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There is this open source project, when I saw it for the first time I wanted to participate and be part of it. But in my country plastics are not as big of a problem as in other places and there is not much space to have a workshop dedicated for that.

Nevertheless this is one of the most awesome concepts I have seen, and it just needs some dedication.

Precious plastics is decentralized and you can earn by doing something very useful for the environment.
All you need is dedication, and action.

Example 1
Create a collection point.

Example 2
Pick up plastics and deliver them at a shredding facility.

Example 3
If there is no shredding facility near you, create one.

Option 1
If you have no money to create one, start a flipstarter or kickstarter.

Option 2
If you don't know how to do these things, or how to get involved, take care of community, connect with people and be a hub..

Example 4
Start a machine workshop to build plastic materials. Using extrusion, for example.

One use of the recycled plastics

You have the schematics of the machines and you can buy or build them yourself.
Learn and share.

edit: discord channel here

All open source, all waiting for you to do something about the place where you live and your community.

Don't forget, be safe.

edit2: @vevo after discussing how to start, starting a community point, that becomes the main information and co-ordination hub for people who want to help out, is the way to go. Here
and here

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