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Sponsorship Result Announce

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3 months ago

Hello everyone Good afternoon..Hope you all are good☺️

I am announcing the sponsorship results now..

I received huge number of applications..So from there i selected 20 authors based on their best article..

Here the winner list:

1. @PASTOR001

2. @Mirriam23

3. @Meher89


5. @annoftheroses

6. @jane

7. @errolmoako

8. @lioness777

9. @Hiyamoni123

10. @EYERISH687

11. @Myt.24

12. @Jthan

13. @bheng620

14. @rhoi2418

15. @RI-Robin

16. @Akash.

17. @Pluma

18. @Vladilus

19. @Saha99saha

20. @Cutie_Angel_Mukta

Congratulations winners 🎉🎉

U guys comment below so that i can sent you easily⬇️

If your name isn't in the list, please don't worry..Next time I will arrange again..So please stay with me and support me.

Thank you everyone.🤗🤗

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Written by   153
3 months ago
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