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A Random Star predicted,"Without BCH a Land can be named as Land of Poverty"

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2 months ago

Although it is my 12th achievement here,I am able to write about My Love coin BCH.But I have more passion and more knowledge to be here@Read.Cash . As you see my title many of you think that I am an astronomer that know the knowledge about future predicting through the moment of star.Oh I am not astronomer I am doctor you can check my profile and social links here.The other important beauty that I mentioned here,"A land without BCH can be named as land of poverty".

designed made by me Through Canva

Many of authors And read cash users might be shocked to hear this from me.What about you ma'am @bmjc98 and ma'am Super doper @jane lol 😂What you think about my title tell me here.So many of us think this statement would be wrong but I give you scientific proof and Logically you would be accept my statement here.I have two strong point still that are so solid and has worth like Diamond.

  • BCH Past,Present And Future perspective

  • BCH and burrowing institute that helped underdeveloped countries through Loan Scheme

BCH Past Era when it was a baby

BCH past Era is just like a baby dwindling and learning how to walk on the ground of market.It go into dumping when its fuel ran out and pumped when it approach a rocket that was able to take it onto the space.My babo oh no I mean BCH once when I gained its attention through noise cash in 2020 its price was about 1BCH=300$.Being a newbie and Immature I am sad.At that time I was not able to Buy BCH as many luckiest users here buy and now they are enjoying its fruits with ice-cream as a reward.But now I can't set for sorrow and mourning.I am man To whom God has blessed with attractive features.So I used my past experience and when I find chance I buy more BCH as I can afford.

BCH Present Era You can say Era of Youthful age

After a year,when I leave my past into my mind and come back to my present age.I found BCH as young as I am about 22 years old full bloom,full of hope and full of dreams.I know BCH has not so much age many legends can criticize me for this.But I am trying to explore facts about BCH.When Everyone that Loved BCH here and is reading my this article know the greatest pump of BCH in this year.What a year ma'am @Judith1969 .You really enjoy it because I found you generous who helped many of the deserved one through BCH love.After pump and again I found dump as this is the real beauty of BCH.Actually pump is for profit And dump is buying signal.If you are trader And investors you will not be able to deny to my statement.BCH at my present breath has value you can see:

Graph derived through Bitcoin com.wallet (Image Source Screen shot captured by my Android)

BCH Graph Analysis from May-2020 to May 2021

BCH Future Era As the King of King of Crypto Including Shitcoin

Wao,many of you will say I am bragging and making fun.Then go to a bright side wake from your deepen sleep.I am undergraduate student and a researcher.I believe on facts and number game.But here is Crypto game lol.So make my statement more prominent And able to understand.As Already I have mentioned I am not astronomer.I believe the figures,graphs And experts vision.Yeah!I always visit the social accounts of many experts here the best one I mentioned here.If you are eager and have desire be 2025 millionaire you must follow the Accounts of Experts here.

  • Sir @MarcDeMesel who has eagle eye on BCH

  • Sir @RogerVer who has strong vision about Crypto and specially for BCH

  • Dear @CryptoMax who is always active here to give you good clues

  • Sir @MicroReylatos who give you short but long lasting motivation about Crypto.

After giving you all a sincere suggestion.Now it is time to prove How and why I believe,"Without BCH a land can be named as Land of poverty."I prove it with simple example here.If some person who had bought some coins in Pakistan and the coin amount bought by them would be greatest in the world.After a few days,Pakistani listen the news that Coin price is Touching to the sky as much high as 100000$.It mean Pakistani would be richer in whole world in small time.Now take a opposite picture of a nation who is fear and frightened to invest in same coin.And not buy a single coin would be closing its eyes with empty-pocket.When everyone is going to be millionaire and billionaire.This nation would be poor and poorest in all nation.I would refer the name to this unlucky and bad-fate land as a land of poverty.Here I have a question for ma'am @JonicaBradley .Would you like to be millionaire and billionaire in near future?.

