Sunflower or olive oil? similarities and differences

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Note: First of all I hope you will excuse any spelling mistakes, the truth is that I am just learning English, and it is helping me a lot to make the effort to translate my articles from Spanish to English. I am 50 years old and although I have been told that "Loro viejo no aprende a hablar" / You can't teach an old dog new tricks! I am determined to learn on my own and Read-Cash is helping me a lot. That is why I ask you, please, to make any spelling and style corrections that you think are necessary to improve my English writing. Thank you in advance! :) Now let's get started!

Sometimes we may have doubts about the health benefits of one or another oil. As well as if we are using them properly in the kitchen. The truth is that between olive oil and sunflower oil there are a number of differences, but also coincidences that we must know to appreciate and use them properly.  

 You are standing in front of the shelf, while, undecided, you compare the bottles of sunflower and olive oil in your hand.  You look here and there in search of something... that will finally make you decide for one or the other. 



First of all, you should know that both oils share the same extraction system. This procedure is carried out by placing the fruit or the seed inside a press in which a great pressure is exerted and with which the oil is extracted. 

The pressing of the oil can be done cold, using a temperature not exceeding 70°.  In the case of cold-pressed olive oil, the temperature does not exceed 27°. Both in the extraction of olive oil and sunflower oil, higher temperatures can be used to obtain the oil more quickly, but this ends up affecting the quality of the oil to a great extent.

Usually, these are "refined" oils to which chemical antioxidants are added, which in most cases are petrolatum. 

Undoubtedly, regardless of whether the oil is olive or sunflower oil, the extraction method will end up, in one way or another, having an impact on its quality and, therefore, on our health. 



Both belong to the family of the well-known "Omega". Yes, the omegas that we all associate with a kind of "good fat" for our health, and which in turn are divided into: Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9.

Oleic fatty acid is a precursor of omega-9, which we find in olive oil. While the linoleic fatty acid present in sunflower oil has a higher percentage of omega 6.



Before you can think of a choice, it's good to know that 50% of cell membranes are "cholesterol" - no... don't panic, it's good cholesterol - likewise 60% of our brain is... Fat! This means that the consumption of fatty acids is indispensable for our organism. 

It is important to know that our body is able to produce omega-9 endogenously. The opposite is the case with omega-3 and 6, which cannot be synthesized naturally by the body, making their absorption through the daily diet "indispensable". 



Olive oil contains oleic fatty acid, a precursor of omega 9. This fatty acid is directly linked to a higher concentration of "good cholesterol" (HDL), which is associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease.  Likewise, its beneficial effect on the control of hypertension and insulin sensitivity, among many other benefits, has also been reported. 


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As mentioned above, linoleic fatty acid, with a 59% presence of polyunsaturated fat, is the main precursor of omega 6, present in sunflower oil. The consumption of foods rich in omega 6 helps to maintain a healthy cellular structure and nervous system. It also strengthens the immune system. However, we must warn that its use should not be excessive and experts speak of its consumption in a balanced ratio with omega-3.  

I hope with all my heart that in some way or another the information I share from this little corner of Read-Cash will be useful to you!

I send you a big online hug from Venezuela! 🙂✌️🇻🇪

...And remember just love yourself!


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