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8 months ago

Part 6

A lot of possibilities and questions came to mind and I realized I won’t get any answer if I just wait and do nothing. One thing I’m sure, Andrew can answer all of this. I decided to go to where Andrew is the next morning. If he isn’t really Billy’s stalker, I’m sure he knows something. He definitely knows what I’m talking about. I don’t know but it feels like Andrew is protecting someone.

I arrived at Andrew’s home early in the morning. I was about to get off the car when I saw him walking out of their gate. I decided to get off the car and follow him secretly. I made sure to be as natural as possible and I kept my distance so he wouldn’t notice. I just followed and followed until he walked fast into an alley and I lost sight of him. I ran to where I last saw his back but he’s nowhere. I am getting nervous as the thought of him being aware of me creeped into. I heard low rustling sounds on the right from where I was standing. I walked slowly to not make a noise. I saw big trash bins from where the noise is coming and my heart beat faster as I get nearer the corner of the bins. I let out a loud breath when I saw a cat struggling to get out of a box. I want to laugh at myself. I can’t believe I thought this poor little cat was Andrew. I was about to turn back when someone suddenly grabbed me from behind.

I woke up in a dark room. Am I kidnapped? But my hands and feet are not tied, and I am in a bed. My head is filled with confusion. I heard someone talking, more like, arguing with another. I walked to the closed door and opened it slightly to see who’s outside. The light outside the room where I am in is blinding. I am disappointed but not surprised to see Andrew outside. He looks like he’s in a heated argument with someone while he’s facing the mirror. I can’t see who he’s talking with but confusion took over me when I realized there is no one else speaking aside from him. And he is clearly not in a phone call.

My heart jumped when he suddenly looked at me so to my horror, I abruptly closed the door. He was saying something but I was unable to get what he said. The door opens revealing Andrew looking darkly at me. He stared at me for minutes and his face suddenly softens, which is confusing me. I am not saying anything because I’m waiting for him to explain everything from the beginning. I know he wouldn’t hurt me. I realized that when I woke up because if he will, he could’ve done that when I was still sleeping. Minutes passed, he started to confess to me everything.

A year later.

Two years had passed since Billy died, and one year for Andrew. I visited him because this was the least I can do for him. My heart has healed from all that has happened, and I’m sure Billy has, too.

Andrew had multiple personality disorder. His other self, he called him Drew. Unlike the kind and understanding Andrew that we knew and I loved, Drew was the exact opposite. He told me Drew was like his twin brother and he can hear him in his mind, every day. There were days when Drew would take over his body, and that explains the letters sent to Billy. Drew fell in love with my sister, but it was the dangerous kind of love. He was obsessed. Drew is ruthless, he doesn’t care about anyone but Andrew and Billy. And that may be the reason why Andrew can’t let go of him, he sees Drew as his family because he was adopted.

The day Billy died, he actually went to see Drew, just as he wanted. But Billy didn’t know anything about his condition. Billy believed it was Andrew all along. Andrew also confessed that his other personality tried to take advantage of my sister. It was raining that day and Billy tried so hard to get away from that place, and that’s when she met the accident.

I didn’t know what to feel that day. I knew in my heart I was blaming him why Billy died. If she hadn’t gone to that place, if only Drew didn’t exist, she would’ve been still alive until now. But I also blamed myself, there was still part of me saying that if I only followed her that day, I could’ve protected her myself. But I also pity him. I pity him so much, I left him that day without saying anything.

A week later, news came to me that Drew no longer existed, but so as Andrew.


Hi, everyone. Sorry for the very late update. I was busy with my proposal. And sad to say, our defense was rescheduled which basically means more work for me.

Yeah, this is the last part of Belinda. I really just intended this to have six parts so I am now ending my first written English story. I know this have many shortcomings but allow me to be better for the next coming ones (hoping there will be lol).

Thank you to those who made it this far with my story. Stay safe!

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Written by   22
8 months ago
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What a relief getting to the end. Thank you. I am satisfied with the ending. No wonder Billy tried to hide it for years.

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8 months ago