Last Day of the Month of April 2023

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4 months ago

Good day, guys!

It’s the last day of the month of April 2023, and I’m really shocked that time is flying fast. I’m going to be telling you how I ended the month.

To start my day, I was able to video call my girlfriend before sleeping. Thankfully her usual shift is early in the morning in the Philippines so when I get home, I usually call her before sleeping. After speaking with her I slept. I woke up an hour before my alarm, which sucked but when back to sleep. I finally woke up with my alarm but had difficulty of getting up due to the cold. I finally got up and got ready. I walked to the bus stop, rode the bus and I was sleepy throughout the ride. I noticed that the bus was full when we were dropped off at the metro station.

I then took my time and took the train going to the following metro. Went down, and I remembered that my 90-day travel pass was about to expire in May so I reloaded before taking the next bus going to work. I was just listening to a podcast while waiting and playing some games, but I lost so many battles in clash royale.

I got to work, and my 9 am patient was waiting for me, I actually like speaking with him because he tells me insights about investing in stocks in the Philippines. He also day trades, something that I want to do in the future.

My next patient was one of my regulars who come on Sundays. She’s the one who is about to take her NCLEX exam. It’s going to be next month already and she told me that she’s going to start cramming next week. I was just encouraging her that she could do it and telling her to claim that she's going to pass that exam.

The next patient was an old patient here, but I never treated him. It was my first time treating him, he complained of shoulder pain and he told me that he used to play tennis. He said that he wanted to go back into playing to lose some weight. I gave him exercises to do and told him to do them consistently to strengthen his shoulders before he starts playing again.

The receptionist endorsed me as a new patient, he’s younger than me but I really loved his mindset. When I was speaking with him, he seemed like he had a lot of wisdom. He was telling me how he uses ChatGPT to summarize books if he’s really lazy in reading. I told him to keep up with his mindset, he’s going to go far in life.

The next patient was a bit late, the last time I saw him was last December. It was cool meeting him again, but he told me that nothing has changed in his life, though he’s body has been improving through rehab.

I was just waiting for my next patient because 2 of my patients canceled. My 2 pm patient came and we were just speaking about the NBA playoffs. He’s a GSW fan, and he wants them to win in their next match. It’s really exciting. He also told me that he was able to go to Europe lately with his family for 10 days. He told me that he really loved seeing Florence, Italy. It was his dream to see that city because of playing Assassins Creed.

My next patient was a new patient, he’s been here for 10+ years. I was speaking mostly to the wife because she was inside the room during treatment. I asked her if she still sees herself living in the Philippines in the future but she said she no.

I then had my lunch break, and one of my colleagues gave me an Oreo, And I was also speaking with my other colleagues who were on break. After my break, I entered the clinic and was shocked that the patient who I last treated was still there waiting for the chiropractic treatment. He was already waiting for an hour. I then went to my room and before going inside, my patient greeted me. I then got the room ready and I started treating him. It was my second time treating him, and he told me he hasn't gotten sleep because he just finished a procedure and he is still waiting for the results. His anxiety must have gotten into him, but he told me that he felt a lot better after our 1st treatment.

After the treatment, I was waiting for my patient, he came in early but he saw the doctor first. He was 20 minutes late from my schedule, a good thing was that I had a gap before my next patient. As soon as he got in, he told me that he felt a lot better. I also noticed that his movement is a lot faster compared to before. He was asking me if there are any news about crypto but I said that I haven't read anything lately because I was busy. I'm just glad that he's becoming better.

I was able to accommodate my last patient because he came early. It was my first time meeting him, and he was complaining to me about his back and his right leg becoming weak. I was telling him to rest from playing basketball first and condition himself. I hope he does it because I don't want him to get injured any further. But judging from the way he speaks, I think he's hard-headed. While we were conversing, he told me that I should get certificates if ever I want to stay here for a long time.

After treatment, I had to finish a lot of paperwork. Finished most of it and had to clean up before going down. I waited for my colleague and they brought me and my other colleague to the metro station. I was thinking if I should go to the mall, but I got so lazy so I took a bus to go home. I ate dinner first before going home.

After eating dinner, I decided to go for a walk and I was able to speak with my girlfriend for a while. I stopped walking when I hit 5000 steps. I'm actually tired because of our extended hour plus all the paper works. So when I got home, I just took a bath and stayed in bed. I was just watching the playoffs and the games are really getting me excited.

I hope that your week will go great guys!

Thanks for reading stay safe always!

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4 months ago


It is still hot even if it's month of May already. But I am happy that I spend April with lots of fun activities too.

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4 months ago