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It Hurts ( TNSPW )

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Jeremy received a note on his locker that told him to go meet the sender after school in the park. He was so excited and was looking forward to the meeting all day, he thought that he was at the peak of his youth and would finally be receiving a confession from a girl. Little did he know that it was just a ploy and a plot to get him alone.

When he arrived at the park, he was met by a cute girl about his age and was seemingly very pleasant until she pulled out a sword on him and was trying to harm him. Fortunately for him, Mari was also there to break it out.

**you may read the previous part here : Ah! Senpai...


Jeremy was still confused about what was happening and he was still sitting down on the ground while looking up at Mari fending off the other girl. His confusion was intensified by the predicament and his situation on the ground. From his vantage point, he could see some things a boy like him wasn't supposed to see. He could enjoy the forbidden view up and inside both of the girls' skirts.

He was torn between making sense of it all or just letting the course of fate play out right in front of his very eyes. He felt that if he succumbed to the temptation of walking that line, he was afraid that he was alright if he was to die.

"Jeremy, are you okay?" Mari shot the question towards him.

He was violently pulled back to reality and he dismissed the possibility of getting into their skirt and he stood up and dusted himself.

"I'm alright." he managed to let out.

"Pathetic. Why do you associate yourself with this pervert Miss Mari?" the girl said as she sneered at Jeremy.

"What? Do you know this girl?" he asked.

Right about then, the girl retreated from Mari and charged towards Jeremy. Mari was quick on her feet and fended her off again.

"Nina! Stop it. What are you doing?!" Mari raised her voice at her.

"Why are you protecting him?" Nina asked.

"You! You should leave Miss Mari alone. You don't get to be by her side. She belongs to us. She belongs to me!" Nina screamed at Jeremy and several more people came out from the shadows. Girls, boys, but most of them looked like thugs, school thugs.

"Nina. Stop it. What is this? What do you want? I told you, I am not transferring." Mari stop.

"I know, it's because of this guy. You like him. That's the reason why you are staying at your school even if you hate your parents. And that's the reason why we need to teach him a lesson so he won't bother you again."

Mari fell silent. And as Jeremy took a peek, she was blushing and a bit embarrassed. This is bad. Focus Mari.

"You stay away from Mari!" Nina said and everyone took a step closer towards Mari and Jeremy.

Jeremy took a step forward to meet them.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. Mari and I are friends. Plus, I don't like being told what and what not to do." Jeremy said and as soon as he said it, he received a kick on his stomach. Mari was then held off by multiple people.

"Let go of her!" he said and he was punched in the face.

"Stop!!!" Mari screamed and the beating continues.

Tears fell from Mari's eyes and it seemed like a cue, everyone stopped moving.

"What. Why? Why are you crying Miss Mari? For him? Nooo!" Nina just lost it and she was just engulfed by rage. She looked towards Jeremy who was struggling to stand. She held the sword firmly and walked briskly towards Jeremy.

"You're prepared to die for that friendship?" she said while pointing the blade towards Jeremy's face.

"You never make a girl cry. Stupid." he said as he shoved the sword away and walked towards Mari.

He handed her a handkerchief and he smiled at Mari.

"Don't cry. This is nothing." he then lost consciousness and Mari was able to catch him as he was falling.

Mari's crew arrived at the scene causing the people to disperse and run away.

"You didn't have to act so coolly. You're so stupid." Mari mumbled with a genuine smile on her face.

Jeremy woke up the next day in the hospital.

"Hey, morning slugger. Your first fight huh?" Andrea said while she was on his bedside peeling out an orange.

He tried to move and he winced in pain. "Ouch."

"Be careful now, you'll be out here in three days," she said as she helped him sit on the bed.

"Two days?" he asked with a disappointed look on his face.

"That's the earliest according to the doctors. They need to observe you further. And I of course agree with them."

"What day is it?" he asked.

"It's Saturday. Oh yeah... the party. I'm sorry about that. "

"Me too."

"Oh yeah. Your friends brought these fruits earlier. Would you like some?"

"Yes please," he said while looking out the window.


And this has been another installment to my little story entitled, The Not So Perfect World. You can read the previous chapters of this story by clicking the link provided and you will then see everything that has been written so far.

I hope that you enjoyed this one even just for a bit. I also hope to bring more interesting stories and chapters to your screen.

I really appreciate you coming here and let me offer you a toast before I send you to another article, until I see you again...


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Published : 03-Dec-2021
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Written by   528
1 month ago
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