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Exams are Blessings that rewards you new Version of life

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1 month ago

Today,I have done and dusted my Nutrition paper.As it is end of this month so I put a side my busy schedule and make an aim to write an article about my exams.After reading my article you will be able to:

  • How to prepare for exam by smart work?

  • How to handle and face with paper depression?

  • What strategies should be adopted for a good exam result?

How I managed stress and depression that affected the lives of many medicos.Even some student don't control their nerves and the value of paper is replaced by their lives.I have very good example of my friend when we were newbie and my fiend died due to paper depression.I believe:

"Exams are just game of nerves,who have batter control of their nerves is more successful"

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How To Prepare yourself for exam by smart work?

Yesterday I was Also worried about my nutrition paper as it contains many table values and most part was from agriculture that was every time tough for me.Actually I was taking online classes from the start of my semester with no practical exposure.So it was tough for me How I prepare my Exam.I had to prepare for 20 topics most tough including them were:

  • Forages by- products Hay and Silage preparation

  • How you Market the agriculture by products

Being a vet,when you also has a paper of nutrition and you should be ready as a nutritionist the exam and evaluation of nutrients.Although it was tough but I managed.Everyone who is reading my article might be already know the strategies that I adopted but it was new and how I managed the world biggest problem known as depression during exam was my 1st experience in this COVID pandemic.I am single but I have to prepare 20 topics including 7 research articles.After thinking a lot.My mind was ready to accept I should take help from my friends and Successfully we were able to make a study group. I believe on smart work.And I believe in group study.

What is study group?

study group is a small group of people who regularly meet to discuss shared fields of study. These groups can be found in a high school or college/university.

Image 2

Thank God with the help of study group I was able to discuss and debate about my question that were strange 1st when I was alone.We are 4 students and everyone discussed the all topics with ease.I recommend you who is reading never study alone rather than make a group And discuss.I have a favorite proverb here for you:

"Thinking has dominance over Knowledge"

It is of course true.When many people think with different angle about a single topic.Different questions arises and you have many question and much more thinking that added a pile of good study in your mind.This is how we prepare my tough paper with smart work.

How to handle and face with paper depression?

Depression is 1st problem that has affected even every 2nd person in the world.Depression can be linked to your feelings even.So I give you an advice that would be effective for you.Being a doctor I can understand better this thing and How we can mange it?

First we try to understand what is depression?

"Any thing that deviate your mind from the normal process of thinking is called disturbance and consequence of disturbance when pressed your power of thinking heavenly it is called depression"

Image 3

When you are busy in normal process of thinking millions of neurons are working with sensitive coordination.This is the perfect thing that influenced us to say Thank to God.

How you can tackle with depression?

You all are now thinking about,I shall mention here some kinds of barbiturates or some kind of coffee.No,no and no this thing make you mental problematic Patient.I recommend you simple thing everyone here can do it.That thing is called busyness.All you need you should make some activities that are favorite for you.I am fond of swimming and I make ready to my friend for swimming.Being medicos they well-know about how to tackle with depression?.They got ready and make a plan for visiting swimming.Yes,Guys for tackle depression we make a plan to make our life busy.When we were at swimming pool we were totally ignorant of paper.We spend about three hours there and make some pictures as a memory.

Image 4
Image 5

What Strategies should be adopted for Good exam result?

As I mentioned above all we need to do is given below:

  • Control your nerves and never be depressed.

  • Join study Group.

  • Divide all the syllabus Into the members equally.

  • After completing syllabus make a comprehensive discussion.

  • During study when you are bored make a schedule for your pleasure I mean you should make a plan for your favorite activity

  • Be calm and relax

  • Always pray to God for your help.

I can say with 100% certainty if you adopted all my recommendations.You are result waiting for you would be 95%.So don't be lazy and believe you can do everything.

Closing Thoughts

Although I am busy in my exams but when I was depressed and faced too many good and did creative things I have decided to share with my read cash feiends.I hope they would like it.This article was all about exams for which many people are not ready.How I prepare I give you recommendation,some tips and good price of tips.




  • My friends Android

  • Depression definition taken from www.Wikipedia.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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Beautifully written, and educational thanks for this piece. Now I can calm my nerves when ever I have exams.

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1 month ago