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Paper Roses:Long Forgotten but kept Hidden Part 5

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8 months ago

One day, my friends invited me to hang out at the Karaoke House or we preferred to called in here Videoke House.

Just near our place. It is 5 pesos per song before. Then later on two songs for 5 pesos then until it is not famous anymore.

As we all using dvd and sound system today. Then there's a bluetooth speaker too that can connect to YouTube and let you sing.

So this fun Videoke is very rare nowadays. And I missed this days. Where The world didn't turned upside down.

Where we are all innocent and having fun. But those days ended and I'm worried for the future of my kids. But God is good, He will always there. And will save our future generation.

The new normal as of today, is very far from normal.

I sing a song in titled "Everything I own" by Bread.

While singing, I saw Giovanni appeared! Hidden at the left side corner. Yeah even if I can only see his back or his hair. I will always recognize him.

"The eyes are blind but the heart will always see."

I excuse myself and went outside to talked to him.

We went on our same hidden dating place where no one else knows.

I looked at him, he seems drunk. I missed him so much but I am controlling myself not to touch him again.

He called me with my nickname but I didn't answer.

I created an endearment for the both of us. I will call him Crunchy then I'am his Sweety.

Too much sweet that it became bitter at the end.

Since studying I will always save my money for every special occasion. Like His Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's or any Holidays that meant to be celebrated.

I created hundreds of poems and letters for him that is written in a fragrance stationery paper.

And I always bought a Music Birthday card which is very well known during this time. When you open the card a Birthday music will play.

And that is all especially for him. Come to think of it. Both of us didn't have the courage to break up. He has tons of Girlfriends but he never told me that we should broke up and I myself don't have the courage to break up with him. My mouth won't open and my heart will not accept.

"I'm sorry, your boyfriend is a total asshole" that's what he said then hold my hand.

Well, I only eat what I said. But at least his the one who grabbed my hand.

I still didn't moved. He said sorry once again. And grab me to sit down with him.

He hugged me and said he missed me. And I missed him too like crazy. But still I don't know where I stand!

What Am I in his Life? Am I important? Or just for fun? I don't know! I really don't know! (How I wished he let me know during this time but I guess it's our fate that we are not meant to be.)

When It comes to him. I always give in. My heart will always dominate over my brain. That's why my friends will always called me a Martyr. Martyr for love without any assurance.

Martyr for the person that always broke my heart. But he is the one who can heal my broken heart too. Without him I cannot survive.

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We are back in each other's arms again. And I'm still working so we did not meet all the time unlike before.

I still knew that he is still with his girlfriends. But I didn't mind it at all. Whenever we met. He is mine.

That's what I always put on my mind.

One day I was very shocked on his news. A nuclear bombed news to be exact.

He wanted to stow away! Magtanan! That's the Filipino term. I don't know what's gotten into him that he is very decided to leave with me.

I know that he is already having a Family problem. But I don't like to touch his private life and I'm very young during this time.

While he is at the legal age to get married. But I cannot marry! I'm very young and afraid.

He said we will live at the Hometown of her Mother in Leyte. He wanted to marry me immediately but thinking of living in, while I'm still young is not acceptable for me.

I wanted to walk down the aisle not just to stow away without saying goodbye to my Mom and relatives. And thinking that it is not legal that I'am still a Mistress on this situation so I declined and said no.(Well until now I'am still not legally married,but instead accused of being a Mistress, what a life. Just wondering if I accepted his offer will I be happy? Who knows....)

I can see the sadness in his eyes. Just what is his problem? He will not shared it with me! He will not tell me.

Some said that he is not a good influence to me. Because he drink, he smoke, he hangs out with his friends to God knows where.

But he didn't ever encouraged me to do what is wrong! To smoke and drink. Never at all. But instead when we met. We have our own world.

He is caring and passionate. He is very intelligent and that's what I like the most of him.

And now looking at the man that I love. Begging to stow away with him. Why not? Right? It's my chance to be with him! To own him. To be the only one in his eyes. It's my chance to throw away those girls around him.

But my mind won't cooperate. I still have so many doubts and what ifs!

I just hold his hand and told him that I cannot. I can't do the wrong. I still don't have the courage for it.

He just looked me in the eyes and called me.

"King...." That's my nickname.

So very far away from my Real name. And only few friends of mine knows my nickname.

We did not talked about it at all. And he never mentioned it again.

We still met once in awhile if I'm off at my work.

Then one day I heard him confessing with my Aunt that he is in love with a girl...


Another Girlfriend?

Another heartache of mine....

Will my heart can still carry the heartbreak?...

To be continued....

leejhen 💞

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Written by   566
8 months ago
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Awts another' heartbreak nga ba 😲hahaha

$ 0.00
8 months ago

This is a right decision. I hope she only think that she will be a mistress because of his good tons. I hope she will find teacher where she learn more and more. She is trying to escape something by settling with you, that actually scary.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

Woahhh grabehann namn ituuu bakit may pa kabitan anyways nainlab nanamn sya sa other girl ang bilis and tama po buti di po natuloy ang pagtatanan, loving someone should be patience and free not just escape thats pathetic hehehe waiting po sa next part

$ 0.00
8 months ago

She's is in a right decision. A good decision that she will never regrets in life. Being a mistress is a sin, you ruin some families of others. You show yourself without a respect. You'll be forever burden the pains and heartaches. Regrets always in presence till the end.

I can't wait for the next part miss jhen..Have a nice day..❤️

$ 0.05
8 months ago

She is not a literal Mistress as Giovanni is still single during this time. She only think that she will be a Mistress because of his tons of Girlfriends around him. And she regret by saying no. Well past is past we cannot change it.

$ 0.00
8 months ago

Ah.. I hope she will find the one ma'am jhen that make her happy forever...❤️❤️

$ 0.05
8 months ago

She did not😅 because that's me😁

$ 0.00
8 months ago

Very good decision of saying No! It is a wise act to not make decisions in a haste. Even if you see him as the best person in the world, the fact is you still do NOT know him completely. Marriage is not a one hour decision only. Maybe that time, he was trying to escape something by settling with you, that's actually scary. You could be handling a bigger trouble if ever you really said YES.

I really waited for this part. Hahaha, again, so excited po for the next.

$ 0.05
8 months ago

Hahaha that was 2 decades ago and in this age of mine I really regret that I said no.

$ 0.00
8 months ago