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Heartbeat1515 random read #18

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4 months ago

I have not been reading a lot of other articles other than the submission to Curation Duo #1 for my previous random read. Since I already decided to separate the mention, I can focus on one at a time.

  1. Christians: How I Came To Salvation written by @buckeyebkd

    This is written for the community SST: Christians, therefore if you are not a christian and want to skip it, it is alright. This is quite a refreshing read for me. The author is sharing the reason for his journey to becoming a Christian.

  2. 10 simple way to find happiness in your life written by @hassanj

    He wrote about things that I can conclude as building more positivity in life. Perhaps this article can help some of you to change your perspective about happiness in general.

  3. I am responsible for my sleepless nights written by @Raah_hi

    I am more of the 'D' type of person when I am unable to sleep. I often let my thoughts control me and it keeps me thinking all night. I will end up getting sleepy the next day. This author has some ideas on how to solve the problem, perhaps I will give it a try. Being active is not too hard I think. It is easy to make my physical tired but the challenge for me would be to make my mind tired. I am glad to have and a few others where I can pour out my thoughts.

  4. Respect: Give and You will Receive written by @noisytoothie

    I have the same opinion as to her. In my opinion, respect is something that we earn instead of asking someone for it. It is something I learned in my earlier days but then as I grow into an adult and start working, respect is something that is a must give to someone who has a higher rank or older than us. Regarding the older part, I agree with but sometimes when I see an adult behaving worst than a child it is unavoidable to be a little bit irritated. The values of respect that I have known before does not apply to the community I know now but if that is how the world is going to go now, I will just follow the flow and eventually it will become a normal routine or attitude for me.

  5. Death: Is this something to be afraid of? written by @noisytoothie

    What do you think of the title? I once tried to kill myself a few times before because I cannot cope with the stressful surrounding but then I come to the realization the day I got married. I am not yet ready to die. I have a lot more things to settle, to make sure that those I leave behind will not suffer after I am gone. At least they will not suffer for the things I am not able to settle during my life. Well, of course, this is my plan but it is God that decides how long I will live. He already failed my suicide before, I believe He will let me accomplish the things I need to do before giving an end to the breath he once gave me. I do not know about the afterlife but I do have a lot of perception in my own mind. Have a read on what the author wrote about this.

  6. HERACLITUS and the ideas of his time @written by @cesarandresdp

    I need to re-read this one again for my weakness is to keep my focus on reading a long article at a time. Perhaps if you could read this with me it'll help me a lot. Leave your comment on this article(not here) and I will read it there.

Most of the reading is from my moderation queue and I guess I read two articles from the same author too. I hope you enjoy reading and please help me with the last mention. I would like to know what you think about it. Thank you in advance.

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Written by   241
4 months ago
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hey heartbeat1515... thanks for adding my article on No. 2 position

10 simple way to find happiness in your life written by @hassanj

I wrote this article for making people positive thinker and also want to help thoose that are really in a sad situation..

Always you just need to believe on yourself and believe on God... So you feel satisfied and Happy 😍

Apprentice brother ❤️

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4 months ago