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My Girlfriend is a Yakuza chapter 7

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2 days have passed and its weekend, They're planning to go in Amusement park and invite and Tadashi to go with their brothers and sister.

And they all arrived.

"Thank you, Fujiwara." Tadashi thank her again as she bow..

"No problem."

Airan fall in line and bought their tickets... They're now going inside.

"Wow!!!" The kids' eyes were sparkling and excited. It was their first time going to that kind of park.

Even Yumiko's eyes are also sparkling and getting excited.

They first went to the carousel . And the kids are enjoying.

"Big brother!" They're calling their brothers as they are waving while turning around.

"Big brother, it's so fun!" Rika is enjoying, seeing her big smile on her face. Tadashi smiled.

As Yumiko saw him smile, it also make her smile as well...

'Stop... What Am I thinking?' She snap out.

Later on, Airan take the kids in the other rides. Yumiko suddenly grabbed their hands and pull them.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

Yumiko take them in the roller coaster.

"No way. I'm passed.." Miura said while taking step backward.

"Why? Don't you want to go?" She asked.

"Are you okay?" Tadashi asked Miura.

"Of course I'm okay!! Huh! This is only Roller coaster! I can ride! Hahahaha!" 

"Ohh! That's a spirit! Let's go!" I shout out..

It's thwir turn to ride. Tadashi and her sit in the front while Miura's at the back of them with the other guy.

"Let's go!" She shout as she raised her hand up.

The engine start and they're moving up and down with a fast speed. Yumiko who keep on shouting.

10 minutes after, they went down... and Miura suddenly throw out.


"Haha! I knew it, Ken's going to throw up" Sabi ni Tadashi.

"Shut up!"

"Pffft! Ahahaha!" Yumiko laugh.

They came.

"Oh? Miura, what happen to you?"  Takumi asked.

"We just went to roller coaster and... This. He didn't say that he's scared of heights and trying to be proud " Sabi ni Tadashi answered.

They laughed at him! Hahahaha.

"Here drink this." Rusuke gave him medicine and take a rest.

"Thank you, sir." He take the medice drink and sit on the bench with them.

'Now what... I'm sure Tadashi will stay over as well..' she thought as she was looking at him.

Tadashi looked at Yumiko as he knows what she's thinking.

"Let's go there." He pointed the upside down ride.

"Aren't you going to stay with him?"  She was surprised that he's inviting her to ride with him.

"Why will I? He can stand on his own. I don't want to nurse him." Sabi niya.

"Oi. I can here that."

"Hahahaha! Okay let's go."

We went to the waiting line.

"You go first." 

"Thank you. " Sabi ko.

Both of them had gone many rides. They even went to the haunted house booth.

"Aren't you scared in something like this too?" Tadashi asked.

Well seeing Yumiko she's more having fun than seeing scared.

"Nope. They're just figurines and mannequins.." she said.

"Heh~. It's not surprising. After all, you're the granddaughter of that." He said as he scoffed.

"Ah... Hehehe." Her sweat drops.

After that, they went again to another monster rides.

"You really like to ride in here?" Tadashi asked..

"Yep. I really wanted to try this. 4? no 5 years I was in in other country. It's been a while since I last visit here." I grinned.

"I see. Let's make this memorable." He smiled at me gently.

Budumb budumb budumb. That's what her heart beats.

'Eh? What's the meaning of this?' She thought as she touch her heart.

"You okay?"

"Ah... Yeah..." She answered. 'what.... Was that?'

And they ride again.... Until they're going to rest

"It's so much fun!." She's really having fun.

"The fireworks display gonna start soon." He said while looking at his watch.

I also checked my watch. "Oh yeah! There's 30 minutes before it starts.."

"Let's ride in the Ferris wheel, so we can see it whole!" He suddenly pulled her hand and they ran and went to the ferris wheel....

Budump budump...

'Why does my heart beat so fast? Was it always like this? Or could it be the effect of the rides? It's so weird.' she thought and worried about herself.

They have entered inside.


"Thank you Fujiwara." Tadashi suddenly talked and thanking her.

"Eh?" She turned around looking at him

"I mean. You invited us here, you made my sister happy, even Miura's siblings too. Thank you." He said.

"Ah. It was nothing. Actually I should be the one thanking you, right now."

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"You see... It's my first time to go in a place like this... With friends." She said.

"I see.." He just smiled at me. "Oh yeah, Fujiwara. I haven't asked Miura about you.. aside from that thing... Why did you study there?" Oh yeah, he haven't know the reason yet.

"Actually, my parents were the one enrolled me there in Karasu.  I really thought I will be going to an elite school. And so yeah, I ended up going there... and them.. Ran away after I got enrolled. It's funny, right?  But right now, I am somehow get to use it." I said to him

"I know, I don't have the right to ask you this..."

"Hmm? What is it?"

"I asked your bodyguard Airan about you last time. Is it true that you don't have any friends there?" He suddenly become serious and curious of her.

"Well... Yeah..."   Yumiko lowered her head.

"It must be painful..."

Nagnod ako.

"Don't worry... I will be your your first friend." He said and smiled.

She suddenly raised her head and was surprised he said that.

"Don't worry, you won't be sad anymore, Yumiko."

Budump... Budump... 

'He's the first person who called me by my name aside from my brothers and Airan.' she thought... 'but... Should i really trust him? I mean... Yeah he's my classmate......' she has doubt. Well it's only days since they know each other.

"I..." She was really totally speechless...

"You call me Shin, then I'll call you by your first name, Yumiko. This is a first step as a friend.."

Budumb budumb budumb. Her heart beat is getting faster.

'What's happening? Am I sick or what? Waaaa!'

While we're staring each other, we didn't noticed were already on top. And they start the fireworks display. She turned around watching the fireworks.

"Wow! It's so beautiful!" 

While they're watching, Tadashi is saying something, but Yumiko didn't hear it. She turned around gazing her.

'I want to ask him what he said but I'm too shy. I ended up staring him until the fireworks is over.'

Later, their turn is over and went down and meet them.

"Let's eat first. Where do you guys want to eat?" Rusuke asked

"We're fine anywhere, sir Rusuke.." Shin replied.

"Alright, let's eat there.." Rusuke said as he point the food station at their back.

While they're walking, There's a motorcycle inside the amusement part. They scrolling at the center and Yumiko almost got hit. Tadashi pulled her hand and hugged me.

"Oi!! Those guys!" Miura shout at them..

Yumiko's face turned to red. And it seems Rusuke noticed something and he smirked.

"You okay?" Shin asked?

'He save me and he's also worried about me. How sweet he is... What... Yumiko stahhhppp!!' Trying to snap out

"Y-yeah... Thank you.." She hurriedly stand

Until they got in the food station and had our dinner... Then after they eat, they ride once again in some and then after that they're going home.

"Thank you again, Fujiwara!" Shin and Miura thanked them and they bowed at them..

"Thank you big sis!" The kids also thanked us.

"You're welcome. Promise is a promise remember?" So this is the promise that they were talking about in previous chapter. "Take care on your way home guys."

Later they have arrived home safely as well as them.

What will going to happen next? It seems that Yumiko's heart is acting strange?

Will there be a development from those two?

To be continued...

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Written by   197
1 year ago
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