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How to set up smartBCH Network on Metamask and smartBCH - CoinFlex Bridge

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I compiled some basic information on how to set up a SmartBCH network to MetaMask wallet then connect my MetaMask wallet to coinFlex and then SmartBCH and CoinFlex Bridge. Thanks to @MyHero for guiding me.

what is SmartBCH?

smartBCH is a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash and has an aim to explore new ideas and unlock novel possibilities. A sidechain is a blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions with a special relationship with the main chain because of a two-way peg; in this case between Bitcoin Cash and smartBCH.

By developing optimized, high-throughput, and hardware-friendly libraries compatible with the de facto standards of smart contracts, DeFi applications can be easily migrated into Bitcoin Cash's ecosystem and run fluently at low cost.

Source: smartBCH Frequently Asked Questions (click for more information)

smartBCH on MetaMask

To add the SmartBCH network on MetaMask you can follow these simple instructions.

  • Go to your MetaMask wallet.

  • Go to settings -> Networks -> Add Network

    > Network Name: SmartBCH

    >RPC URL: or (either of the two)

    >Chain ID: 10000

    >Currency Symbol: BCH

    >Block Explorer URL:

MyHero's Post:

After that, you can confirm it by checking here. see the image below.

SmartBCH - CoinFlex Bridge

To know more about smartBCH and CoinFlex, kindly click this link.

SmartBCH and CoinFlex Roadmap

  • Go to -> website/app

  • You can register using email or you can directly connect your MetaMask wallet then verify your account. Enable 2FA authenticator for better security.

  • Deposit BCH to CoinFlex

    >Go to wallet and order select deposit.

    >Select BCH tab then copy BCH add or scan the QR-code to send BCH.

    *Take note: Choose BCH tab and NOT SEP20

  • Withdraw BCH From CoinFlex to MetaMask

    > Go to your Metamask wallet the copy your address (Ex. 0x2a01a145a28b465d1Ff2De331dAdD829E570fBB6) Feel free to send some tokens haha.

    > Go to wallet and order then select Withdraw.

    > Select BCH (coin list), SEP20 tab on a network section.

    > Paste your MetaMask address in the destination address textbox (Set the BCH amount you wanted to send)

    > Don't forget to submit and confirm the transaction.

MetaMask to CoinFlex (Sending BCH)

  • Go to your MetaMask Account -> SmartBCH network

  • Go to CoinFlex-> Deposit page -> Get the SEP20 address

  • Asset(BCH) -> Set the desired amount and gas price in the transaction (Example: Amount = 0.0001 BCH Gas Price = 1.1)

  • Confirm the transaction.

Three ways to view the transactions.


Author's Note:

This is not financial advice. Please always DYOR.

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