Hello Read-Cash community, I'm Esther and my premise is: (AMA-T) love yourself above anything else!

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Now, enough!... stop postponing my start in this interesting network and here I am launching myself into the adventure of sharing and interacting with other lovers of the written format who seek to read about topics of interest and find out about some content in particular. What moves me to be here is to share with all of you the path to well-being and personal peace. That path that is often truncated by any obstacle. Honestly, I feel that many of these obstacles are only in the lack of love that sometimes accompanies our existence! A lack of love towards life, and above all towards our own existence! That's why my premise of life is: AMA-T (love yourself) above anything! When you learn to love yourself your life begins to experience wonderful changes...

Life is definitely beautiful, but sometimes for one reason or another we fail to see its majesty!

That makes me very sad, to know that there are so many people who do not appreciate the gift of life, while there are others who now at this very moment see their lives extinguished by some of those mysterious games of fate!

How strange is this world, right! Some want to live and they can't and others can, but they don't want to!

I wish so much that those who do not appreciate their life, and do not love themselves enough, could realize how blessed their life is! for the mere fact of being here in this world in which, for example, many others die because they are afflicted by some terrible disease, or are, unfortunately, hit by war, hunger, shortages... and so many other ills that populate our world.

That is why I would like to be able to start a kind of online conversation with all the lovers of life and share all the beautiful things that we can achieve in this walk that is to exist. A walk full of surprises, good and not so good, but in the end it will always be worth it... Don't you think?

I think that every day we breathe is one more opportunity to be a better version of ourselves that can have the drive and strength to achieve our goals... those dreams that we have always had and that for some reason we have not fulfilled.

For example, I have so many dreams that I never made come true and I put aside so many stupid things that turned my head and did not allow me to see things clearly. However, today, at 50 years old, I have decided to do what I want and I am not going to let myself eat the coconut again, because I am already very clear of those traps with which your mind plays.

By the way, excuse me for starting to write and not even formally introducing myself: My name is Esther, I'm Venezuelan, and despite the difficult situation in my country, I'm still here with a lot of enthusiasm, I'm a journalist -one of the professions hardest hit by this government- I am 50 years old, and I love writing about wellness, physical, mental and spiritual health.

I do Yoga, and at the moment I have also started doing hypopressive exercises, as well as a therapy to increase and strengthen my muscle mass since I received two gifts at the same time on my 50th birthday: an Inguinal hernia and a lumbar hernia (hahahaha ... thank goodness that on the day of my party I danced to all the music I wanted and now I watch the videos and I am grateful for having been able to jump, jump, somersault up and down... and stop counting)

Anyway, now due to hernias I have to press the accelerator to recondition my state of muscular health, because, here in this country just thinking about entering a Venezuelan hospital is almost like going to the little house of terror - I say this knowingly , the soul shudders when you have to see images as painful as the ones that happen here day after day... I'll write about it- In fact, still living in my country, despite all the negative things we have to put up with, The vast majority of us who disagree with the current government have taught me, without a doubt, the best life lessons I have ever received in my 50 years of existence.

One of the most valuable is the unconditional love towards family, friends, neighbors and the people around you... those strangers you see on the subway with tired faces, the body as if the soul weighs so much that only you can drag your existence from one side to the other, without much waiting!

Every day the street teaches me to value the least I have and to give thanks for it!

I have no time for banalities, because chaos hits you and for your own good, you must keep your mind and spirit well placed, without arresting them on the ground, on your feet and with the conviction that nothing will make you fall!

When I see places in the world that are blessed with so much wealth and that many of the people who live in those countries are not happy, I think it is unfortunate that the emptiness within them is so great that it prevents them from living with the love and happiness that is deserve.

We all deserve to be happy! We all deserve to live with love! Fall in love with our being and enjoy every day of our existence!

That is why I am here writing these lines hoping that someone else will join this good cause and defend and encourage self-love above anything else! That is why I invite you to interact and search together for everything that can provide us with the best tools to be the best versions of ourselves!

Here I will be writing articles on well-being, physical, mental and spiritual health, and all those topics that can help us fall in love more and more with these avatars that we had to be in this fun and unique Matrix in which we live!

Greetings to all, an online hug and welcome to this little corner... and, don't forget the most important thing:

AMA-T (love yourself ) above anything else!

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