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Dream Collections:The Raging Clouds

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4 months ago

January 18, 2022

Time of waking up:Tuesday @9:15 A.M

I thought that I would not dream again. But who am I joking. I know that I will be keep on dreaming. But thankful that the dream gives me a break.

And also the ghosts, wondering where they are right now. But it gives me peace of mind. Although I miss them sometimes lol.

Now let's proceed to the main topic. Welcome to my Dreamland again...

Strange Big Tree

The same as usual the settings are as black as the crow and I already used to it. And it is still very creepy.

In an unknown place, there's a big strange tree. And there are many people but I don't know them except for my friend's family. Her husband and kids are with her.

We are just standing and talking with each other when I suddenly noticed the big tree. It's huge and very fat. It's branches is hanging beautifully. And there are many fruits, a cotton fruit. It's full of white cotton fruits.

Then I suddenly told my friend,"Now I know why they moved." It just came out in my mouth but I don't know why I told it. But my friend just don't understand me and didn't mind me at all. I just continued to looked at the big tree. I find it strange but at the same time very beautiful.

Then everything around became blurred and turned upside down. I transferred to another setting.

The Golden Orange Clouds

I'am walking towards the school of my daughters. When a motorcycle arrived and I saw my Mom riding at the back wearing a long sleeve red gown. She is murmuring something that only she, can understand.

In just a blink of an eye, the dark clouds suddenly opened. And a ray of Golden orange light greeted my eyes. It was very bright but it is not hurtful to look at.

And I looked at above. The Dark Clouds was replaced by the Golden Orange clouds. It shines brightly but my heart suddenly felt worried.

And my mom is very noisy and keep on saying that she needs to ride again. I don't know where she is going. My heart is very worried that It makes me turned around and run fast.

The bright Golden light and clouds are not normal as I can slowly felt the hotness all over the surroundings. But it didn't bother me at all. I run fast and my mom is chasing me at the back.

She is very noisy that It irritates my ear. She is saying something again and I shouted at her. Saying her to shut up as the world turned upside down and there's nowhere to run.

And my heart is very worried for the kids that I left in our house. I am determined to went back. But suddenly the clouds falls down like a flood in the road.

It's a dirty white clouds mixed with light blue. Just imagine that! For me it's very creepy, witnessing the fallen of the clouds.

It is blocking my way. No matter how much I wanted to went back. It will not allowed us. And the Golden Orange clouds from up above is getting hotter too.

The dirt white colored clouds keep on falling and is blocking the road. No matter how hard I tried to cross but I can't! It is hot and full of rage. Seeing the clouds fallen my hope also fell.

But my determination did not. I wanted to cross and I will no matter what! I tried it again and again until the surroundings changed again.

This time I'am with the kids in a strange dark road. They are very happy as we are going to a beach outing.

Just want the F? I'am still wondering where is the raging clouded that block my way. But it's gone. They are all ready except me but I didn't bother at all. The kid's already packed up their clothes for the outing so, I just go with the flow.

But there is no one to ride. I kept looking around when suddenly two motorcycle appeared side by side from left to the right. But there's something off with the driver's face.

The two looks very serious and formal. I asked them if they can drive us to the beach but no one answered me. They are just sitting there with a stern look. And it's beginning to be creepy.

The kids are very happy while I'm puzzled. I asked one of them if we can ride but he just looked at me with a weird expression. Just what the F?

Then I woke up seeing those weird eyes of the driver.

I wished that I can sleep peacefully without dreaming. But it didn't happened at all. I wished that this is not a warning but it is...

Just always praying but I cannot undone what is already written and will bound to happen in the future.

leejhen 💞

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Written by   571
4 months ago
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There's something between the tree sis, and I'm also dreaming on that. I don't know what's behind on that tree,but other's say it's really creepy thing to be happen.

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4 months ago

It's somethin creepy sis. I'm really scared with the big trees too. In our province at my father's place because they are living in a countryside, you can see a lot of big trees everywhere. It looks creepy because they have no neighbors too. You can see only the big trees.

I don't want to dream like that too sis but sometimes I am.

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4 months ago

Today my aim want to read more then three article and that's my task. Lets Start about article and that's what I have collection of dreams in our life.

I just want to make you very especially because you are ao great about hardworking

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4 months ago