You are a vampire with an active night life!.Your health is in danger! (Part I)

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In the best style of "Dracula The Prince of Darkness", there are those who are very active at night: glued to computers, cell phones, TV ... eat, work, get creative ... in short spend all night and early morning doing everything that comes to mind, except what should be done: sleep! Only when they feel the presence of the sun's rays they run to their rooms to rest like vampires in their sarcophagi!

Although this behavior may be due to different reasons, such as: having a job that requires working night shifts, being hyperactive at night, suffering from insomnia, taking advantage of the night to do the activities that we could not do during the day, studying, partying, staying glued to cell phones, computers, TV ...

Do not be afraid my dear Vampires! let's go little by little, with this return to the light, lest the very idea of leaving the darkness fulminates you on the spot like a ray of sunshine!

The first thing is to understand why it is so important for our body to keep its biological clock in sync with the so-called circadian rhythm!

The circadian rhythm marks the time of our biological clock.

Nature is wonderfully wise and, therefore, long before humans invented the way to time the passage of time through the clock, our ancestors already had a perfect "biological clock": a precise biochemical mechanism that is activated by external stimuli known as zeitgebers or in English: "synchronizers" coming from the light of day or the darkness of night.

These synchronizers in the form of visual signals are captured through our sight. All this interesting process has an important component that is none other than the so-called "Circadian Rhythm", which is vital to generate the perfect synchrony in the proper functioning of our body.

"Before the atmosphere had its current composition, the Earth rotated on its axis, and the cycle of light and dark had an impact on the beginnings of life" Michael Rosbash, winner along with scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, and Michael W, of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine, for their discovery on the genetic mechanisms that regulate the circadian rhythm.

Now, let's start by understanding how this circadian rhythm works and how it affects the biology of our body. In principle, all living organisms possess this internal mechanism that regulates all our physiological activities which, at the same time, are linked to the outside world and the passage of time comprised in a 24-hour cycle that lasts our day and that begins with the sunrise and ends with the arrival of the night.

In this 24-hour period, our body begins to generate a series of biological processes with which it seeks to activate itself either to wake us up and start a new day, or on the contrary, to prepare us to stop being active and enter a period of rest through a restful sleep.

So in this important process all our machinery is set in motion through a kind of molecular clock found in almost every cell of our body which begins to time the cellular activity of each organ. Each of these cellular micro-clocks in turn will be directly linked to a kind of central clock that will be synchronizing them from our brain through something called Suprachiasmatic Nucleus, where the signals from the outside will arrive: "synchronizers", captured by the Ganglion Cells of the retina.

Continuing with a "vampire" lifestyle is definitely going to make you sick!

Dear readers, I'm sure there are many "Vampires" around here, and I must tell you that there are ways out of the darkness because I am proof of it! Nowadays I lead a pretty normal and healthy life, but, in the past I had a lot of trouble falling asleep.

I could usually only get to sleep as early as 3:00, or 4:00 am. Obviously, this greatly impaired my performance in the morning. Therefore, my activities such as studies or work I tried to do in the afternoon or evening hours.

During the day I could wake up at 10:00 am, but I always woke up very tired and did not feel like doing anything. My performance in general was not the best and of course many of the activities that I proposed to do during the day were difficult to do.

However, when the evening came it was as if I felt everything inside me activate again.

Usually, I would end up eating anything in the early morning hours. And just when the new day came, the cycle of tiredness and listlessness would start again until the night came again and with it my energy. I was really a Vampire! lol

I always saw this reaction of my body as something normal! I felt like a being of the night... As if there was some kind of nocturnal animal in my genesis that made me like that!

I have to say that my younger sister was just like me, so I thought it already ran in my family.

And apparently I was not wrong because the most incredible thing about all this is that today it has been proven through scientific research that our biological rhythms are something genetic, as they are activated through a series of recently discovered genes:

The main genes involved in the circadian cycle are cry, clock, bmal1, timeless, doubletime and period genes, whose proposed mechanism of action merited the 2017 Nobel Prize in medicine.

Taking into account that the functioning of the circadian rhythm is possible thanks to the genes, then one can presuppose that any alteration or anomaly expressed genetically, in some way or another, ends up affecting our biological clock.

