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Heartbeat1515 random read #16

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6 months ago

It has been a while. I am currently hosting a Curation duo program along with @wakeupkitty. The purpose and details of the program can be read here. You can read more from the link I included in the article too. Get to know more about both of us so that you will know what kind of reader we are.

  1. Belinda: 6 written by @glossyberrycraze

    Finally the last part of the story. I thought that it would be a ghost story but it is closer to reality. Perhaps, there is a real occasion that happened in the past too. I like the twist of its end. I hope the other reader who joined me in reading this story will also be satisfied with how the author ends her story. Well, here it is the final part. It is not Andrew but it is him.

  2. Senior Citizens Covid19 Vaccination: Experiential Journal is written by @LykeLyca

    She is sharing her own experiences regarding both of her parent journeys to take the vaccination of Covid-19. If you are still wondering whether you wanted to take the vaccine or not, maybe you can give this a read.

    Just make sure that your decision is yours alone so that no one will be blamed later or you will have no regret after that. It is a new thing and it is not easy to adapt or accept but still, we need to decide for ourselves. Don't let others make the decision for you.

  3. Live dying or die living written by @gertu13

    It is a little bit different vibes from gertu13 in this article. I wonder if anyone else feeling the same as me. Have you ever encountered someone who is diagnosed with cancer? Have you ever listen to their story? I have met some. Some are still alive and some has already gone. They have amazing story regardless of who they are in the past. I have met those who give up on life earlier than they should too. They look like a dead person even though they are still alive and fit enough to do their activities of daily living independently.

  4. Eye Catching Written by @wakeupkitty

    Here is another example of the Curation Duo program submission. How has it been going for you since the pandemic started? Did you experience life as the way she describes it in her poem and article? or perhaps you have another story to tell us.

  5. No excuses written by @Bjorn

    @SheBlogsToo, perhaps you would like to read this article for motivation. He wrote the story of a cancer patient for an example. What are your excuses when you cannot write? Mine? "I do not have enough time."

    A friend of mine @Ezra uses every free time she has to write bit by bit of her articles until it is complete and ready to be published. With her attitude, my reason becomes unreliable. I just need to push myself a little bit just like the first moment I started writing. Well, this highlight is for the author. Give him a read.

#randomread will now be written once a week. This is all the article that I managed to read for today. For the next random read, I will be collecting all the articles that I managed to read in one week along with my personal thought about what I read.

  • If you have any good article that you want to suggest reading, You can include the link in my comments below. Make sure to include your own personal thoughts along with the link you gave.

  • One person, one link only. I cannot read much but I will try my best. Make sure that the article you recommend has not been mention yet by the other.

  • If you have the time, stop by and read the other recommendation too.

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Written by   244
6 months ago
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OMG. I have been so late in reading the Belinda series. I really have to check it out. Imma save this one so I won't forget it for real now. Hahaha.

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6 months ago

Thanks for dropping by and reading. 😊 You're right. Decisions must be made by us, so we wont be blaming anyone.

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6 months ago