My Future Horizon

When this happen,this land of poverty that hardly can manage its economic take loan from other institutes and organization that would give loan to them for their economic survival.It is my prediction for many stock-holders and investors in stock exchange market.

What is IMF?

It is international mandatory fund giving loan organization working in the whole world.

IMF Recent Surveillance

The goal is to better help policymakers respond to risks and uncertainty, protect global financial stability, strengthen inclusive growth, and better understand how the financial sector and the economy affect one another.

The regular health check of members’ economies, known as the Article IV consultations, will continue to cover fiscal, monetary, exchange rate and financial issues, which are at the heart of the Fund’s work. Going forward, as climate change, digital technology, inequality, and global events like the pandemic shape a changing world, the approach looks to the future to give countries even more timely and targeted policy advice.

Overview paper

Fund surveillance needs to evolve to face the economic and financial challenges that will shape the global landscape for years to come. This paper takes stock of the current economic and financial landscape and sets out four priorities.

You can take the complete detail about IMF the site given at the end of this article.

I have a Clash with IMF

Being a citizen of Under-developed country and believer of freedom I have right to criticize any institution that is working just like black-sheep.Many countries due to economic fall in this pandemic take loans from IMF just like my homeland.After taking loan,you have given free control of your economic to IMF.IMF excell following things according to their will.

  • Increases Tax

  • Factor of Censorship

  • You have to keep your homeland assets as a agreement between two parties.When you pay you can take back this.

These are factors take your freedom and you are forced to follow the instructions.That is not fair.I can't leave a land that is without BCH can be called as land of poverty.So we have to get rid of institution that take your economic freedom.

With BCH a land can be named as Land of prosperity.But How?

We should utilize BCH system and spread its love in whole country.We should educate students specially at university level about crypto and they trained more people.As BCH has following benefits over IMF,we can take benefit of BCH.

  • Low transaction fee

  • Free from censorship

  • Peer-peer transaction

  • Number of block chain

  • You are money is in your mind

I have a suggestion for BCH officials and here on @Read.Cash ,we should utilize maximum love of BCH through its spread ratio.We should help in people in Corona pandemic Through BCH.So I am here to describe you people feel free to use BCH to get rid of these organization.If my suggestion work,then no land would remain land of poverty and every patches of earth can be named as land of prosperity.



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Written by   42
2 months ago
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I have thought a lot about the question do I want to be a millionaire. I mean, money can't buy happiness but it can definitely ease burdens and make life much less stressful. I would like enough money to not have to look at prices of everything. I would like to not have to give up quality. I would like to be able to help more people. I don't really care about influence or power. I am old enough to be considering what will happen when my husband and I are too old to work. We have no cushion. We won't every be homeless and as long as we have some livestock and a garden we won't go hungry. And I am accustomed to living in poverty, so I do know how. It would be nice not to worry about. It would be nice to buy new things instead of fixing and fixing and fixing them. It would be nice to buy my husband a new truck or buy a new engine. Here in the U.S. a truck can cost more than a house. We bought the truck he has for 3k. We put a bit more than that into terrifies before it finally quit. Now we drive my little Toyota which we will have until it dies. It's on its last legs. So would I like to be a millionaire? Of course! But I would be grateful to be a thousandaire.

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2 months ago

Ma'am... If someone need hope and learning how in tough condition we can survive You are my best choice.May Allah bless you with the desires and make your ways easy.I am hope full you have clear heart and be a millionaire soon.Not for property but for help the people and save the people from the situation you faced in bad time😍😍 Love you ma'am❤

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2 months ago

Shukran, my friend. I hope to give much zakat.

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2 months ago

You know about Zakat?

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2 months ago

yep. And Jumah. And how to wear an Hijab.

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2 months ago

Have you read Al-Quran?

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2 months ago

Yes. I have it on my bookshelf right now. I also have many other religious texts.

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2 months ago

You need to study Quran with more detail😍

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2 months ago

I study many religions. I am not affiliated with any religion, though.

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2 months ago

I got your point.It was my advice for a beloved ma'am😍

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2 months ago

Thank you.

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2 months ago