So it is feasible that those of us who have always felt we are nocturnal beings have some genetic markers that do not work as they should and that is why we have these kinds of biological mismatches that manifest themselves with behaviors that end up being part of the bad habits to which we accustom our organism.

Of course, one might think that if we are more nocturnal than diurnal by default, then there is no way to fix our circadian rhythm, but thank God this is not the case and there is a way to fix it!

For me it is something like making the analogy with other genetic problems such as food intolerances, for example: celiacs who can not consume foods with gluten. In this case the most effective treatment is simply not to consume foods with gluten. Well, we could apply the same logic to those of us who are genetically prone to develop behaviors or habits that imply being out of biological synchrony.

So as if it were a kind of intolerance we should try as far as possible to eliminate those unhealthy routines and habits to which we have become accustomed either because we are victims of our own genetics, or for other reasons that could well be social, cultural, family....

The important thing is to be aware of the change we have to make and implement all those strategies and resources that allow us to balance our circadian rhythm in the shortest possible time.

In fact nowadays those of us who are vampires by nature are labeled with something called: "Evening Chronotype", or "Wolf Chronotype", while early risers are associated with "Day Chronotypes", or "Lion Chronotype". There is also an undefined chronotype that can be adapted to both day and night and will basically depend on your needs.

*I will talk about chronotypes in a future post*

Dear readers and as the article was getting too long I'm going to leave it until here and tomorrow I will be sharing with you my recommendations and some tips so you can start your transition from darkness to light, without traumas!

So I hope to see you tomorrow😉 with the continuation of this interesting topic!

And as this circadian rhythm is quite copious and there is a lot to talk about I have proposed to make a kind of delivery in parts or chapters to delve more into the abundant updated information on the subject and mainly concerning the care of our health!

So if you want to know more about the so-called chronotypes wait for a next article where we will delve more about:

*Chronotypes indetified as: Lions, Wolves, Bears and Dolphins How many animals are not!

*In a second article we will delve into the so-called "Chrononutrition", the nutrition of the future!

*Then it will be the turn of the "Jet Lag Disorder" and the so called "Social Jeg Lag".

*And we will close this special with the story about the winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and how from that great discovery the future that awaits us seems to point to a genetically manipulable chronobiology.

I hope with all my heart that the information shared has served you in some way or another to boost your health and increase your overall well-being!

Before I say goodbye I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you feel identified with us "vampires": "evening chronotype, or wolf", it would be nice to know what you would be willing to start doing today, Monday, to begin your transition from darkness to light.

And remember, please, before anything else, always consult the opinion of a medical professional who can make a correct assessment of your overall health!


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I hope to see you next Monday, of Challenges and Changes 💪😃! where we will tackle another interesting topic that will make us reflect on those things we should change to be that better version of us!

:::::::::::*::Let's not be afraid! ::::::::*Let's challenge ourselves to see who wins!::::::*


For the moment I say goodbye, but not before telling you that here I will be writing articles about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us to fall in love every day more of these avatars🕴👯that we had to be in this Matrix 👾 🤖 so fun and unique in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug from Venezuela🙂✌️🇻🇪 !

...and remember first of all just love yourself!


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I can't stand spending a long hours in the night because it wasn't my normal routine, when there is a time that I want to stay up late my body will drag me down to bed, I can't endure to stay awake until 11 pm, I usually sleep at 10:30.

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1 year ago

🤗Hi Win1988, thanks for reading my article and for your comment! According to what you tell me it's obvious that you don't belong to this vampire camp🧛‍♀️ , as I affectionately call them! It's wonderful that your body is already asking you to go to sleep early, because people like me have to try to do what you already do by nature! At least for me all my life I had a lot of trouble going to sleep at an early hour. So I had to implement new habits and routines of eating and sleeping schedules and force myself to carry them out in order to adapt my biological clock to a normal rhythm. Now I can go to bed at 12:00 pm and sleep all night until I wake up at 7:00, or, 8:00 am , and feel energetic all day until late at night. And that is really wonderful for me ! In your case when you sleep so early and if you get up just as early I would say that your chronotype belongs to the diurnal or , also called Lion. I invite you to learn more about chronotypes in my blog: AMA-T, where soon I will be delving into the subject of "Chronotypes", for the moment tomorrow I will continue with the second and last part of this article. Again thank you very much for your support! I send you a big hug from Venezuela👋😃!

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1 year ago