go to sleep.

 Activate Daytime Synchronizers:

 Accompany your awakening with audio and visual stimuli such as sounds and lights either with an electronic clock from your cell phone, computer, tv... whatever gives you a good dose of stimulation to get you out of the sheets and up without wasting time!

Expose yourself to sunlight as fast as you can I know for a vampire this can be painful at first, but, believe me we won't spray!

Do it, little by little, if you have a window nearby the first thing you should do is open it and let the wonderful sunlight radiate energy all around you and, of course fill you with strength to start your day.

 Now, if we are not lucky enough to get direct sunlight, then look for a way to illuminate the environment with artificial light so you can feel the stimulus of light and activate your biological clock.

Other stimulants to start the day can be: exercise, take a shower -and if you do it with cold water, believe me it is much better-, have a good breakfast. Unlike at night now we can have our stimulating drinks like our morning coffee, hot chocolate, tea - but please try to make them healthy drinks... none of that stuff full of sugar and gas!

Of course, there is nothing more stimulating than getting to do everything we have set out to do during the day and getting it all done, or at least a big part of our itinerary!

I recommend you to plan your day so you can have a better control of all your hours and each of the activities that you have already planned for each schedule. That will also help us to be consistent in all the new habits we need to implement in this process of adapting from night to day! 

Deactivate daytime synchronizers and activate nighttime synchronizers:

Well, friends, evidently, here we are now left with just starting to disconnect from everything that keeps us in sync with the day and with the stimuli we receive to keep us awake and alert.

So start turning off all those audiovisual stimuli around you! The most important thing at this time is to start preparing your body to receive its well-deserved rest through a restful and restorative sleep.

So, don't give the matter any more thought and just stop doing all those activities that keep you hooked until late at night.

Give your health the importance it deserves and don't keep wandering around in the gloom anymore!

One last piece of advice from Vampire to Vampires 🧛‍♀️😉 ! Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful light of day and, embrace the energy of the sun which, without a doubt, is a "divine" manifestation on earth!


Dear readers and as this topic about the circadian rhythm is quite copious and there is a lot to talk about I have proposed to make a kind of delivery in parts or chapters to delve more into the abundant updated information on the subject and mainly concerning the care of our health!

 So if you want to know more about the so-called chronotypes wait for a next article where we will delve more about:

 *Chronotypes indetified as: Lions, Wolves, Bears and Dolphins ¡🤔😁How many animals don't!

 *In a second article we will delve into the so-called "Chrononutrition", the nutrition of the future!

 *Then it will be the turn of the "Jet Lag" Disorder, and the so called "Social Jeg Lag".

 *And we will close this special with the story about the winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017, and how from that great discovery the future that awaits us seems to point to a genetically manipulable chronobiology.

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I hope to see you next Monday, of Challenges and Changes 💪😃! where we will tackle another interesting topic that will make us reflect on those things we should change to be that better version of us!

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For the moment I say goodbye, but not before telling you that here I will be writing articles about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us to fall in love every day more of these avatars🕴👯that we had to be in this Matrix 👾 🤖 so fun and unique in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug from Venezuela🙂✌️🇻🇪 !

...and remember first of all just love yourself!

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