My 2020: Just a normal day: A glimpse of Baguio City and my life

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This is how I live my life now. I wake up in the morning to get ready for work. I actually work as a Physical Therapist. I work 5 times a week and I have a shift from 8 am to 5 pm. I wake up in the morning with my 6:20 am alarm. I say a little prayer Thanking God for all the blessing that I have been receiving and to bless and protect all my loved ones. And then I get ready for work. Luckily for me, we are car pooling whenever I go to work. I usually ride with my brother and my mom brings us. Before leaving the house I usually look at the garden of my grandma and the pond

Here's the pond that we have in our house.

One thing that I hate about going to work if we leave late is the traffic. If there is no school I could leave the house at a later time. I also noticed there is more traffic whenever there are enforcers compared to when there are none.

Me and my brother usually gets out at Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. We walk at the same path because before reaching the Hospital is the University that he goes to.

This is Baguio Cathedral, I also say a little prayer that all the patients that I'm treating will become better.

Here's a small pathway that we have to go through. It's in between two schools.

Luckily, there were only a few students while walking here.

This is the hospital that I work in. The hospital is called Saint Louis University Hospital of the Sacred Heart

After Biometrics, the rehab department is located at the basement of the hospital which is not an ideal location. One problem that we are facing now is that the elevator is destroyed. It has been destroyed since December. I really don't know why they are not fixing it. So I have to go down six flights of stairs. Imagine all our patients even the geriatrics have to go through this. When they reach our department they are really tired.

Before entering our rehab I always see this cacti. The nursing department owns them. I just find these Groot pots so cute.

This is how part of the rehab looks like. We have 13 treatment beds.

Here are some equipment that we use in the rehab. We use this especially if we want to strengthen our patients.

Another part is this parallel bars, this is where we usually train our patients to start standing and progress them to walking later on.

As soon as the clock hits twelve, we have to go back to the main floor for a time out during lunch break and wait for 20 minutes before we can time in again. I really think this is unnecessary. Climbing up those stairs is kinda tiring haha.

This is where I usually eat lunch, our pantry.

We have the view of the University and all the students walking.

I am handling the patients who are confined in the hospital. We call it the In patient Department. We are 2 staff and 2 affiliates. Our usual cases are stroke patient. It is really fulfilling to see them progress everyday from being bed bound and then if cleared by the doctors we could let them stand. But sometimes I don't really like patients who don't help themselves because of their laziness. They're just delaying their progress. This is usually the monitoring sheet that we fill up during treatment.

These ramps are really long and this is the path that we pass going to the other rooms of the patients.

Here's a view from the Private room annex of the hospital, it's overlooking Otto Hahn, which is the Engineering department building.

Before going out at 5 we perform after care, where we close all the windows and fix the beds before leaving. This is the view when I get out. They are actually building a new hospital, I heard that it would be two towers and it would be done by 2023

We could actually see the Baguio Buddha Temple as soon as we go out

Here's the entrance of our hospital.

Those big buildings in front is the University of Baguio. It's actually where my brother is studying. It is also my Alma Mater.

I get to pass and see my alma mater everyday.

Me and my brother have our schedules in sync. We walked to SM and we had the same route from the morning, passing this small passageway

And seeing Baguio Cathedral again.

Here's a view of SM City Baguio. We usually go home with our mom or sometimes we take a jeepney going home.

This is the atrium inside SM.

When I get home and have time I take photos outside. Fortunately, I was able to take photos of the Moon and Venus, though its not clear because I was just using my mobile phone

One thing that I love once I come home is being greeted by our dog named Pierre, he's 2 years old already.

Here's our other dog named Custo, he's already 16 years old. He was begging for food while we were eating dinner.

After Dinner I usually just use my pc the whole time and watch Anime.

Before the day ends, I make sure to video call my girlfriend and tell her what happened about my day and greet her Good night. I really Love her. Before I sleep I say another prayer.

That's my usual routine. Thanks for reading!

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So your a boy. I thought your a girl. LOL.

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2 years ago

I love your photos... It makes me feel i'm in your shoes.. There are less people now that we are in this pandemic. 😊

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3 years ago