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Brief Update about my house building using Bitcoin Cash [with no photos]

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3 months ago

You must be asking yourself:"why there are no photos in this update?", simple: I want to show the work when it has been fully covered.

Fortunately the work is going very well, the other part that was missing the cover is being worked on and in November (next update) the article will be filled with magnificent photos of the project. Also note that once again I received a donation made by my anonymous donor who helped and continues to help in the completion of the project.

The project to build the house using Bitcoin Cash started in 2021 in June and has gradually been carried out thanks to the goodwill of the Bitcoin Cash community in a gesture that not only enhances the usability of the currency in the real Cash world where the world will be able to appreciate the work and can witness that it was made fully funded using Bitcoin Cash.

At the time of writing this article, the masons are making adjustments to the work because we discovered that there is an infiltration that allows rainwater to enter inside the house, this is crucial in order to solve the problem and continue with the covering on the next stage of the house. With the donation received recently, on the 28th of September, I was able to increase some essential material such as cement and some irons as well as make some payments (because in this kind of work there is always something missing) and even buy electrical material to complete and move to the part with coverage giving continuation of execution in the other part of the house.

The November update will be a culmination of hard work and extensive thanks to the community for their unconditional support also to my godfather for his financial support as thanks to him I am less than one thousand and five hundred dollars worth in Bitcoin Cash from completing the structural part of the house.

By the way, I created a PDF with all the photos of the construction of the residence and that tells a story of a project carried out for more than a year which could be found on Telegram specially created for the appreciation of the entire Bitcoin Cash community.

It is an honor to be part of this house (the BCH community) and as I have been doing with the monthly and regular updates we will close the year with the structural part of the house using Bitcoin Cash completed, of course, then another marathon comes with the investment in doors, windows, tiles to the floor etc that will make the house have a noticeable visibility and stay on the world's radar for those who want to appreciate everything made thanks to the use of Bitcoin Cash provided by the community.

November will be remarkable!

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Bitcoin Cash works in the real world and makes life improvised for the better, after all the currency does not need to be issued by the government, it does not need to be stored in banks, it works all over the world, it has low fees and fast processing. Today I'm talking about a construction using Bitcoin Cash but it has different uses and with a global acceptance by merchants that help to expand the currency as well as diversify payment options.

In the portfolio management world, Bitcoin Cash can be used in DeFi (using the SmartBCH side-chain) and also anyhedge which works to give Bitcoin Cash users an innovative way to long or hedge Bitcoin Cash without having to concede custody, all taking place in a decentralized way.

Keep supporting my project to continue, also use Bitcoin Cash for better currency spread as well as popularity as P2P electronic money that works for the people.

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Written by   1074
3 months ago
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